Friday, April 19, 2019
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For the sake of your two-headed grandchildren...

birth-defectI have decided to vote for Willard this November. I didn’t catch Obama’s acceptance speech. Watching Democratic convention excerpts makes it difficult to resist an overwhelming sense of nausea and despair. I feel isolated and alone as the last of my friends joins the parade behind faux-Progressive candidate, Obama on the merry march to doom.

This is a march that advances at only a slightly slower speed that the Republicans trek toward the same ecological and fiscal apocalypse. I feel now totally surrounded by only the mad (Republicans) and the deluded (Democrats).

I find it nearly impossible to believe that Romney-Ryan has everyone so terrified that they have forgotten that Obama and the truth have never had even a coincidental relationship. He lied last time and this time he is lying with even greater strength and confidence.

His impersonation of a Progressive is as artful as it is insincere. None of his most vehement supporters on the Left, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Hayden, Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, the MoveOn assholes, etc remember how much the administration considers them and their principles a big joke.

In the words of Glen Ford (no, not Glenn Ford) of the Black Agenda Report.

Obama is not the lesser of two evils, “he is the more effective evil.” According to Ford’s reasoning, a Romney presidency can be counted on to be met with massive resistance from a majority of American citizens (not that a majority of citizens in this country has ever stood a chance against the 1%), women of reproductive age, LGBTs, Black, Hispanic, as well as the Progressive, Liberal and even the conservative Democrat power structure.

“That some observer might remind us that President Obama has pursued governmental secrecy to a degree even the Bush Administration never dared, and that he has arrogated to himself the right to kill American citizens overseas who have not been convicted of any crime. President Obama likes (or used to like) to extend the hand of kindness to the nation's bankers: "Help me help you," he implored them back in 2009.” -Thomas Frank—Harper's Sept 2012.

The miserable and regressive actions and programs that passed the Liberal establishment without the blinking of an eye under Obama will be bitterly opposed when forced upon us by an ultra-right-wing conservative President. Watch the Liberals suddenly turn on a dime and start protesting the War on Terror, drone attacks, Afghanistan under Romney, the spying, torture and murder of citizens as well as the domestic measures taken against Muslims and immigrants that they simply preferred to ignore under Obama. A Romney Presidency and the defeat of Democrats nationwide will be exactly the kick in the ass they have long since needed and deserved.  (At least this is my fantasy.)

While we are on the subject of fantasy, let’s pretend Romney and Ryan will be brutal and intransigent enough to actually inspire that long, long overdue bloody violent revolution Tom Jefferson promised—which brings me to my last reason to vote for Romney…

I think it is time to finally reveal an agenda and a strategy I have been reluctant to speak of up to now. I advance it knowing it is too painful for anyone to even hear, let alone accept.

“Let my country die for me. Up to the present it has done so. I didn’t want it to die. Damn death. Long live life!”  -James Joyce

Is there any rational person who sincerely believes that the unsustainable American way of life can go on forever without destroying the planet? Does anyone seriously believe Obama has any chance or desire to go up against the banks, big energy or the collective corporate personhood bent upon its destruction?

I believe it makes little difference whether Obama or Romney is elected. The total inevitable destruction of our county, Civilization and possibly the planet is on the horizon and approaching. The speed at which it arrives and the degree of suffering it will cause as it arrives is perhaps somewhat in our hands.

Frankly throwing Democrats out of office will probably not radicalize them or anyone else soon enough. The failure of Liberalism which has had monumental consequences throughout the world and which is ultimately responsible for all our troubles today is a permanent affair. The original principles and vision cannot and will not ever be recaptured. (I regret that space does not allow me to document the evidence and reasoning that has lead to each and every one of the steps in my awful conclusion.)

The Devil and His corporate, political, religious and academic agents: the mad psychopaths who have risen to rule us, are now firmly in all the driver’s seats and let the Dark Lord Himself take the hindmost. The only hope for the planet and humanity, as I see it, is to bring down the curtain on the whole charade of Civilization as soon as possible—and by any means possible. Under Obama and the Democrats, I see Capitalism surviving for perhaps another ten or twenty years before Armageddon.

This is too long. By then too much environmental damage will have been accomplished and the runaway greenhouse effect will be inevitable, if it is not already well on its way. We will be in the throes of a constant condition of Earthly natural violence of Biblical proportions. Of course all this will take place long before we will be boiling lead (the way the Venusians do) in the shade of our crumbling skyscrapers.

Under the Republicans I see the real possibility that we will experience the destruction of this country and hopefully Civilization in a matter of years not decades. This may be our only, last chance for the survival of a small number of our species.

I pray not too much more nuclear material will be released in the process. Life in the second half of the 21st Century will be problematic enough without having to deal with mutation, more deformity and sickness without the benefit of our precious, hard won Obamacare.

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