Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Letters to Editor

Falun Gong Group urges Baird to put people over profits on his trip to China

Trip dates coincide with the regime’s 12th anniversary of the persecution against Falun Gong

Ottawa – Prior to Foreign Minister John Baird’s trip to China, the Falun Dafa Association of Canada held a press conference today on the Hill to call on the Foreign Minister to give human rights of Falun Gong an equal footing with trade considerations during his meetings with the Chinese Communist regime officials, specially when the trip is scheduled at a time that marks the beginning of the 12-year violent repression (July 20).

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Boycott Law is unconstitutional and anti-democratic

Gush Shalom, which was in the 1990s the first Israeli body to lead a boycott of settlement products, presented today (Tuesday, 12.7) an appeal to the Supreme Court against the "Boycott Law", approved last night by the Knesset plenum. The petition was filed for Gush Shalom by lawyers Gaby Lasky and Neri Ramati.

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Activists are no 'hooligans'

To: The Minister of Internal Security, Yitzhak Aharonowitz
Dear Sir,
According to reports in the media, the Prime Minister has entrusted you with handling what is known as the "Fly-In," i.e. hundreds of peace activists from abroad who are scheduled to land at Ben-Gurion Airport this Friday. You have been quoted as saying that you consider these people to be 'law-breaking hooligans,' without your having bothered to check or find out who they are and what are their intentions. It has also been published that you intend to treat them with brute force, and to this end to fill Ben-Gurion Airport with thousands of police officers. These violent plans may cause a serious and completely avoidable damage to the State of Israel.

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Israeli peace groups support the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla

Statement of Support for the Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla

We, Israeli organizations, Jews and Arabs, full-heartedly support Freedom Flotilla, aim of sailing to the Port of Gaza with the proclaimed goals of breaking through the sea and land  siege and blockade of Gaza, which is a manifestation of a continuing occupation by Israel. We condemn the campaign of slander which the government of Israel is waging against the flotilla and those who take part in it. There is a very real reason to worry that such lies might be designed by the government as a pretext and justification in advance for further acts of violence against activists taking part in a legitimate political act of protest.

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'Anti-boycott' bill exposes hypocrisy and double standards

Uri Avnery: "The "anti-boycott" bill is an assault on the freedom of expression and political association, an attempt to gag the opposition. It would greatly accelerate the process of Israel's de-legitimation in the international arena. Boycotting the settlements is not 'a boycott of Israel' – it is a boycott for the sake of Israel.

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No LGBTI conference in Israel

It is likely to stir homophobia in the Arab world 

Some Palestinian & Arab delegates may be unable to attend

LGBTI support for Palestine could help undermine homophobia

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