Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Raucous Laughter From the Grave of Orwell

George Orwell

Today my thoughts passed over the grave of Orwell and methought I heard raucous laughter. Let’s hope it signifies the man is somewhere remote and detached and able to laugh now at us sheep scrambling mindlessly to the fate we so richly deserve. Liking to think I’m not a sheep, I nevertheless am caught up in this crowd-drift to a fate that seems to be inescapable for us all. Yet there will come a time when I have to ‘fess up’ and admit that I haven’t done enough. Will you?

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The Drift of Hugo Rifkind


by Clive Hambidge & Soraya Boyd

Poor Hugo Rifkind has been drifting lately. He has said so much in an article for the Times (Tuesday 12 August 2014, Opinion, page 27). But do you get his drift? Does anyone get his drfit? What on earth is he drifting on about? Is it to do with Israel drifting rockets into Gaza and drifting propaganda into the world’s media and political institutions?

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Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide


Longstanding US-led Western support lets Israel get away with genocidal mass murder and destruction. Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the latest example of well planned, premeditated Israeli aggression on Palestine.

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Mission Creep in Iraq

Jim Foley

There are several reasons not to intervene militarily in another country’s conflict, even modestly. One is the potential for mission creep.

We already could detect the signs of mission creep in Iraq. Now, with the stepped-up U.S. airstrikes after the Islamic State’s horrific execution of American reporter Jim Foley, the signs are clearer than ever.

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Ferguson Cops and the Fourteenth Amendment

Militarized police force in Ferguson, Missouri

The antagonism displayed by the militarized police force in Ferguson, Missouri, toward the protests and demonstrations by people outraged over the police killing of Michael Brown provides a good opportunity to review constitutional principles, especially the Fourteenth Amendment.

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