Thursday, January 17, 2019
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The Truth About Ukraine

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Let's talk about the truth of the situation in Ukraine. Forget about all the talk on the MSM. The real truth is that the United States is taking the position of a nation that is trying to stop a civil war in Ukraine and putting the blame on Vladimir Putin and the Russian separatists for shooting down a Malaysian airliner. 

That part is, sadly, the truth. What the Media that fills the homes of American citizen's fails to mention is that we started this conflict by supporting the overthrow  of a legitimately elected government (although corrupt and inefficient) by force. It was widely publicized on the internet websites that Victoria Nuland authorized the payment of some 5 billion dollars to support a movement, that by some witnesses said, was shooting people in the Maiden district indiscriminately regardless of what side they were on in order to inflame the populace. This was terrorism.  We supported this.

Russia didn't start this conflict. The United States in tandem with some European nations did. The goal of the United States, regardless of what the government and the talking heads  in the media tell you, is to bring the Ukraine into the Western fold, have the IMF and the World Bank come in and rape this nation by making loans that they can never repay.

This is how the Western System works. Once the Ukraine is obligated to the west they will effectively be a satellite nation of the West. In fact, this is already happening. One can imagine what will happen once the Western Nations have a firm foothold in the Ukraine. The next step would be to make Ukraine a "partner" in NATO. The country would be drawn into the European Union and the west would have a militarized presence on the border of Russia. This is the goal of the EU and NATO.

Putin knows this and he doesn't want it to happen. I believe that most people  of conscience don't want this to happen either.  This is a blatant move by the West and is reminiscent of a Cold War tactic. The idea is to surround Russia and make it subservient  to Western Power.  The nation of Russia, not just President Putin, doesn't want this to happen either.  This situation is glaringly missed by the Mainstream Media that should, if it was legitimate, and not just a mouthpiece for the Empire, would mention.

Whether you believe what you hear on CNN, the BBC or the New York Times is totally up to you. Maybe some of you believe that they are just reporting the facts and they don't realize the bigger picture. The truth is that none of the people that are interviewed that truly see the bigger picture, never bring this up. The news is distorted and one sided and this is the reality we face.  If the people don't know the facts, they can't  control their government.

"The most effectual means of preventing [the perversion of power into tyranny are to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts which history exhibits, that possessed thereby of the experience of other ages and countries, they may be enabled to know ambition under all its shapes, and prompt to exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes." --Thomas Jefferson: Diffusion of Knowledge Bill, 1779. FE 2:221, Papers 2:526

Sadly, this is not the case in America. We are being brainwashed by the government, in collusion with the media, to believe we are getting the truth. The fact is that we're not. We are getting only the facts that they want us to get and this is destroying the people's right to control their own government. I don't care if you are Right or Left, Liberal or Conservative or you are in the middle of the political spectrum, you are being used by the bankers and the Empire to "legitimize" the demonization of The Russian nation and the capture of the Ukraine. What is happening to the Ukraine is a crime and we are the perpetrators.

When it comes to supporting the Russian Separatists and the fact that they shot down an airliner and killed hundreds of civilians is also a crime. I believe it was a mistake and President Putin should take some responsibility. What I can't understand is why the airliner flew over a war zone in the first place. Some responsibility should be taken by Malaysian Airlines. The weapons that were given to the repels underscores how serious the Russians are about this intrusion into their perceived "Sphere of Influence"  they believe they have on their borders. This should be taken into account by the West, but the West doesn't seem to care.

If the United States wants peace, they should talk to Putin and the Ukrainian Government and institute a cease-fire in the region. Let the people of Donetsk and other provinces vote to succeed or to join Russia. This would be the legitimate thing to do. Let the people exercise their right of self determination. This is also the democratic thing to do. Still, that fact doesn't enter into the West's "Big Game". The people of the United States are being "gamed" by their own government. That is also a crime. The American people don't even realize they are accomplices to a criminal act by their own government. This is a sad period in American history.

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