Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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The Drug War Is Finished

Drug Warby Jacob G. Hornberger

If you want to see a look of stunned silence on the face of a drug-war proponent, ask him the following question: To win the war on drugs, what do you propose be done that hasn’t already been done during the last forty years of drug warfare?

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Post Memorial Day Reflections

flagThis year I decided to wait a bit to publish my thoughts on war and peace until the holiday was safely past. As our culture and our civilization teeters on the brink the insane rhetoric of empire becomes more strident, bellicose and more hostile to any signs of perceived disloyalty of dissent. This Memorial Day I chose to lend my voice to those patriotic vets opposed to the Afghan war who said, “Honor the dead; heal the wounded; end the war!” Many vets of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hurled their military medals in the direction of the hall where NATO was meeting in lieu of hurling them at the faces of their generals during the recent NATO summit in Chicago last May.

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Mexico Should Just Legalize Drugs

mexican-drugby Jacob G. Hornberger

According to a front-page article in today’s New York Times, Mexico’s top presidential contenders are signaling a shift in how Mexico intends to fight the drug war. While the movement is in a positive direction, unfortunately it still doesn’t go far enough. Mexico should just end its entire participation in the drug war. It should legalize drugs.

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David Sanger's War on Iran

David SangerSanger is New York Times chief Washington correspondent. Previously he held other posts. He's reported on foreign policy, globalization, Asian issues, and nuclear-related ones.

Cooperatively with other Times correspondents, he won two Pulitzer Prizes. Its board might consider retracting them.

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Can We Also Investigate the US-Syria Torture Partnership?

Maher Ararby Jacob G. Hornberger

I don’t get U.S. officials. They’re so outraged over the brutality of the Syrian regime. They calling for an investigation into atrocities committed by Syrian forces against the Syrian people as part of the regime’s effort to suppress a rebellion against the regime. They are also demanding regime change in the country.

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