Monday, July 25, 2016
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Winds of war

israeli-airstrikeby Adam Keller

Suddenly, the agenda changed. The general elections and the distribution of seats and the mandates and the struggles and intrigues inherent to forming a  government coalition were relegated to the back pages. The headlines were caught by an air strike in Syria and an alert on the Lebanese border and threats from Tehran and an attack on an embassy in Turkey. Once again the winds of war began to blow. Israelis moved en masse from waiting their turn at the polling stations to the long waiting lines at the gas mask distribution stations.

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Woe to the Victor

war“VAE VICTIS!” was the Roman cry. Woe to the vanquished.

I would alter it slightly: “Vae Victori”, Woe to the victor!

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Gun Control or Crappolla?

Gun ControlThis gun control debate has me scratching my head. I’m not against gun control…but I’m not completely for it either. I know for a fact that if they outlawed all guns tomorrow, criminals would still manage to get their hands on any type of weapon they wanted to possess. Look at what a great job they have done with drugs.

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It's still inequality, stupid

World Economic Forumby Pepe Escobar

So what came out of the supposed Masters of the Universe - in government, business, the economy, technology - discussing "Resilient Dynamism" at the World Economic Forum in Davos?

Not much - apart from the title of the address by the head of the IMF, the metronomic yet sartorially irreproachable Christine Lagarde. Madame Lagarde quoted figures most were already familiar with; in 2013 the developed world will grow 1.5 percent; the developing world, 5.5 percent.

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Holocaust Day Backfires

israel-nuclearThe UK Jewish Lobby is in a state of panic - the Holocaust Memorial Day boomerangs. If anything it turns the floodlight on the deeply problematic inclinations that are sadly inherent to Jewish political culture and collectivism.

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