Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Blowback is a Bitch


In the last month I have totally detached myself from television news and media propaganda. My stress level has gone down to zero. I do however read alternate news sites and hear things from people that are involved in media propaganda. When I hear people talking I am astounded at the ignorance people have of history.

The incident in France, and the reaction to it, makes me believe I'm living in a movie script. It is amazing how the mass media can hype something and make people believe that they have been "victimized" by Muslims. I can imagine how it was in Europe when the Pope called for a crusade to take back the "Holy Land".

To me, there is no such thing as a "Holy Land". To me, it's all delusional claptrap. There is no logical reason to believe that Jesus, Abraham or Mohammed actually talked to God and knew anything more than anyone else, and that goes for those times and these times. To me, religions are the scourge of the World and are used as reasons to hate other human beings. They are used to make money, cause reasons for wars, and to keep people in line. This has worked for centuries and still works today.

I have no doubt in my mind that the human race is destined to destroy themselves. It appears to me, that we as a species haven't learned a thing from our history, and are fundamentally flawed, destined to make the same mistakes over and over until we eradicate ourselves.

I have watched as the United States started using Russia as a new target for its aggression. This was probably because Putin stepped in and stopped the US from bombing Syria back to the Stone Age as they did in Libya. The chemical weapons that were supposedly used by the Syrian government were actually used by the rebels. The same rebels we armed and funded that now call themselves "The Islamic State" that we now see as one of our greatest threats.

Since 9/11 we have vilified Muslims. We have waged war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and now in Syria. It isn't just the United States; France was one of the countries that provided aircraft to bomb Libya and sent their Army into Mali. It seems like it is a free for all in the Middle East and Muslim Africa. If you are Muslim, you are a target. Whether death comes at you from an aircraft, an army or invisibly out of the sky from a hellfire missile fired from an unseen drone, life is difficult in the Middle East.

It is amazing to see how shocked the World became when a band of Muslims attacked the publishing house in France that ridiculed them. It isn't the fact that they were ridiculed, the real reason the attack happened is because we have been killing Muslims at will for over a decade. People just don't have the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. If you were Muslim, you would understand that you are a target. People that can't understand what I just wrote are the people that will eventually help us destroy our own species.

The same reasoning goes for Eastern Ukraine and Russia. It is not just there, but the President threatened North Korea for hacking Sony for a movie that satirized Kim Jong Un. Then, when it was revealed that the hacking was an inside job from people at Sony itself, he offered no apology.

Making Russia out to be an enemy does great business for America. The fact is that we are the World's largest arms dealer. Having an enemy as formidable as Russia means more planes, ships and tanks, not to mention artillery and ammunition. This mentality also keeps the people docile. Having a threat from outside their borders makes people rely on their government for protection. They will give up their basic liberties in order to feel safe. This isn't conjecture, this is a fact. Citizens in the United States have completely lost their liberties under The Bill of Rights.

We are subject to search and seizure without a warrant, we can be arrested and tried by a military tribunal or be held indefinitely under provision 1021 and 1022. The truth is, the government can designate you as a terrorist or an associate of a terrorist organization and you have no rights. The truth is that the government can label anyone as a "terrorist"! You have no rights if they want you out of the picture bad enough.

Meanwhile the American people are being robbed blind by the corporate state and everyone just puts up with it. Most of the people I talk to realize exactly what is going on, but they have no will to stop it. The richest country in the World has its wealth in the top 10% of its population and nobody seems to care. We are fed ridiculous propaganda and see invented villains and we go along with it.

The point I'm getting to is that blowback is a bitch. The French got exactly what they deserved. I can't believe they were surprised. I wouldn't bet that it wasn't a government run false flag operation either. Sooner or later we will see attacks here in America that will be just as bad, in fact, we already have, and they will continue. The facts are that the government likes these attacks to justify their actions.

Blowback isn't confined to attacks by Muslims. The American people are simmering under a capitalist system that is reducing the middle and lower classes to serfdom. Police brutality is rampant and the people are rising up against the police.

In a police state, that isn't a trifling matter. Like I said, blowback is a bitch.

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