Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Did America Say NO to Israel?

US had made massive reductions to joint military exercise with Israel.In the last few hours we have learned that the US had made massive reductions to joint military exercise with Israel.  Originally slated to include 5,000 US troops, Washington will now only send 1,500 to participate in Austere Challenge 12 with Israel.  Apparently, the American administration is concerned with a possible Israeli strike on Iran.

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Anti-Iranian Rage

IranWashington and Israel wage dirty covert wars. Iran's been targeted for years. Imperial aims are prioritized. Rule of law principles don't matter. Israel wants sole regional dominance. America wants it globally. Lawless tactics continue.

They include cyber attacks, other sabotage, targeted assassinations, deadly explosions, sophisticated satellite, drone, and other spying, bogus accusations, a virtual blockade, hostile saber rattling, multiple rounds of sanctions, and attempts to cripple its central bank and oil industry.

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This is not America

A beautiful song, being sung by a beautiful girl, the combination of both should make us feel anything but angry. Yet this song makes me angrier than hell. It’s because she sings the truth.

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The Immorality of Small Government

Paul Ryanby Jacob G. Hornberger

One of the favorite mantras of conservatives is “We favor small government.” As the conservative Wall Street Journal put it, “Rep. Paul Ryan took the national political stage Wednesday as the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, giving a televised speech that laid out one of the GOP’s sharpest cases yet … for Republicans as the party of small government. ” The liberal Washington Post echoed the sentiment: “Representative Paul Ryan … accepted the Republican vice-presidential nomination … as his party embraced the gamble that the small-government principles he represents have more political payoff than peril.”What exactly do conservatives mean by “small government”?

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Rachel Corrie and the Kosher Legal Stamp

Rachel Corrie ST.Judge Oded Gershon’s ruling earlier this week that the state of Israel is not to blame for the death of Rachel Corrie, came as no surprise. In fact it reaffirms everything we know about the Jewish state - its politics, legal system and spirit. Israel is surely a most peculiar state - it is impervious to ethical thinking and humanist thought. Accordingly, Judge Gershon gave this week a kosher stamp to a cold-blooded murder and by so doing, he proved, once again, that Israeli criminal actions are consistent with the most vile interpretations of Old Testament and Talmudic Goy-hating.

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