Monday, April 22, 2019
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It seems to me I've heard that song before

Yukiya AmanoFor the past decade, Seymour Hersh has been reporting on Iran’s nuclear program and the continuing lack of evidence that they have been working on a nuclear bomb. Recently a new IAEA report provided what the media hailed as “additional credible evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon.”

It is absolutely imperative that every American read Hersh’s rebuttal of the report:

Hersh interviewed a number of influential, highly credible security and intelligence officials here and in Israel whose consensus is that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is “not imminent or inevitable.”

During the build up to the Iraq War, Director General of the I.A.E.A., Mohammed El-Baradei, was one of the few voices of reason standing against Bush’s claim that Saddam Hussein was attempting to construct nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately the I.A.E.A. now has a new head, Yukiya Amano of Japan—a man far more compliant with the wishes of the United States and Israel. Hersh calls the I.A.E.A. report more a political document than a statement of new intelligence information.

Of course all this sounds so familiar. The masks have changed but the dark motives and the deceptions remain the same. During the primary debates, I nearly left the Obama campaign over his promise never to rule out the use of nuclear weapons on Iran. 

Such unthinkable stupidity I felt made it impossible for me to continue to work for any candidate so aggressively, irrationally militaristic. Of course I was talked out of that action by calmer heads using the old, tired argument that Obama was the lesser of two evils.

 Now we are facing a situation where a President is once again leading us into a disastrous, preemptive war using deeply flawed, deliberately deceptive intelligence. When will we ever learn to stop trusting lying people like George W. Bush, Barack Obama and their cheer leading stenographers at the news media?

We have been trying to overthrow the government of Iran ever since they threw out our despotic puppet the Shah. We even provided Saddam Hussein with WMD in his battle against Iran. We don’t care if they have nukes or not. 

Our goal is, once again, as it always has been: to illegally overthrow a foreign government by force.

When will Americans wake up to this deceptive shell game our leaders keep foisting on us for fun and profit?

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