Thursday, January 17, 2019
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The Left Has No Voice

HBO Show NewsroomWhile the HBO Show "The Newsroom" tries to rise above the mundane news channels that operate in the United States, it is only a fictitious HBO show. There is no real Newsroom in the United States. What this nation needs is a truly left leaning news show that tells the unvarnished truth. We have cable news that purport to be left-leaning but are really not. When push comes to shove, they always support the Democrats. That happens for two reasons. First, we only have two political parties in this country, The Democrats and Republicans and secondly, because their sponsors will only let them go so far.

We need a cable news show that will report the truth. Right now we need the truth about Syria, we need the truth about Climate Change; we need the truth about American military installations in other nations. We need the truth about the Patriot Act, we need the truth about the FISA wiretaps of Americans and we need the truth about why the Administration lobbies for the NDAA.

We need sponsors that will support a truth-telling cable news outlet. I can think of a few. The AFL-CIO would be a good bet looking at the way the Obama Administration let them down and has treated unions. Ben and Jerry’s would be a good sponsor, when have you ever seen them advertise on a news show? The cooperatives throughout the United States would probably advertise on this new station if asked. There are others, believe me.

MSNBC is a station that purports to be left of center, but when issues arise, they invariably go with the Democrats. There are a few that sometimes go with their conscience like Ed Shultz and Dylan Rattigan, but most of the time they are in the Democratic cheering squad. Same with Current TV, Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks can also go off on the Democratic Party, but only as far as Al Gore or his sponsors will let him.

We as a nation must demand to have a cable news station that is allowed to tell the truth about what is really going on. Let the American people decide who is right and who is wrong. I’m sure we will be debunked and attacked when we start, but I’m just as sure American People will tune in by droves. I have a small internet radio station that gets 10,000 podcasts a month. Translate that into a TV show and imagine how many viewers that would translate into.

We need a news channel that broadcasts the truth. Americans are tired of tuning into Russia Today and Al-Jazeera (even though that station is owned by Qatar, a supporter of regime change in Syria), and Press TV (owned by Iran) to get the truth. If the US wants a US station that broadcasts the truth, sponsors be damned, they must actively support that idea. In this nation that is rapidly becoming  a police state, time is running out.

Al Gore can transform Current TV to that kind of station. The first thing he must do is separate himself from the Democrats. The station cannot remain cheerleaders for the Democrats. It must be independent. New today is a farce. That’s not how it used to be. Walter Cronkite almost single-handedly ended the Vietnam War with his broadcast embedded in this article.

We need the same kind of reporting now. The days of going along to get along are over. We need real new in this country. An informed electorate is essential for Democracy. If we are ignorant of the facts, we have no real democracy. We have a nation of sheep that vote on what they hear, and the majority of what they hear is partisan bickering.

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