Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Squeezing the Iranian Citizenry

Iranian CitizenryThe New York Times reports today that the value of Iran’s currency has fallen 40 percent in the last week alone, another sign of the horrible economic pain that the U.S. government is inflicting on the Iranian people with its brutal regime of sanctions. It only goes to show what we have long argued: the sanctions and embargoes that the U.S. government imposes against smaller countries constitutes war against the citizenry of the targeted country, with the aim of getting the citizenry to oust their leader and install a pro-U.S. ruler in his stead.

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Bugs Bunny in the United Nations, again

Bugs Bunnyby Adam Keller

This speech I wrote myself. Who needs speechwriters? I personally wrote it, I have been working on it for a whole week.  I prepared public opinion in advance to tune in to the best show in town. It is not every day that I get again to be the Israeli Ambassador to the UN. Those were the days, the good old days. No need to maintain a government coalition, no need to deal all the time with the economy. Just take the stand in New York and put on a show and go get them!

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Romney must shine in US debates

Mitt Romneyby Alan Fisher

When Mitt Romney finally goes head-to-head with the man he wants to replace, he needs a great performance. Not just a good performance, a great one.

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America: Domestic guns and mass murder

US gunsby Graham Peebles

Guns in homes, carried in handbags and school rucksacks, briefcases, car glove compartments and jackets, accessories to kill and injure, to threaten and intimidate. Don’t leave home without one.

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Julian Assange Declared Enemy of the State

Julian AssangeAmerica is Exhibit A on how democracies aren't supposed to work. Of course, the US isn't one now and never was.

Contrary to popular myth, it wasn't established as one. America's founders had other ideas. From May to September 1787, 55 self-serving wheeler-dealers met in Philadelphia. Today we'd call them a Wall Street crowd. What they designed fell far short of common beliefs.

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