Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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A matter of education

Ghettoby Adam Keller

It happened in between Holocaust Memorial Day and the Memorial Day for the soldiers killed in the state's wars.

High school pupils were taken by their schools to see Yehoshua Sobol's "Ghetto", an award-winning Israeli play which had a global success. And what a  shame! As it turned out, the kids were not at all impressed by the horrors of Nazi persecution of Jews, which were presented on the stage by some of the best actors in Israel.  How could it happen that they constantly laughed and jeered and rudely interrupted the actors, throughout the play? And worse, how come that when presented with a realistic scene of a Nazi beating up a Jew, they  identified with the perpetrator rather than with the victim, broke into cheers for the Nazi on the stage and called out: "Yeah, Yeah!," Hit him harder, on the head!" and "Good job, Good job! ".

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France debate: verbal fusion and political divide

sarkozy, [left] hollandeby Andrew Simmons

One analyst of Wednesday’s televised French presidential debate described President Nicholas Sarkozy as the boxer and Hollande as the judo fighter.

For French people, aching to see a little more substance in this campaign, it was more of a Punch-and-Judy show.

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The Military’s Exalted Position in American Life

John Yooby Jacob G. Hornberger

The Ninth Circuit’s decision holding John Yoo immune from liability in Jose Padilla’s lawsuit against him pretty much confirms what I recently wrote about the exalted position that the U.S. military and the CIA hold in American society.

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Zionism is Dead

ZionismIn a recent Haaretz article, leading Israeli columnist Gideon Levy affirms that Zionism is pretty irrelevant as far as Israelis are concerned. Similar to the line I myself develop in The Wandering Who, Levy contends that Israelis do not understand what Zionism stands for. For them it is an archaic notion.

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Leaving Afghanistan by Staying

Leaving Afghanistanby David Swanson

President Obama has signed an agreement with President Karzai to keep a major U.S. military presence in Afghanistan (currently about three times the size Obama began with) through the end of 2014, and to allow a significant unspecified presence beyond that date, with no end date stipulated. Obama stresses that no permanent U.S. bases will be involved, but his agreement requires Afghanistan to let U.S. troops use "Afghan" bases.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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