Friday, July 25, 2014
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Quit Preaching and Lead by Example

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clintonby Ivan Eland

After Russia’s parliamentary election, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly advocated “a full investigation of all credible reports of electoral fraud and manipulation.” She then asserted, “The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted.” Needless to say, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was not happy with such remarks and pushed back, claiming that protesters in Russia were acting at the behest of the U.S. State Department.

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My Declaration of War on Christmas

Bill O'ReillyI don't usually watch Today or any American TV because my reports appear on the British Broadcasting Corporation, a network run by highly-educated America-haters.

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When will we ever see the end (for now) of Tom Friedman?

Thomas Friedman

It is difficult to understand how Tom Friedman continues to get Iraq so wrong. A case in point is his recent NYT-Op-Ed entitled “The End, For Now.”

His failure to cop to his own cheerleading of the invasion, his past belief in WMD and a connection to 9/11, as well as his inability to grasp our motivations and the outcome of the Iraqi misadventure should be enough to merit a summary dismissal of his comments.

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Tarek Mehanna: Victimized by Racist Injustice

Tarek MehannaPost-9/11, Mehanna is one of hundreds of Muslim Americans victimized, vilified, and persecuted for their faith, ethnicity, prominence, activism, and at times charity.

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It’s a win-win situation!

win-win situationIt was a few years ago that I grasped that Zionism was just one manifestation of Jewish political power in the West. But at the time, hardly anyone was either brave or stupid enough to tackle the topic. In spite of Israel defining itself as the ‘Jewish State’, despite the fact that the warplanes that dropped their bombs on Palestinian civilians were covered in Jewish symbols, still no one was willing to openly ask exactly what Jewishness was all about or what it stood for – and those few who did dare to raise the question were subject to total abuse until they took cover or just faded away.

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