Thursday, October 08, 2015
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Oh, My Akin Ideology

Todd AkinMining humor out of Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin’s barrage of claptrap is tougher than eating frozen jerky in a rowboat on the eyewall of Hurricane Isaac. Normally, rape and funny live in two different solar systems, whose orbits rarely if ever intersect with significantly different trajectories and fields of gravity, if you catch our drift.

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The curious case of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryanby Alan Fisher

The selection of Paul Ryan as the Republican vice presidential candidate remains a curious one.

He brings no foreign policy experience to the ticket - normally considered a must if the top name has little. He doesn't come from a crucial swing state that may be important in the final equation (remember Florida?). And, most crucially, his views on government welfare programmes, his socially conservative position on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage are unlikely to attract large numbers of independents.

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The Fountainhead

Paul RyanI was not interested in Paul Ryan, the man about to be nominated by the Republican party for the office of Vice President, until the name Ayn Rand popped up.

Ayn Rand, it was said, was one of the main inspirations for his particular philosophy. Since Ryan is being represented not as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill politician, like Mitt Romney, but as a profound political and economic thinker, the inspiration deserves some scrutiny.

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Obama vs. Romney: a Close Election! You gotta be kidding!

Obama vs. Romneyby Luke Hiken and Marti Hiken

We are entering the last stages of what appears to be an incredibly close election for the office of President of the United States. That Barak Obama, an opportunistic, unprincipled sell-out would be running neck and neck with Mitt Romney, a chameleon-like, vacillating, multi-millionaire who would sell his own mother to pick up a few electoral votes, is an hilarious contradiction. It is fortunate that Romney does not take his campaign on the road, because if he were to do so, he would probably forget who he was traveling with, and leave Ryan tied to the roof of his car as he drove from city to city.

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Some Notes on Ahmadinejad's 'Insult to Humanity' Comment

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a speech, in commemoration of Al-Quds DayAs tends to happen whenever Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a speech, especially one in commemoration of Al-Quds Day that explicitly rejects the ideology of Zionism and condemns the Israeli government for its inherently discriminatory, exclusivist, and ethnocentric policies and actions, all hell broke lose after the Iranian President addressed a large crowd at Tehran University on Friday.

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