Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Martin Luther King and the Palestinians

racisemToday, January 17th an American holiday commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King (January 15th) the famous Oprah Winfrey’s show played clips of older shows that dealt with racism and discrimination against black African Americans in the US. The bigotry, elitism, discrimination, racism and hate crimes of white Americans against African Americans reminded me of the bigotry, elitism, discrimination, racism and hate crimes of World Zionists and Jewish Israelis against Arabs in general and against Christian and Muslim Palestinians in particular.

The crimes of Zionists and Israelis are thousands folds worse than the crimes of white Americans, for they are pre-meditated and deliberate crimes while the crimes of white Americans were mostly spontaneous and born out of ignorance. These crimes involve the exploitation and the manipulation of Americans and Europeans to wage Israel’s wars in proxy against Arab and Muslim countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

In one of the clips played by Oprah one among the white racist audience justified racism and inequality by declaring that “God, himself, had created races”. The guest of the show; a female clinical psychotherapist, replied with the fundamental fact that:

“God created one race; the human race, while Man invented racism”.

Such religious distortion is the worst manipulative tactic Zionist Jewish Organizations and Israeli rabbis and political leaders use to justify their superiority complex and their genocidal wars and theft of Palestine. Their core ideology is the divine supremacy of Jews through the religious distortion of “Jews as God’s chosen people”. Jews, in general, believe themselves to be the divine elite, who should command, master, and be served by all other nations. “Jews are the master race and the Goyim are nothing but their work force” teaches the Israeli senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.  Such Judaic belief and condescending attitude was the main reason the Jews were persecuted in the past, and is still a major reason for Judaic detestation.

It is a grave mistake to think of Jews as one race or one nation. A Jew is a person who subscribes to the Judaic religion. Judaism is a religion and not a race. If you examine Jews you will discover that they come from all different countries and races. You will find white Jew, black Jew, red Jew, and yellow Jew. There are Arab Jews, European Jews, American Jews, African Jews, Australian Jews, and Asian Jews.  If you walk in the streets of Tel Aviv you would clearly observe this fact.

Martin Luther King’s strong statements “Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere” explains the reason d’être for all political conflicts in the world. In the Middle East the Zionist occupation and theft of Palestine is a great injustice perpetrated against Palestinian Arabs. Zionist terrorist organizations had committed many massacres against whole Palestinian communities, totally demolished many Palestinian towns and villages, evicted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their country sending them as refugees to neighboring countries, and established in their place a terrorist Israeli state. Those Palestinian victims have been seeking justice. Their struggle has affected all the neighboring countries, all the Western countries that support the Israeli injustice, and all the other countries that support their just cause. People of a same country have been divided and stood on either side of this struggle. This Zionist injustice in Palestine had indeed threatened justice and created armed struggles everywhere.

King’s opposition to wars (Vietnam War at his time) has an echo in the 2003 Arab Peace Initiative offered to Israel in order to live peacefully side by side despite the Israeli occupation and theft of Palestine. This peaceful gesture was met by the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s brutal invasion of all unarmed Palestinian main towns. At his time King called the US government “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world”. Today Israel stands with the US government as the greatest purveyors of violence and armed struggle in the world. Both sell weapons to other countries, send their armed forces, their military trainers, and their assassins to attack and terrorize other countries, to teach terror and oppressive tactics to military personnel of oppressive regimes, and to assassinate political and military figures and scientists of other countries.

King had criticized his American government for spending more money on military rather than on social services and job creation. He stated: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Although many Americans are still spiritual yet the spirituality of their government has since then long been dead and buried. As for Israel she has no spirituality at all, but satanic ambitions. Both countries spend largest portion of their national budget on arms. Huge military budget is spent on armies sent to other countries to kill their governments and to destroy their infrastructures under the justification of ridding them of their oppressive regimes to win their hearts and souls. To really win people’s hearts and souls such military budget could be better spent on improving the culture and economy of those countries rather than on the destruction of their infrastructure and the murder of their sons and women.

