Sunday, August 30, 2015
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More Foreign Aid to Egypt’s Dictatorship

tahrir-uprisingby Jacob G. Hornberger

When the next U.S. debt ceiling comes around, one thing is for sure: the mainstream press will be shouting and crying about how important it is to lift the ceiling once again, thereby permitting the federal government to pile even more debt onto the backs of the American people.

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Ryan serves up red meat for Republican base

Romney-Ryan supporters talk about their candidacy before the speech on Gregg Carlstrom

Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for vice president, delivered a sharply critical speech here today, telling thousands of supporters that they "weren't better off" than they were four years ago. "The Jimmy Carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now," he quipped, invoking the name of a president often regarded (at least by Republicans) as a spectacular failure.

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Let's Have Another War

assad-loyalistsMake no mistake. America is directly or indirectly responsible for most world conflicts. Across North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, it plays the lead role.

Afghanistan has been occupied for nearly 11 years. US air and ground attacks murder civilians daily. Pre-2003 Iraq no longer exists. America destroyed the cradle of civilization.

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Could a state for Greater Kurdistan be on the horizon?

The current remapping of the Middle East could possibly see the creation of a Greater Kurdistan stateby Pepe Escobar

Millions of Kurds, observing the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran last week, must have thought: "What about us? What about our non-aligned nation to be? We should be there. Maybe next time..."

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The Stealth Convention

ConventionAnd now a few words about the Republican National Convention. AKA: Women with Big Hair and the Men in White Shoes Who Love Them. And white certainly was the operable word in Tampa. Mashed potatoes on paper plates with a side of leeks white.

Had to feel bad for the one black guy the networks kept cutting to during the speeches. They tried everything to make him look like a crowd. Different camera angles. Probably had his own wardrobe assistant. “Now put on the cowboy hat. Okay. Okay. Let’s try a handlebar mustache.” Must have been someone’s driver.

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