Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Hitler is back! (And he’s no Holocaust denier)

He is Back Again

He is Back Again: A new Hitler Satire Tops Germany’s Best-Seller List

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Adolf Hitler woke up and found himself in modern-day, vibrant, multicultural, metropolitan Berlin?

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I Didn't Sign Up for This


It is no secret that I spent twenty years in the U.S. Army. However the World has changed, and unfortunately, not for the better. At the time I enlisted, the Soviet Union was the biggest World threat, and had been so since my birth in 1950. When I manned the radars in the fire control section of the Nike-Hercules missile system (designed to protect the U.S. and our overseas allies from a Soviet bomber attack), I felt proud to be a part of using these nuclear devices to protect my country. It was a different era and I had a different mindset.

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Sawbucked to death


These days, the only thing harder than making money is hanging onto it. Easier to protect dandelion fuzz in a tornado. Everywhere you go, everyone wants a taste. Their only job is to get a grip on your money. And some of these folks are pretty darn good at their jobs.

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UN Report Denounces US Human Rights Record

US Human Rights Record

It's deplorable. It's longstanding. It's by far the world's worst. It's a pariah state for good reason. Claims otherwise ring hollow.

Ongoing genocidal crimes of war and against humanity continue. Homeland victims are targeted. So is humanity globally.

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Changing the Flag

FlagNew Zealand has decided to change its flag. This was only briefly mentioned in the media here. But it is a significant example for us.

The old flag is based on the British one, the Union Jack, which signifies the union of England, Scotland and Ireland. The three different crosses are integrated in an intricate design.

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