Friday, April 25, 2014
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'Rome Wasn't Burned in a Day'

U.S. rightwingReplacing Liberal Timidity with Leftist Passion
by Phil Rockstroh

Why is it that self-termed progressives are in full retreat (and have been for decades) from the witless army of angry clowns and hack illusionists of the U.S. rightwing?

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Rethinking Afghanistan After a Decade

private-securityThis is a short essay responding to a question about my dramatic change of position on the Afghanistan War with regard to its initial justification and flawed execution. It is both a reconsideration of errors of judgment and reflections on how the world has changed in the course of this decade, focusing on the inability of the United States to grasp either its own decline or the related decline in the historical agency of hard power approaches to security.

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Obama and Netanyahu to Palestinians on Statehood: Go to Hell

Obama and Netanyahu

"(T)he (UN) General Assembly shall meet every year in regular session commencing on the Tuesday of the third week in September, counting from the first week that contains at least one working day."

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Conspiracies—they’re everywhere!

Photo by Bob BoldtWith the release of Jackie Kennedy’s reflections on the life and presidency of JFK, we seem to have once again opened up the giant can of worms surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Years ago satirist Paul Krassner unleashed a firestorm of outrage when he suggested Lyndon Johnson’s possible complicity in the JFK assassination. Unconfirmed reports assert that it now seems Jackie herself may have had suspicions that Johnson had a hand in the death of her husband.

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Losing Liberty for Security with the Padilla Case

Jose Padillaby Jacob G. Hornberger

The Jose Padilla case is back in the news. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the 17-year sentence handed down by the presiding district judge was too lenient. The court has ordered the case remanded to the judge with instructions to consider a much higher sentence.

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