Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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San Onofre's MOST fatal flaw is this... and this... and this...

San OnofreIf they thought about it at all, most SoCal residents used to think of San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station as reliable, although this view was false all along.

The false impression was accomplished in part because when one reactor would go down, the other would usually stay up, so the unreliability was masked from public scrutiny. Refueling outages were planned accordingly.

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The “We’re at War with the Muslims” Crowd

americanmuslimby Jacob G. Hornberger

Have you noticed that the “we’re at war with the Muslims” crowd has been noticeably silent in the wake of the murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the arson of the Islamic mosque in Missouri? Well, they’re smart to keep their mouths shut. Hopefully, this segment of American society is increasingly being marginalized, and rightfully so.

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U.S. Public Brainwashe​d to Hate Iran

IranThe president of a veterans’ anti-war  organization said the American public has been “brainwashed” to hate Iran and pressure to prevent the U.S. from attacking it will have to come from outside the U.S.

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Another Mossad False Flag?

sinai-attackersAmerica and Israel use them strategically. Timing is key. Innocent victims suffer. Fingers point the wrong way. Cui bono matters most.

Israel benefits greatly from Sunday's incident. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed in Sinai. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) blamed Mossad. More below on separating rhetoric from policy.

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Stoking False Threats

AIPAC, US CongressFearmongering, propaganda, deception, and hidden truths are weapons of war. They're used to convince people they're justified, righteous and vital.

When enemies don't exist they're created. No one threatened America since WW II. No one threatens Israel now. Both countries spurn peace. They manufacture threats to wage wars.

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