Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Trick or Treat!

Barack ObamaThe Day of the Dead celebration came a month early this year for Anwar al-Awlaki when he received a drone-gift on his front porch courtesy of Barack Obama. The popular support for the extralegal murder of this American citizen and Osama bin-Laden distresses me deeply. In America we have always maintained the pretense that we are a government of laws not men. Under Bush and now Obama this pretense has been dropped entirely as our presidents perform murder and mayhem without benefit of any evidential review or legal justification.

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Bin Laden and al Awlaki assassinat​ions

Bin Laden and al Awlaki Design to keep Americans in the dark

It is hardly surprising that President Obama ordered the assassinations of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki since the last thing he wants is to bring any leader of al-Qaeda to trial. If the U.S. wanted bin Laden to have his day in court it might have had the Navy Seals go against his lightly defended hideout with stun grenades or tear gas instead of launching a shoot-to-kill attack.

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May vs. Salah

Sheikh Raed SalahSheikh Raed Salah won a great victory in Britain High Court yesterday, Sheikh Salah (52) was detained on the orders of the home secretary, Theresa May who was obviously following instructions from the real rulers of this country (in Jerusalem). Salah was then imprisoned for funding Hamas and leading a violent demonstration. The High Court, however, ruled that Sheikh Salah was held unlawfully and is entitled to compensation.

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Rchard Sigel: The Wandering Who

The Wandering Whoby Rchard Sigel

Even among those who recognize that Zionism and Israel have been a monstrous crime against humanity, there is bitter disagreement as to whether the religion and culture that produced Zionism and Israel are legitimate subjects for examination. This is not the case in medical science, for example.

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Mutiny on the Titanic

protest-Here is a story that has never been told before:

When the Titanic was well out into the Atlantic, its crew mutinied.

They demanded higher wages, less cramped quarters, better food. They assembled on the lower decks and refused to budge from there.

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