Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Off His Onion

The OnionIran is a great country for kebab; their pretty if well-covered girls are fine; but sense of humour is just not their forte. Their state media repeatedly broadcasted items lifted from the Onion, a satirical magazine taking them for literal truth.

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NATO Undermining UN

NATONATO is a “dangerous” instrument of American aggression that is undermining the United Nations and “must be abolished,” a former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN says.

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What the hell happened?

ObamaWhat the hell happened? Did Barack have a fight with Michelle? Was it nicotine withdrawal? Do really rich guys just scare you, Mr. Obama?

Dear Mr. President: As a journalist I don’t take partisan sides, but I do take America’s side. And as Commander-in-Chief, you simply cannot fall asleep in the saddle.

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Squeezing the Iranian Citizenry

Iranian CitizenryThe New York Times reports today that the value of Iran’s currency has fallen 40 percent in the last week alone, another sign of the horrible economic pain that the U.S. government is inflicting on the Iranian people with its brutal regime of sanctions. It only goes to show what we have long argued: the sanctions and embargoes that the U.S. government imposes against smaller countries constitutes war against the citizenry of the targeted country, with the aim of getting the citizenry to oust their leader and install a pro-U.S. ruler in his stead.

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America: Domestic guns and mass murder

US gunsby Graham Peebles

Guns in homes, carried in handbags and school rucksacks, briefcases, car glove compartments and jackets, accessories to kill and injure, to threaten and intimidate. Don’t leave home without one.

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