Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Poetry and War

Rafeef Ziadah

During these days of continuing massacre in Gaza I have found it difficult to focus the mind elsewhere. I came across a short statement of about 200 words by the great, enigmatic 20th century poet, Wallace Stevens, stuck between poems in his Selected Poems, p.270, with a characteristically unemotional title—‘A Prose Statement on the Poetry of War.’

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The Jews Of Silence


by M.J. Rosenberg

I had a depressing conversation with a young man (thirties) last night.

I had just heard the report that the "kidnapped" soldier was dead and that, as I had expected, Netanyahu had lied about him right from the beginning. His purpose was to use the soldier to get President Obama to authorize more war, and, if you saw Obama's  Friday press conference, it worked like a charm. 

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Case Study: AIPAC Shill Cory Booker

AIPAC Shill Cory Booker

Why Is Cory Booker So Utterly Unsympathetic To Palestinians?
by M.J. Rosenberg

I have received a few inquiries on Cory Booker, following the appalling speech he gave on the Senate floor supporting Netanyahu's war and managing to avoid a single word of sympathy (other than the most formulaic verbiage) for the people of Gaza. Why is he like that? In response, I am resending my piece explaining how Booker became Booker, perhaps the most pathetic panderer in Congress. But I also want to remind you that those who believe that if Palestinians gave up on the two-state idea and instead demanded the rights of citizenship in Israel are misguided. 

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Pandora’s box of worms

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner

In a move less surprising than hot dogs at a ballgame, the House of Representatives voted Speaker John Boehner the authority to sue the President of the United States. This isn’t like a divorce, or a civil suit for money, it’s more of a restraining order. They want Obama to quit trying to resuscitate the government they’ve been working so hard to render unconscious.

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UN, Japan, Concealing Extent of Fukushima Catastrophe

Fukushima CatastropheJapanese and United Nations authorities have placed "a cone of silence" over medical information an endangered Japanese public is entitled to have about the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.

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