Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Why Are the Majority of Americans Pissed Off?

pissedI have not been writing much. Everything I want to say has been pretty much said by others. The best thing I read in decades was Putin's rebuke to the United States over its policies in Syria and its claim of "exceptionalism". I couldn't have said it better myself.

The President of Iran finally wants to negotiate over nuclear weapons it says it doesn't want and doesn't need. This administration in Washington is taking a "wait and see" attitude. What a load of crap that is. The boys in Washington just don't want to piss off their AIPAC donors.

Ted Cruz is making headlines by trying to filibuster funding of Obamacare. He's on C-Span making an ass out of himself. Some Democrats think the Affordable Care and Protection Act is the greatest thing since sliced bread. In reality, it's a huge compromise to the insurance companies and a way to get away from single-payer healthcare that most real progressives wanted in the first place. It's a flawed bill that has more loopholes than the tax code.

Still, the Republicans want to shut down the government in order to stop it. This means that people on Social Security, people in the military and military retirees as well as poor people receiving Medicare really have to start worrying. These Republicans don't realize that they represent some of the poorest States in the nation and that their constituents rely on government services. Let's stop paying politicians if they don't pass the budget, from the President down. That will wake them up. Let them stop these payments to people and see how fast they get turned out at the polls.

Speaking of people, I can hardly read Facebook anymore. If I see one more posting about how good the Democrats are and how rotten the Republicans are I'm going to need a barf bag. Listen folks, most Democrats and Republicans suck equally. The Democrats just tell you want to hear and do the opposite. They all work for their campaign donors and no, not the 5$ and 10$ donors. This country's politics runs on big donor campaign money. That's the reason we can't get anything done for the average person. We don't have the money to get them to do our bidding. Simple economics.

Obama wants to fix the World and the poor bastard can't even fix Detroit. How does he think that makes him look in the eyes of the World? This is a President that should be on anti-depressants. If I were Obama I might just go into the Oval Office , close the door and put a shotgun in my mouth. The World has never seen a bigger loser than Barack Obama. This is a guy that won the Presidency (twice) and lost his soul.

Most people in this country are working two jobs with no benefits for slave wages. I saw on the news tonight that many companies are going to be making products in the US now because wages have gotten too high in China. We should let these companies build their new factories to produce here and then go out on strike! That will fix their wagons.

The government talks about cutting everything in government except for the military. Why do you think that is? There comes a time when ever-expanding economies just have to contract. That is one of the premier faults of capitalism. World War II is over, the Cold War is over and the World has had enough of the United States running roughshod over the rest of the World (besides spying on everyone). It's time to re-evaluate our economic system. Seems like the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. You know the drill.

I'm just here to tell you that you can forget about the government listening to the will of the people until you get rid of these Democrats and Republicans. I read today that the disparity between rich and poor in the United States is worse than it was during the Roman Empire! Keep hawking for Hillary and rooting for Obama. They'll sell you down the river just as fast as any Republican.

The American people stopped Obama from launching another war in the Middle-East. If we all get together again and defend our common interests we can again cross party lines. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and the people in Congress and in the Executive Branch are not going to address them unless you make them. Here is a list of things right off the top of my head that will change the nation for the better.

1. Institute Public Banking.

2. Medicare for all.

3. Stop Fracking.

4. Stop non-labeled GMO products.

5. Raise the minimum wage to 15.00 an hour.

6. Get rid of NAFTA and all other trade agreements.

7. End the FED.

8. Stop the Keystone Pipeline.

9. Cut the military by 50%.

10. Stop corporate personhood and corporate political donations.

While we are at it, let the UN take over the clean-up at Fukishima, Disband NATO and take away the Authorization for the President to use Military Force (AUMF).

That's enough from me. Did I cover everything? Not really. We still have more people incarcerated than in any country in the World. Gitmo is still open. We are waging war in scads of nations, and the American people are angry, including this one.

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