Monday, July 28, 2014
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Foreign Aid and the Empire

US Empireby Jacob G. Hornberger

The pro-empire crowd sometimes claims that the U.S. Empire is different from other empires in history in that it doesn’t try to acquire foreign lands. They fail to grasp the real nature of the U.S. Empire. It isn’t about acquiring foreign lands, it’s about acquiring control over foreign regimes. And its model is based pretty much on how the Soviet Empire handled its domain in East Germany and Eastern Europe — by putting into power pro-U.S. regimes composed of local officials whose loyalty to the empire is then purchased with U.S. foreign aid, much of which ultimately finds itself in the bank accounts of such officials.

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Israel Terror Bombs Gaza

Gaza BombingImagine living years under deplorable isolated siege conditions. Imagine also enduring regular Israeli land, sea and air attacks.

Gazan resistance groups launch Grad missiles, home-made rockets, and mortar shells in self-defense. Israel calls them "unprovoked" attacks. Palestinian freedom fighters vow to continue their liberating struggle. Under international law, it's their right, and for them a duty.

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Israel 'Existential Threat' from within

racisemIsrael is facing an “acute” existential threat from reactionary elements within as “a profoundly anti-democratic, even racist, political culture has become endemic among much of the Jewish population in the West Bank, and jeopardizes Israel proper,” The New Yorker magazine asserts in its March 12th issue.

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Not So Super Tuesday Report

Mitt RomneyAnd now your eagerly awaited Super Tuesday Report. Named for the quantity of contests and not the quality of participants. Perhaps it would be more apt to say Not So Super Tuesday Report. More of a Frenetic and Confusing but Ultimately Unsatisfying with a Slight Aftertaste of Desperation Tuesday Report.

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Smokin’ Jesus

jesus-maryFundamentalist Christians remind me of inconsiderate smokers. They seem oblivious to the negative impact of their behavior on others (especially children) or the stink they create around them. Because they live in a hermetically sealed belief system they have no idea of the sensitivities and sensibilities of their neighbors. Because they believe their perceptions of the universe are the only valid ones, they are incapable of an intelligent give and take. That is why their arguments are often hard to make sense of. When your only goal in life is conversion not conversation you feel no need to listen to others.

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