Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Petraeus Fell for the Wrong Reason

David Petraeus David Petraeus has fallen — but not as he should have. Before being disgraced by an extramarital affair, the retired four-star general and ex-CIA director should have been shamed out of public life for his horrendous military record in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Operation Security Roof

iron-domeFollowing the IDF difficulties in defeating Hamas’s ballistic warfare, the Israeli Government is now searching for contractors with some advanced experience in large scale reinforced concrete constructions. The mission ahead is the building of a solid concrete roof over the entire Jewish State. PM Netanyahu is determined that the only way to defend Israel’s populated area is to cover the Jewish State with a thick layer of iron and cement.

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Patraeus the Hero?

David Patraeus, left I still don’t get why Gen. David Patraeus is portrayed as a hero by public officials and the mainstream press for his leadership in the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Even with the passage of time the discomforting facts about the Iraq War have not disappeared.

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Thanksgiving Blessings 2012

donald-trump-romneySeriously? Both political parties talking pre-emptive smack barely a week after the election. Partisan politics? Again? So soon? Not even time to catch our breath? For crum’s sakes, give it a rest, you guys. Besides, shouldn’t you be out on recess?

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Media Cover for Israeli Crimes

air-raidsThe pattern playing out in Gaza is one Israel followed many times before. Provocations target adversaries. Multiple ones usually occur before targets respond.

Blame the victim follows. Israeli aggression is called self-defense. Legitimate defense is called terrorism. Media scoundrels support Israel in lockstep. It plays out the same way every time.

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