Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Rage Against Wall Street Crooks

Occupy Wall StreetAngry New Yorkers organized an initiative called "Occupy Wall Street." Beginning September 17, they called for "tak(ing) the bull by the horns," referring to the familiar New York financial district symbol.

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Sheared by the Shorts: How Speculators Fleece Investors

Investorsby Ellen Brown

“Unrestrained financial exploitations have been one of the great causes of our present tragic condition.” -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933

Why did gold and silver stocks just get hammered, at a time when commodities are considered a safe haven against widespread global uncertainty?  The answer, according to Bill Murphy’s newsletter, is that the sector has been the target of massive short selling.  For some popular precious metal stocks, close to half the trades have been “phantom” sales by short sellers who did not actually own the stock.

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Slap on the Face …

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSThe Middle East Peace Quartet which comprises of the UN, US, European Union and Russia just received a slap in the face from their spoiled progeny, otherwise known as Israel. On 27th September, the Israeli government announced plans to undermine the peace process by building 1100 new Jewish only units in occupied East Jerusalem.

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Imploding Bubble Economies

Bubble EconomiesEconomic meltdown comes in stages. Recognition takes longer. Tout TV pundits stay in denial longest, calling crisis conditions a normal correction.

Reality suggests otherwise with US unemployment approaching 23%, home foreclosures multiplying, and poverty levels double or more official distorted numbers that artificially hold them down.

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Worse Than the Cold War or Vietnam – America Today

Prisoners I have to admit that I'm really pissed off. It's no longer just being angry about the situation in Washington; it's about what's happening to America. This country is failing. People are unemployed, and we are neglecting the poor and homeless. What's happening here? Where is the government when it comes to protecting the welfare of the people? Why are so many crazies in the House and Senate? I’m talking about my Senators; Jim DeMint and Bang-Bang Lindsey Graham who used to be sane. The South Carolina Senators do not represent me. I talk to a lot of people who used to be Republicans. They are ashamed of their party. Don't count on South Carolina voters to vote for another crazy Republican.

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