Friday, October 31, 2014
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On regaining a spirit of defiance

ann-romney"I'm worried now but I won't be worried long"
by Phil Rockstroh

The course of action taken by the present day U.S. political class in addressing the era's rising tide of economic hardship and ecological peril has proven as helpful as tossing an anvil to a drowning man. 

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Two People, One Hummus

Gilad AtzmonA talk given in Toronto at The Islamic Society of York, Canada 24.2.12

I was asked to talk to you today about the on-going dispute within our ranks between those who support the One State Solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and those who advocate Two States for the two people.

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Pull Them Out Now, Mr. President

US soldiersby Jacob G. Hornberger

Let’s give credit where credit is due. At least U.S. officials are not claiming that the recent killing of two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan was owing to generalized hatred for our “freedom and values,” which was the claim made by U.S. officials after the 9/11 attacks. Perhaps they know that given the U.S. military’s recent burning of multiple copies of the Koran, most Americans just wouldn’t fall for that explanation.

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Ron Paul Only Candidate to Warn of Fascist Takeover in America

paul-romney-santorumRepublican Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate of either party to tell the truth that America is “slipping into a fascist system.”

That is unquestionably the critical issue of the hour for the United States of America and one that Paul’s Republican fellow candidates and their Democratic opponent President Obama choose to ignore.

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US & Zionist subversion- Labor is finished Downunder

Kevin RuddNeo-conservative corporate, US and Zionist subversion is about to achieve a huge victory  for corporatism,  neo-fascism and racism in Australia – it appears that by midday Monday 27 February 2012 the corporate-, US- and Zionist-subverted  Australian Labor Party will have been effectively destroyed when, as predicted, two thirds of the Labor MPs will vote for right wing, pro-war, pro-Zionist, anti-environment and slavishly  pro-US PM Julia Gillard to be PM and against former PM Kevin Rudd, who nevertheless has the support of two thirds of Australian voters.

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