Monday, May 02, 2016
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Iran's Better Response to An Israeli Attack Would Be Non-Violen​ce

Iran, IsraelIf Iran militarily resists  an American/Israeli attack, it may well suffer the same tragic fate as Viet Nam, which lost some 2 million civilians to U.S. depravations. Not only does the U.S. possess some of the most fiendish weapons ever devised, such as nuclear-tipped artillery shells, napalm, white phosphorus bombs, and shrapnel bomblets (one of which can dice human bodies in an area the size of a football field), but it has shown no hesitation to use them on civilian populations in its cruel wars.

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Hardening Israeli Fascism

settlementsIsrael's war on Palestine and Israeli Arab citizens reflects it. So does extreme hardline governance. Pre-election polls show Netanyahu's Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu coalition favored to win.

They'll partner with likeminded extremists. Most Israelis remain shockingly indifferent. Many are ideologically supportive. Haaretz sounded the alarm.

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Late Stage Capitalism and The Shame Haunted Life

GunsYou Can't Kill Trauma With a Gun
by Phil Rockstroh

"Memory believes before knowing remembers." -- William Faulkner 

In an era of corporate-state colonization of both landscape and mental real estate, when the face of one's true oppressors is, more often than not, hidden from view, thus inflicting feelings of anxiety borne of powerlessness over the criteria of one's life and the course of one's fate, often, to retain a sense of control, people will tend to displace their anger and shame. Firearms provide the illusion of being able to locate and bead down on a given target. (How often does a person without wealth, power, and influence have any contact with -- or even a glimpse of -- the financial and political elite whose decisions dictate the, day by day, criteria of one's existence?)

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Netanyahu's Warning

NetanyahuNetanyahu represents lawless rogue leadership. He belongs in prison, not high office. Pre-election polls suggest he'll retain power.

Israelis aren't smart enough to spurn him. Palestinian suffering will continue. The new year began like 2012 ended.

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Republicans and the Latino Vote: Looking towards 2016

Latino VoteLatinos will play the lead role the next election, an election that could easily be decided in favor of the Republicans—that’s right, Democrats are not a favorite in 2016.

Two days after the 2012 presidential election, the front page of The New York Times was covered with explanations of Obama’s tactical victory and Republicans inability to connect with the changing American electorate. They carried columns entitled: “Demographic Shift Brings New Worry for Republicans,” and, “In Record Turnout, Latinos Solidly Back Obama. Finally, Nicholas Kristof asks: “Can Republicans Adapt?” The answer, I think, is yes.

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