King accused the US of being on the wrong side of the world, then, for its war in Vietnam and for meddling in Latin America. “America should support the shirtless and barefoot people rather than suppressing their attempts at revolution.” King suggested. The US is still on the wrong side of the world for its wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Iran. Hundreds of thousands of protesters walked the streets of every major city of all countries of the world (except Israel) protesting the war against these countries. Yet the American administration did not listen, but sent its armies to destroy these countries and to impose its political solutions on these nations.

Palestinians have been struggling for the last 62 years to gain their freedom and to establish their own state. The American foreign policy is suppressing Palestinian aspirations for freedom and statehood. The Palestinian democratically elected Hamas government had been opposed and besieged by the American policy. American financial aid goes to Abbas imposed government against the people’s choice to suppress any resistance to Israeli occupation, and to keep Palestinians divided and weak.  US financial aid to Palestinian Authority, as well as to other governments, is strictly politically driven and is meant to keep tyrants and dictators in power to suppress their people and to serve American interests.

The US is the major supporter, politically, financially, and militarily, to terrorist occupying Israel. The American administration is not willing to apply the slightest pressure on Israel to even freeze its expanding colonies in occupied land. American tax money is spent on subsidizing the Israeli colonies, paying for complete medical coverage to every Israeli, and financing Israeli schools and universities when American citizens, themselves, lack medical coverage, suffer severe budget cuts on education, and are losing their jobs and their homes.

Israel is also standing on the wrong side of the world. Jews, who were persecuted in the Western Christian World in the past, found safe haven and peaceful refuge only in the Arab Middle Eastern and Islamic World. Zionist Jews returned this hospitality with terror attacks, genocidal crimes, occupation of Palestine, wars against all Arab countries, and hostility towards the Islamic World. Israel’s terror and genocide against Palestinians in particular and its flagrant violations of international laws have been exposed to the world.  More and more people worldwide are opposing Israeli policies and demanding justice for Palestinians. Many nations, even those whose governments unjustly support Israel, are organizing boycott, divestment and sanction campaigns against Israeli economy and academia in support for the Palestinian cause.

King had called for nonviolent struggle for social justice through civil disobedience. He stated that: “hate does not stop hate, love can do that.” Yet justice for African Americans was not achieved without violence. Their peaceful marches were brutally met by police forces and many of the protesters were killed. King himself was violently assassinated. His call for civil disobedience could succeed among a homogenous nation (or semi-homogenous in the American case; all are Americans). We have seen that recently in Tunisia, where nonviolent civil disobedience within a homogeneous nation, although met with police violence, has led to change of government.

This nonviolent civil disobedience has proven not to work in cases where an occupied people are struggling against a brutal military foreign occupation similar to the Palestinian case. Palestinians, accompanied with international activists, have been weekly marching nonviolently in protests against the Israeli separation apartheid wall in cities like Ne’lin and Be’lin, but are met with live ammunition, poisonous gas, and savage attacks of the Israeli terrorist army. Love in such situations does not shield a protester against live bullets.

Israelis, brainwashed with distorted religious ideology of “God’s chosen people”, full of hatred and contempt to all Goyim, with the extremist religious belief that it is their religious duty “mitzvah” to cleanse their “promised land” from Palestinian Arabs, whose souls are sub-human, do not hesitate to murder a Palestinian in a nonviolent protest, or standing in line at a military checkpoint, or even just tilling his own land.

The visionary Martin Luther King had his own dream that “all of God’s children – black men and white men, Jews and gentiles, Protestants and Catholics- will be able to join hands and sing “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!” I, too, have a dream shared by many other Palestinians, Arabs, and people from other nations, that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live peacefully and harmoniously in a free democratic Palestinian state under one constitution that guarantees equality to all citizens, who could then join hands and also sing “Free at lat”. Unfortunately such dream will not come true for many, many generations to come since World Zionist Organization, Zionized governments such as US, UK, France, and some Arab governments among others, and Israel had reached their spiritual death, and had adopted the satanic religion of wars, destruction, and might is right.

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