Monday, June 27, 2016
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A government with a civil agenda

peres, netanyahuby Adam Keller

After all the grueling and long-lasting negotiations it seems that we have a new government. A government with a civil agenda, focusing on domestic matters – particularly on hitting out at the ultra-Orthodox Haredi community.

And what about the occupation? The Palestinians are supposed to wait for another government.

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Are We All Idiot Dolts?

ObamacareI just read the most blatant and insidious transformation of this “Progressive” President since he signed the NDAA. Not only does this man claim the right to execute Americans overseas and right here in the United States (under exceptional circumstances), now he’s agreeing with the GOP that this country needs to start cutting “entitlement” programs like Medicare.

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Israel's Fascist Government

Binyamin NetanyahuOn January 22, Israelis voted. Results hardened fascist rule. Dominant right-wing parties control 102 of 120 Knesset seats. Israelis have themselves to blame.

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The Curse of Chutzpa

Chutzpaby Nahida Izzat

Gilad Atzmon argues that in order to best support Palestine we must cease to view the Palestinian struggle as “just another apartheid” or “just another colonial project”

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Viva Spring

ali-khameneiA glance at the champion of the blocks of power and capital in Iran
by Soheil Asefi

“We’ll have to see what happens next, but we approach this with the absolutely united view that we need to see the progress necessary for the confidence the international community needs.” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton who is leading the nuclear negotiations with Iran said. Although the both sides, refused to discuss what the potential deal included.

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