Monday, November 30, 2015
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Filling the Black Hole

Binyamin NetanyahuSo we have two election campaigns in the next three months – one in the USA and one in Israel. I don’t know which of them is more important for our lives.

In many respects, the two elections are very different. But in some others, they are strikingly similar.

It may be interesting to make some comparisons.

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Clinton’s Legacy: The Financial and Housing Meltdown

Bill ClintonBill Clinton is certainly full of himself these days. That might have something to do with the fact that no one is likely to ask why he hasn’t owned up to his share of the blame for the housing and financial bust.

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Turkey's High Risk Game

turkey-militaryTurkey is Washington's lead anti-Syrian belligerent. It's playing with fire. It may end up burned. For good reason, Assad blames Ankara for heightened tensions and border confrontations.

On October 11, he told the Turkish daily Aydinlik he has "no difficulties with either Turkish people or its army, only with its government."

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Change Mean Hard Times in America

China soldiersI understand that China is implementing a neo- liberal capitalist model in its economy. China, being a communist nation, it is a little hard to swallow this news. This news made me think about economic systems and how they change over time.

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Ignore Syrian Rebels’ Threats

Syrian Rebelsby Ivan Eland

Syrian rebels, in a stalemated conflict with the autocratic Bashar al-Assad, predictably are trying every trick to suck more help out of the United States. They are using the same tactic that developing nations used against U.S. policymakers during the Cold War to get more money and assistance: fear of takeover by extremists. The new bogeymen after 9/11, however, are radical Islamists instead of communists.

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