Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Egypt: Revolution or Coup?

flamesBy Sherine Tadros

Last year, on February 11, I was standing next to the main stage in Tahrir Square when the evening call to prayer rang out. 

All you could see was a sea of people in lines, using Egyptian flags as prayer mats. When news filtered through to the crowd that Hosni Mubarak, then Egypt's president, had stepped down, people started shouting, saying that nobody could celebrate until prayers had finished.

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Storm over Hebron

hebron-settlersThere seems to be no limit to the troubles caused by the town of Hebron.

This time, the reason is as innocent as can be: the organized visits of schoolchildren to the Cave of Machpelah, where our patriarchs are supposed to be buried.

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Murdering Khader Adnan

Activists around the world call for the release of Adnan who has been on a hunger strike since his detention [AFP]Adnan's a political prisoner hunger striker against gross Israeli repression and injustice. Two previous articles discussed his case and grave health condition after 55 days without food.

Irish republican/British MP Bobby Sands lasted 66 before expiring at age 27. Global marches, strikes and riots followed his death.

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The Billionaires' Brokered GOP Convention

fat-catThe Plan is working.

Mitt Romney's biggest backer didn't want him to win.

We know that Paul "The Vulture" Singer, Romney's Daddy Warbucks, organized the "grassroots" campaign to replace Romney with Gov. Chris Christie back in September.

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Gaza: Isolated Under Siege

civiliansUnder repressive occupation, Military Orders govern virtually all aspects of life. Freedom is entirely restricted. Police state authority runs Palestine.

Although Oslo called Palestine one territorial unit, Israel maintains total control of people and goods movement in and out of Gaza.

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