Monday, March 18, 2019
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Ottawa backs Israeli bloodletting in Palestine

Montreal company Pratt & Whitney Canada, helicopters

Ottawa has voiced its uncritical support of Israel’s latest aggression in the Gaza Strip, something that should come as no surprise to those familiar with the militarist foreign policy of Stephen Harper.

As murderous destruction reigns down upon the 1.6 million residents of Gaza, 80 per cent of whom are descendants of Palestinian refugees expelled by Jewish forces in the 1947-1948 ethnic cleansing, Canada’s subservient political leaders line up behind Netanyahu’s mad-dog regime in Tel Aviv.

“[Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu] says Harper reiterated Canada’s steadfast support for Israel and its right to defend itself against terror attacks. Both leaders agreed that Hamas must end its targeted attacks on Israeli citizens,” noted a July 10 Globe and Mail article.

Harper’s belligerent and immoral pro-Israel stance is not new to anyone who has been observing the Zionist puppet prime minister’s rhetoric over the past few years, but few are aware of Ottawa’s more direct assistance to the Israeli war machine.

“Aside from sustained Conservative diplomatic cheerleading for Israel,” explained Stefan Christoff in a July 11, 2014, article published on The Media Co-op website, “one key element of Canada's implication less in the public eye but very important, is the key role that many Canadian companies are playing in creating the military devices and technologies now involved in carrying out the deadly bombing raids in Gaza.”

Citing information compiled by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, Christoff noted that 50 Canadian weapons makers export products directly to Israel. This includes helicopter engines produced by Montreal company Pratt & Whitney Canada, helicopters manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, and flight simulator technology and other military combat training services provided by CAE.

Christoff points out that many of these companies supplying military equipment to the Zionist regime are closely associated with the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries (CADSI), which is, writes Christoff, “a major organization in Canada representing military oriented manufacturing that sustains strong ties with the Israeli apartheid state.”

Reports are stating that 122 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since Tel Aviv’s campaign of terror began this week; more than 800 have been injured. On the Israeli side, not a single death or injury has been reported, a proto-typical trend underscoring the broader realities of this one-sided “conflict.”

“I faced more danger this past weekend when I went to the Coney Island fireworks than the Israelis have felt, experienced, suffered from the Gaza [rocket] attacks,” declared Norman Finkelstein on a recent episode of Crosstalk on Russia Today, belittling the flaccid assertions of an Israeli mouthpiece who claimed that Hamas rocket fire is a significant danger to Israeli citizens.

The rockets launched into Israel by Hamas fighters are, of course, a retaliatory measure of resistance to Israeli aggression by a cornered and helpless population living in conditions comparable to a concentration camp. Hamas, which is the democratically elected governing authority of the Gaza Strip, was responding to the brutal Israeli crackdown on its members and officials in the West Bank and Gaza following the kidnapping/murder of three Israeli teens in mid-June, whose deaths are still shrouded in mystery.

Using the kidnapping incident as a pretext to smash the newly formed Hamas-Fatah unity government, Netanyahu and his cadre of Jabotinskyite thugs masquerading as ministers stand to blame for all of the violence and bloodshed that has occurred over the past couple of weeks. Many astute observers have highlighted the likelihood that the three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered by people in the employ of Tel Aviv to facilitate Netanyahu’s deranged Machiavellian maneuvers that he has seamlessly implemented like pre-arranged chess moves.

Canada’s active support of Israeli crimes against humanity, both in the form of diplomatic cheerleading as well as direct military assistance, blackens this country’s name and reputation on the international stage. Unconcerned with Canada’s global image, the neocons who have hijacked Ottawa on behalf of global Zionism continue to defy the international consensus that Israel is a terrorist state that practices apartheid and is guilty of ethnic cleansing, and as such should be quarantined by the international community as a rogue, irrational actor unworthy of the slightest gesture of credibility afforded to civilized nations.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

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