Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Playing with Fire and Burning the World


The current lies and distortions coming from the mainstream media are pure propaganda. I've been quite for some time now, wondering what the United States was up to, since it backed off of military intervention in Syria.

I wonder if anyone noticed the way Russia was portrayed by the presstitutes that covered the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It seemed to me that they pointed out not the grandeur of the games that was hardly mentioned. The small mistakes in planning by the Russian Olympic planners were front and center. Russia was consistently mocked and made to look as inept as possible. Think about it. Who are these so-called reporters working for?

Since Putin took Obama and his military planners and his empire driven corporate advisors down a notch in the eyes of the World, you can figure that they would retaliate. The funding of the dissidents in Western Ukraine to the tune of 5 Billion dollars was designed to split the nation in two.

Many of the dissidents in the western half of the nation are neo-Nazis that come from families that adored the Third Reich. Read the history of World War II and learn about how many Ukrainian people in western Ukraine flocked to join the Wehrmacht. In fact, the Ukrainians' had their own SS division. The 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian) was formed in Galacia, the same province that is the heart of the insurrection today. The idea to organize a division of volunteers from Galicia was proposed by the German Governor of District Galicia , Dr. Otto von Wächter . He suggested creation of a Waffen-SS division composed of Galician volunteers and designed for regular combat on the Eastern Front . The creation of 14th Voluntary Division SS Galizien was announced in April 1943 at ceremonies throughout Galicia .

They took a vow to Hitler and made a pact that they would only fight against Russia. Meanwhile, the Eastern part of the nation flocked to join the Red Army. The nation is still in turmoil. The people of the East want strong ties to the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). They are afraid of integrating with the EU and the dangers of "help" in the form of loans from the World Bank and the IMF that will suck the nation dry in the same way that they sucked the life out of Greece, Spain, Italy and Crete. The Eastern part of Ukraine wants no part of it. The Western half of the nation will do anything to create a right-wing nationalistic Ukraine.

The other part of the equation is that Russia has its largest naval base in Sebastopol. The unique geographic location and navigation conditions of the city's harbors make Sevastopol a strategically important naval point. It is also a popular seaside resort and tourist destination, mainly for visitors from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The city continues to be the home of the Russian--formerly Soviet -- Black Sea Fleet , and is now home to a Ukrainian naval base and has Russian naval facilities leased from Ukraine through 2042. The headquarters of both the Ukrainian Naval Forces and Russia's Black Sea Fleet are located in the city.

The trade and shipbuilding importance of Sevastopol's port has been growing since the fall of the Soviet Union despite the difficulties that arise from the joint military control over its harbors and   piers. Sevastopol is also an important center of marine biology research. In particular, dolphins have been studied and trained in the city since the end of World War II . This was originally done as a secret naval program to use the animals for special undersea operations.

In other words, the Crimea is vital to Russia's national security. If the United States had a vital military base in Canada or Mexico and they were under threat from a civil disturbance with elements that were diametrically opposed to us, would we not act?

This is an example of how our news media reports on what is going on. Nary a mention of our deceitful involvement along with the EU, mainly Germany and the UK involving billions of dollars of support for the western insurgents,. No mention of how an elected government that caved into the demands of the protestors are now branded as criminals and are now hunted and killed. Instead we are told to focus on Russia that is being branded as a hegemonic power bent on domination while in reality they are only protecting their national interests.

Stand up to the news media and make them tell the truth! Stand up to the government and let them be forthright with the American people! We are desperately trying to encircle Russia so that they are incapable of responding to a first nuclear strike by the US by putting missiles around Russia that would destroy their missile before they could launch a retaliatory strike. This is a catastrophe, not just for Russia, but for the World. We are playing with fire and it could burn us all... literally.

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