Friday, July 25, 2014
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It Was the Tent I Wanted the Most

Tent“Oh-oh! You must be kidding me,” we gasped the moment we set foot in the place where we were supposed to sleep. “Are we going to sleep inside those?” sneered one. “Yes!” I grinned, stating the obvious. I enthusiastically hurried to fetch my tent among the other 500 tents on each written the same number our badges have. Having had such a hectic day of flying from Cairo to Madrid then to Granada, the last thing we all needed to do was to search for our assigned numbers, and all what we needed was to snuggle down into our sleeping-bags. Dragging myself from one tent after another, I finally managed to find my number. Phew, mine was 353! This camping trip was such a blast. Whoopee!

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Nuclear Israel revisited

The US and Israel tell Iran it is a threat to world peace if it were to possess a nuclear device [AFP]by Joseph Massad

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - How many times must this story be retold? It is common knowledge in the United States, in Europe, in the Arab World, indeed in the entire world. The international press has been reporting on it since the late 1960s. The historical details of the story are also well known. In 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower gave Israel its first small nuclear reactor at Nahal Sorek; in 1964, the French built for Israel its much larger and major Dimona nuclear reactor in the Naqab (Negev) Desert; in 1965, Israel stole 200 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from the United States through its spies at the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation company in Pennsylvania; in 1968, Israel hijacked a Liberian ship in international waters and stole its 200-ton shipment of yellowcake. Israel has possessed nuclear bombs since the early 1970s. Despite official US denials, Golda Meir, the fourth prime minister of Israel, reportedly prepared to launch 13 nuclear bombs on Syria and Egypt in 1973 and was stopped short of committing this genocidal act when Henry Kissinger gave Israel the most massive weapons airlift in history at the time to reverse the course of the 1973 war (as Time Magazine reported the story). Israel has had an ongoing nuclear weapons collaboration with the South African Apartheid regime for decades, which only ended with the collapse of the regime in 1994. 

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Fabricated IAEA Report on Iran Released

flagPrevious articles said US intelligence assessments through March 2011 (the latest one) found no evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons development.

During his December 1, 1997 - November 30, 2009 tenure as IAEA director general, Mohamed ElBaradei concurred. He carefully avoided anti-Iranian rhetoric and baseless charges.

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Dershowitz’ Lies and Glitches

Alan DershowitzRabid Zionist Alan Dershowitz is devastated by the success of ‘The Wandering Who’. He just cannot accept that professors and academics endorse the book “as ‘brilliant,’ ‘fascinating,’ ‘absorbing,’ and ‘moving’,” In his latest article he again misses an opportunity to debate the book, its message and its meaning. He prefers instead to indulge in the only things for which he possesses any talent at all - lying and bullying.

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Rejecting Neoliberalism, Renewing the Utopian Imagination

american-awakeningWhen the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 two dismal consequences followed that have been rarely acknowledged:

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