Friday, April 19, 2019
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Christopher Hedges— what’s in a name?

Crazy HorseChristopher=Christ bearer. One tasked with preserving and conveying truth and light. Vs. Hedge=To avoid making a clear, direct response or statement. To minimize the consequences of an action or decision... as in “He hedges his bet.”

In his latest essay “Time to Get Crazy,

Chris Hedges lays out our situation with a clarity and succinctness rare in American editorial opinion. In spite of all his understanding I wonder if he is not without a certain intellectual schizophrenia. He claims, “…I do not advocate violence,” and then goes on to tell of the indigenous “American’s” struggles to both accommodate and violently resist the tsunami of Western European brutality that ultimately decimated them. He cites Crazy Horse as the “most noble” example of one who chose to violently resist the invaders.

He reminds us that we now face a more profound invasion of universal darkness that will “…cannibalize natural resources and human communities. This time, the difference is that when we go the whole planet will go with us.”

Again Hedges hedges on violence. He celebrates Crazy Horse (does he really want us to “Get Crazy”?) and then continues to propose non-violence. Am I wiser or just more cowardly than Mr. Hedges? I have no taste for peaceful or violent protest, tear-gas, pepper-spray or police truncheons. Unlike Crazy Horse I do fear a bayonet in the back.

Personally, and perhaps cowardly, I prefer only to build a sustainable community that can weather the coming disorder in my little corner of the world.

Unlike Mr. Hedges, I will no longer hedge on the issue of non-violence. I will no longer condemn those courageous (or foolish) enough to take the path of violence, even if our leaders label them as terrorists. American Empire must be brought down by whatever means possible or necessary.

(Editor: Please note that this is unprotected speech.) I would encourage the hackers, foreign and domestic, who are working to sabotage the power grid and the war machine. (Iran quid pro quo?) I celebrate those who will blow up the dams. I would not oppose (nor would I report the imminence of) the next 9/11. Neither would I condemn the brave pilots of hijacked planes and domestic terrorist attacks coming home to roost.

I only wish Emmanuel Goldstein was really as dangerous and as all-powerful as Big Brother, Obama tells us he is. Even though I have no love for either radical Islamic or Christian terrorism, I will no longer oppose any ideology that, for whatever reason, would delay, hinder and destroy this country.

America, and the world corporatocracy for which it stands, must cease to exist as a word power. If it happens sooner, the planet may have a chance of surviving as a life-sustaining environment. If it happens later, all life forms on earth may come to an end. It is as simple as that.

I do realize that both the path of accommodation with and resistance against America will meet the same end no matter what choice I make. That is the only real lesson Crazy Horse, the dead indigenous elders and Chris Hedges have to transmit to us at this time.

I look at my hand.
With tear-filled eyes
I wonder how
something so powerful
has become so useless.

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