Thursday, July 31, 2014
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The GOP Soap Opera

romney-santorumIt’s been more exciting than a zip- line over crocodile infested streams watching the Republican Reality TV show currently playing across the nation. Specifically talking about their grueling marathon gladiator contest where the last person voted off the island becomes Red American Idol and wins the opportunity to oppose Barack Obama in the grudge match this fall not to mention grab all the money they can from the Koch Brothers secret PAC account money machine. Let’s Make a Deal.

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Say No to War

The Man OutsideWolfgang Borchert: German, author, playwright, poet. His experience under Hitler and Wehrmacht service changed his life.

Never a Nazi supporter, he deplored compulsory Hitler Youth time. Finally he got out. In 1940, the Gestapo arrested, then released him. His Wehrmacht conscription suspended his young theatrical career.

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Reluctant Prophet

Uri AvneryOn Monday, I was honored to receive the Leibowitz Prize for “life’s work”, the prize established by the Yesh Gvul soldiers' peace organization. I was unable to prepare a speech, so I spoke off the cuff and have to reconstruct my remarks from memory. (The laudation speech by the Nobel Prize laureate, Prof Ada Yonat, was far too laudatory for me to distribute.)

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Promoting War, Spurning Peace

netanyahu-usUS and Israeli agendas need enemies. Both pursue rogue state policies.

They defy international laws and conventions, applying rule of law standards to others, not themselves. Their interests alone matter, no matter the toll on others.

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Open Borders Doesn’t Mean No Borders

immigration-reformby Jacob G. Hornberger

Whenever libertarians bring up the idea of open borders, some people in the controlled-borders crowd immediately go ballistic, exclaiming. “But borders are essential to preserve our national sovereignty. If we abolish borders, our nation will cease to exist.”

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