Monday, April 22, 2019
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Women Who Think They Are for Obama

Women for ObamaRecently President, of MK Communications and Obama supporter, Marlyn Katz wrote a piece entitled, “One Sure Thing... Or What Every Woman Should Know.

The Presidency of Barack Obama has separated people of Liberal/Progressive sensibilities more now than the support of Israel has traditionally done in the past.

With women’s reproductive rights, Obama now has a hot button issue that hits a woman where she lives—the right to the care, control and maintenance of her own body. The Democrats hope the thought of a return to the old pre-Roe-v-Wade days will somehow cause Progressive voters to forget all the horrific life-and-death issues where both candidates agree. They also hope women will be fearful enough to also ignore Obama’s failure to deliver on anything representing the Liberal/Progressive agenda he promised us all.

In the Democrats’ attempt to portray themselves as The Children of Light, they would prefer to ignore the fact that they have done damn little to retard the assault on woman’s health services nationwide. Now that it serves them, they come out four-square for women, gays, immigrants, workers and all the others whom they have not given a damn for before the election.

People of courage and principle will simply not stand for having women's reproductive rights taken away by President Romney (if the spineless Democrats actually let him get that far). It might be enough to get the Revolution started in this country. On the other hand, if people of every generation are not prepared to fight and (God forbid—even experience a little discomfort) for their rights then they deserve to lose them. I'm amazed the extent to which Liberals have already allowed a practical retraction of Rowe-v-Wade. (Try finding an abortion provider at a location near you.) If you are counting on Obama and the Democrats to save our rights—good luck with that.

I'm frankly more concerned with more relevant issues like the erosion of all our rights under Obama. This erosion is evidenced most dramatically with the torture of war hero, Bradley Manning (and others); also the murder of U.S. citizens abroad along with countless innocent nationals in other countries. These practices are now ready to be imported wholesale to our own shores by the President.

The other day cowardly religious zealots tried to blow away a 14-year-old Pakistani girl for blogging in favor of women’s education. The world has been rightly outraged. I remember George W. Bush and Dick Cheney cautioned against what they called moral equivalency.

I am evoking it now against a man I had hoped never to see stoop to such moral degeneracy—President Obama. His murder of equally young, equally vulnerable, defenseless Pakistani girls is more reprehensible than the actions of the Taliban cowards. These men were required to at least have the courage to place themselves at some physical risk in the prosecution of their dastardly act.

Obama and his Game-Boy pilots sit in soft, economically designed chairs when they carry out their directives with I dare say a higher degree of cowardice and duplicity than the Islamisists. These are the women and girls I really care about, more than the American women voters Obama would manipulate for his own short-term strategies.

I repeat, I am not worried about women’s rights under Romney. Let every woman of reproductive age, their medical providers and men with courage enough to support them march into all the jails in America. Just let Romney try to stop that. Such a revolt might just get a couple of Congressional Democrats off their soft cushions and into three hots-and-a cot as well. One can only hope.

All that said, the real issue concerning the actions (by commission and omission) against reproductive rights by both Parties is one I am not insensitive to—unlike Obama who cares about women (and LGBTs, Hispanics, and Muslims) only as voters.

All we need to know this election is that Obama's record on all human rights is abysmal at best. I urged my Democrat friends to challenge Obama in the primaries. We need a true Progressive, not some conservative sellout disguised as a Liberal.

If the Democrats loose this time, they will have only themselves to blame. Had the Democrats made a proper assessment of the full extent of Obama’s true liabilities back during the primaries we might now find ourselves with a real choice rather than the ratification of two nearly identical candidates.
Sorry Marilyn you are worried about a sideshow issue in this election. Neither candidate really cares!

Wouldn’t it be nice if they held an election and no one showed up?

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