Monday, April 21, 2014
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The Kings of de Nile

Anita HillThere appears to be a nonexistent learning curve for public figures. No matter how many are eviscerated on the long knives of civic scorn, the first, preferred strategy of an accused, respected personage is denial. This stance is resolutely held to until the overwhelming tsunami of evidence finally swamps the denier. It reminds me of a man on fire running as fast as he can to get away from the flames.

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America's Media War on Iran

MediaWhen Washington goes to war or threatens it, America's media march in lockstep, cheerleading. Fiction substitutes for fact.

News is carefully filtered, dissent marginalized, and supporting imperial belligerence substitutes for full and accurate disclosure.

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Modern Warfare: The relief of Bastogne, the relief of us all...

Modern WarfareVeteran's Day was originally created as Armistice Day, to be held in commemoration of the end of The Great War and to promote the cause of world peace.

But war did not end, and in 1954 Armistice Day officially became Veteran's Day, and became dedicated to honoring those who sacrificed for the cause of peace, rather than being dedicated to the cause of peace itself.

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What Immigration Problem?

arizona-immigrationArizona, Alabama, and Georgia have each enacted stringent laws aimed at curbing illegal immigration. Before saying more, let’s be clear about the alleged problem. What is an “illegal immigrant”? It’s simply a person — possessing natural rights, mind you — who comes to the United States without the permission of the U.S. government. Now isn’t it curious that in this country, which began in rebellion against and secession from an empire, people are upset about other people moving around without government permission? In revolutionary times the smuggler of goods was a hero, and the customs agent was a villain. If we were true to the best parts of our heritage today the “illegal” would be a hero, and the border agent would be a villain.

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It Was the Tent I Wanted the Most

Tent“Oh-oh! You must be kidding me,” we gasped the moment we set foot in the place where we were supposed to sleep. “Are we going to sleep inside those?” sneered one. “Yes!” I grinned, stating the obvious. I enthusiastically hurried to fetch my tent among the other 500 tents on each written the same number our badges have. Having had such a hectic day of flying from Cairo to Madrid then to Granada, the last thing we all needed to do was to search for our assigned numbers, and all what we needed was to snuggle down into our sleeping-bags. Dragging myself from one tent after another, I finally managed to find my number. Phew, mine was 353! This camping trip was such a blast. Whoopee!

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