Wednesday, June 01, 2016
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The Fascinating Case of Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart is a New York attorney Lynne Stewart is a New York attorney who is serving a 10-year sentence in the federal penitentiary for being a supporter of terrorism. Her crime? Two years after the 9/11 attacks, she read the following message from her client, convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, at a press conference in New York City: “I [Omar Abdel-Rahmn] am not withdrawing my support of the cease-fire, I am merely questioning it and I am urging you, who are on the ground there to discuss it and to include everyone in your discussions as we always have done.”

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Perhaps with a lot of luck

Binyamin Netanyahuby Adam Keller

Opinion polls without number. Several polls per week, almost one every day. Israel's political system is addicted to opinion polls, perhaps even more so than in other countries. Is it really certain that Binyamin Netanyahu will go on being Prime Miinister of Israel? Or is everything still open? Can things still change drastically during the two and half weeks remaining until Election Day? Can the continuing fall of the Likud Party in the polls plus the increasing tendency of oppositional forces to unite into an impressive large bloc, create a new reality?

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Venezuela's Future

ChavezThe New York Times debated it. Nine views were presented. Mark Weisbrot co-directs the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He's fair-minded and forthright.

He was outnumbered eight to one. Times style debates avoid evenhanded exchanges.

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The Washington Con Game Goes On

US CongressMuch of what government does seems unfathomable until you remember one thing: the politicians think the people are morons.

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Iran's Better Response to An Israeli Attack Would Be Non-Violen​ce

Iran, IsraelIf Iran militarily resists  an American/Israeli attack, it may well suffer the same tragic fate as Viet Nam, which lost some 2 million civilians to U.S. depravations. Not only does the U.S. possess some of the most fiendish weapons ever devised, such as nuclear-tipped artillery shells, napalm, white phosphorus bombs, and shrapnel bomblets (one of which can dice human bodies in an area the size of a football field), but it has shown no hesitation to use them on civilian populations in its cruel wars.

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