Thursday, July 31, 2014
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A new low in Pakistan-US relations

Pakistanis have staged anti-NATO protests across the country in recent days. [Photo: EPA]By Kamal Hyder

The attack toook place in the dead of the night, and for more than two hours, American helicopters pounded a well-known and marked Pakistani post.

The Pakistani army frantically tried to convey to NATO, ISAF and the US high command in Afghanistan to stop the attack, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. By the time it was over, more than 24 soldiers lay dead, including officers, and over a dozen wounded.

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Dictatorship Codified

Democratic Senator Carl Levin [left] and Republic Senator John McCain by Jacob G. Hornberger

A Washington Post op-ed by Democratic Senator Carl Levin and Republic Senator John McCain shows, once again, that the threat to the freedom and well-being of the American people comes from both liberals and conservatives.

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The Folly of Sanctions

iran_nuclear_energyby Ron Paul

Many people have the misconception that sanctions are an effective means to encourage a change of behavior in another country without war. However, imposing sanctions and blockades are not only an act of war according to international law, they are most often the first step toward a real war starting with a bombing campaign. Sanctions were the first step in our wars against Iraq and Libya, and now more sanctions planned against Syria and Iran are leading down the same destructive path.

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A Voters’ Rights Amendment to Unify Occupiers and Tea Partiers

hydraUnification of the Tea Party and Occupy movements for a common goal – a Voters’ Rights Amendment – will reestablish the United States as a democratic republic and will restore control of its government to the voters.

Although the corporate and wealthy elite is doing everything in its power, primarily through its mouthpiece – the mainstream media, to convince Occupiers and Tea Partiers that each is an enemy of the other, it is becoming increasingly clear that the two groups have much in common.

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Don't Forget About Us

unjust warLet me start this by explaining how I came to the realization of how the American political system works. Like many other Americans, I had certain beliefs and perceptions about this country and its history. During the end of the ‘60’s and the beginning of the ‘70’s, I realized that we were engaged in an unjust war.

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