Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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On Second Thought

schoolsPublic schools are important...

On second thought, government public schools teach an inaccurate view of world history. That leads to xenophobia, false patriotism, and war. Maybe education is too important to be left to the government. Maybe it would be better to have publicly funded private education that gives all families, rich and poor, a fair choice.  The important question is: "Should government have the final say, or should families have the final say in the type of education for their children?"

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The Delta of Denial

capitolSlamming DC. Itmay be the singular most popular political game around today. Everybody doesit. Even incumbents go out of their way to blame Washington for everythingthat’s wrong with the country. A lot like a baseball manager complaining thathis team suffers from a crippling lack of quality coaching.

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The Guardian of Israel

Guardian of IsraelIsraeli hasbara insists that an attack on Iran is compatible with both Western interests and NATO strategy. For example, this week Israel released information about an IAF exercise in NATO’s bases in Italy.

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The Positive Power of Me!

air-raidHow I survive!

Life in Gaza seems to many somehow disappointing. This is what most people think, but this is not what I do think. Gaza taught me that I have to work for everything I want and need. Gaza taught me how to appreciate everything I have and don’t. Gaza offered me the very opposite of what life shouldn’t be to enjoy how life has to be. Gaza showed me the beauty of simplicity through its complexities. Gaza is just a great school which voluntarily offers gratuitous lessons for those ready to stop whining and moaning.

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Kim Kardashian Publicizes Armenian Genocide

Kim KardashianHistory ignored yields history repeated. Genocide ignored yields genocide repeated. Armenian-American celebrity beauty Kim Kardashian understands this despite not having attended college, and passionately publicizes the Armenian Genocide. However the US, Turkey, the Zionists, Apartheid Israel and mainstream historians, politicians and media variously ignore, censor or deny this atrocity in which 1.5 million Armenians were killed.

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