Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Slash Top Federal Salaries

corruptionBy Joel S. Hirschhorn

Are you ready for another insane aspect of American society? Read this and get angry.

People on the right want smaller government. People on the left bemoan high unemployment, economic inequality and the huge amounts of money made by corporate executives and Wall Street fat cats. I strongly urge consideration of a common sense way of greatly reducing the bloated cost of the federal government, probably opening up hundreds of thousands of jobs, and making Americans feel better about their government.

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Assassinating with Impunity

Anwar al-Awlakiby Jacob G. Hornberger

Statist supporters of President Obama’s assassination of an American citizen overseas, Anwar al-Awlaki, are convinced that Awlaki’s actions warranted his assassination. There is at least one big problem, however, with their convictions: How do they know what Awlaki did to warrant his assassination? Moreover, how do they know that the law permits an assassination under such circumstances?

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Occupying the Heart of the Beast

Observations, and Impressions From Amid the Multitudes in Liberty Plaza
By Phil Rockstroh

The ongoing exercise in democracy transpiring in and around the Occupy Wall Street site in Lower Manhattan imbues one's heart with resonances of the real. Many reasons factor into the phenomenon: Here, for example, one does not feel scammed and demeaned…gripped by the sense of futility, even embarrassment, experienced at even the thought of participating in the big money-skewed, sham elections staged in the corporate oligarchic state.

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Foreign Interests In Our Midst

Tzipi Livni, BritainThe Jewish Chronicle reported yesterday that Israeli War Criminal Mrs Tzipi Livni is heading to Britain following the amendment of Britain’s universal jurisdiction law.

Under the old terms, ethically driven British citizens were able to apply for an arrest warrant for suspected war criminals. That meant that Israeli political and military leaders were strictly advised to stay away from this kingdom.

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Empire and the Destruction of America

drone-attacksby Jacob G. Hornberger

If there’s a bright side to the national security state’s assassination of one of its citizens, it’s this: At least the statists are not saying that the dead man, Anwar al-Awlaki, hated America for its freedom and values. Most every statist is acknowledging that Awlaki’s anger toward the United States was driven by his hatred for what the U.S. Empire has been doing to people in the Middle East.

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