Monday, July 25, 2016
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Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has helped to bring attention to the problem of the large number of civilians who are killed by police. By focusing on black lives, the movement risks falling into one of the larger traps that have been set to divide us.

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Rodrigo Duterte: New Drug War Poster Child

Rodrigo Duterte

If you would like to see where “winning” the drug war would take America, consider what Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte, who is undoubtedly the new poster boy of very American drug-war proponent, is doing in that country.

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Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby

Chilcot, Israel

It took seven years for Sir Chilcot and his team to reach a set of conclusions that every Brit capable of thought understood back in November, 2013.

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Guardian: Iraqis think Blair made a ‘mistake’

Tony Blair, George Bush

by Jonathan Cook

It will be no surprise to readers of this blog that I believe Tony Blair should be put on trial for crimes against humanity for assisting George Bush in attacking Iraq in 2003. The Chilcot inquiry, however compromised its members were by their establishment ties and however cautious they were in their use of language, have very belatedly reached the same conclusion.

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Veepstakes 16- Trump Edition

Newt Gingrich

Now that the presumptive nominees are set, the presidential campaign has officially entered its “begging for money like we’re raising bail for our little sister who’s being held in a Turkish prison” stage. And a pre- convention lull has descended upon the proceedings like a moist blanket of sulk. Not to be confused with the post- convention lull which will be similar but ratcheted up by a desperation factor of 4.

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