Friday, April 20, 2018
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Venezuela's Future

ChavezThe New York Times debated it. Nine views were presented. Mark Weisbrot co-directs the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He's fair-minded and forthright.

He was outnumbered eight to one. Times style debates avoid evenhanded exchanges.

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The Washington Con Game Goes On

US CongressMuch of what government does seems unfathomable until you remember one thing: the politicians think the people are morons.

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Iran's Better Response to An Israeli Attack Would Be Non-Violen​ce

Iran, IsraelIf Iran militarily resists  an American/Israeli attack, it may well suffer the same tragic fate as Viet Nam, which lost some 2 million civilians to U.S. depravations. Not only does the U.S. possess some of the most fiendish weapons ever devised, such as nuclear-tipped artillery shells, napalm, white phosphorus bombs, and shrapnel bomblets (one of which can dice human bodies in an area the size of a football field), but it has shown no hesitation to use them on civilian populations in its cruel wars.

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Hardening Israeli Fascism

settlementsIsrael's war on Palestine and Israeli Arab citizens reflects it. So does extreme hardline governance. Pre-election polls show Netanyahu's Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu coalition favored to win.

They'll partner with likeminded extremists. Most Israelis remain shockingly indifferent. Many are ideologically supportive. Haaretz sounded the alarm.

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Netanyahu's Warning

NetanyahuNetanyahu represents lawless rogue leadership. He belongs in prison, not high office. Pre-election polls suggest he'll retain power.

Israelis aren't smart enough to spurn him. Palestinian suffering will continue. The new year began like 2012 ended.

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