Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Is killing civilians part of Israel’s plan?


by Jonathan Cook

Another day, another UN school hit by Israeli shelling in Gaza. Israel’s attack this morning killed at least 16 civilians sheltering at the school and wounded dozens. The casualties figures are expected to rise.

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Borderlands: What's Happening to America?


A man, an American citizen, sits in his car as a U.S. Border Patrol agent insists that he roll down his window. He refuses. Agents use battering rams to smash the windows. Still, the driver refuses to leave his car, so he is hit with a Taser from two sides. He screams.

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On Israel’s Doomed Fate


IDF’s colossal defeat in Gaza this week leaves Israel and Israelis with just three political and personal options:

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Jeffrey Goldberg and The Israeli Defeat

Jeffrey Goldberg

As one of the first to predict an immanent Israeli defeat in this round of violence, I was delighted to read this morning that Zionist mouthpiece Jeffrey Goldberg admits that Israel has lost the war. “Why Is Israel Losing a War It's Winning?” asks Goldberg. The Jewish State is a regional super power, its lobbies dominate Western politics, it is technologically superior, so what could have gone wrong?

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Anti-Semitism & Netanyahu's War

benjamin-netanyahuby M.J. Rosenberg

I keep reading outraged comments from Jewish organizations and media condemning those (like me) who believe and say that the Gaza war is resulting in a spike in anti-semitism. (They agree that incidents of anti-semitism are increasing but reject the idea that it has anything to do with Israeli actions.)

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