Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Dirty white gold

Many argue that Monsanto's contributions in India have led to a "suicide economy" [EPA]by Belen Fernandez

The website of US-based biotech giant Monsanto boasts that the corporation qualifies as "a sustainable agriculture company".

Given Monsanto's legacy as a producer of the lethal defoliant Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Southeast Asian agriculture would presumably beg to differ with this characterisation.

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'Pro-Israel' Establishment Silences Courageous Rabbis

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSby MJ Rosenberg

I am not going to recapitulate the sad story of what happened at Congregation Bnai Jeshurun in Manhattan this week except to say that progressive Jews (and others) thought a new day had dawned when its rabbis hailed the General Assembly vote on Palestine. (Here is the New York Times story on that development.)  But then, within two days, the rabbis at Bnai Jeshurun were forced to clarify following a firestorm of abuse, ginned up by the usual suspects. (Here is the New York Times story on the retraction.)

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Netanyahu's Israel

adelson-netanyahuHe's made Israel more unfit to live in than any of his predecessors. Palestinians have no rights whatever. Israeli Arabs have few. Most Jews are losing theirs incrementally.

Neoliberal harshness plans destroying Israel's safety net entirely. Budget cuts target housing, healthcare, education, employment and welfare.

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U.S. Drags Feet on Global Warming at its Peril

pollutersAmerica’s failure to get serious about GW recalls the story of the German bureaucrats who, as the Soviet tanks rolled into Berlin in April, 1945, were busy working on Hitler’s paperclip requirements for the third quarter of the year. If they had only looked out their window they would have known the Third Reich was kaput.

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Venezuelans Vote Again

ChavezIn America, money power controls elections. People have no say. Each party replicates the other. Venezuela is different.

Voters take full advantage. They choose real democrats over fake ones. It shows in how Venezuelans are governed.

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