Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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My Redneck Friends


They Are No Different Than Us

I don't write much anymore. The reason for this is because I haven't had anything new to say. It seems like every time I think of something, somebody else write about the same thing I was thinking about.

I've been in the real world lately in South Carolina. I joined a pool league and started meeting people from all walks of life. Still, everyone I hang with is proud to be a redneck. I don't care. It's a funny thing that I get along with these people are a proud bunch of Southern Boys, no doubt.

Still, when you talk to them they feel the same way as most of us do. I met many people during Occupy, but they were a breed apart. The people I know are the salt of the Earth. It's amazing when you really get talking to them; they say the same things that left wing liberal types do. They are acutely aware of Obama's treachery when he promised to end the wars and then we found ourselves all over the Earth fighting God knows who for God knows what. To tell you the truth, they are sick of these wars.

Really getting to know the community I live in, I'm having no trouble making friends and talking politics. This is an example of the mass media trying to separate different parts of the country and give the certain designations. You would think my redneck friends would love Lindsey Graham. They do, when it comes to what he's done for South Carolinians. I've heard stories of how his office interceded in Social Security disability claims and other things. I know he helped me when the PX charged me $10,000 for a computer I bought just before I retired. They added interest on the original $1,500 computer for seven years. He got the debt forgiven.

Still, when it comes to foreign affairs, they hate his guts. They hate John McCain too. They all realize what they are up too, trying to start World War III. People aren't stupid. It's a funny thing, for 8 years I stayed by myself with my wife. I didn't want to socialize in a "Red" state. I was brainwashed by the same people that brainwash everyone, the Mass Media tied into the Federal Government. They want the country do be divided. That's the way any Empires work.

Most of the people I talk to believe the same things as I do. The trouble is, they don't vote. The reason they don't vote is the same reason I don't vote. They despise the Democrats and the Republicans. They have no dog in those fights. There are no "good guys" running for office. If there are, we probably won't hear much about them. The media will take care of that, only Democrats and Republicans are featured. This is a bad comedy.

People here realize that we destroyed Iraq, obliterated Libya; Fought 12,000 Taliban with 40,000 soldiers that had the best equipment money can buy and got our asses kicked. They watch this "liberal" President order drone strikes on "suspected terrorists" including an American citizen and later they killed his 6 year old son, born in California and disintegrated by a Hellfire missile while trying to find the remains of his father.

They tell me that the World has gone nuts, and sadly, I agree. There seems to be no logic in what any government is doing in this World. They realize that the corporations and banks run this government. A man at the Harley Davidson in Greenville told me that he wanted to pay cash for a new Harley, but he was afraid that if he spent over $10,000 that it would be reported to the government, so he put down $8,000 and took a loan out on the difference. I mean why does the Government have to know or limit how much you spend?

Government intrusion is hated here. This is South Carolina, the first State to secede from the Union. We don't have a militarized poise force. Nobody would stand for it. Everything I read in the alternative left media is parroted by all these supposed "rednecks".

Here is the thing, and I believe it's important to understand. I wrote about it in a previous article. The I said that "discontent is cumulative". I can see it here. People can't find good jobs. The biggest industries here are BMW, Flour, and Daimler-Benz. You can work for Charter Communications going door to door selling their services, or inside a cubicle taking phone calls. You can work at Home Depot or Publix. People go to get a degree in engineering at Clemson in order to work at BMW.

Not a great place to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" as the Republicans like to say. Those that get their engineering degree are usually saddled with humongous student debt. The government that makes these loans charges students outrageous interest on these debts. Elizabeth Warren tried to make the interest rate similar to the rate banks loan charge other banks. Nobody listened; the corporate Senate and Congress rejected it.

Many people around here believe that our government is going to either kill us or get us killed. They don't trust the "system" at all. They believe that the trouble in Ukraine is none of our business. They ask me why Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen. I told them that they wanted to kill all the Shiite Yemini's. They ask why and I tell them that the Saudi's are Sunni and they hate the Shiite's. Simplest thing I could come up with.

I was talking to a friend of mine that is very similar in his likes and dislikes as me We were having a few beers and when we were talking about the World situation he said to me, There can only be one". I said "What?" Who are you, the Highlander? Are you going to cut off my head?

Then he explained that it's obvious that only one country should run the World and it might as well be the United States. I stopped talking politics with him. Sometimes you never know what is in people's minds. I used to care, but know when I hear something come out of people's mouths, I just ignore it. I believe everyone has a screw loose. I also believe that our government isn't playing with a full deck. I don't believe they have any notion of what they are doing.

Between ISIS and Russia and Iran and Afghanistan and taking boots on the ground in Iraq and the while baiting nuclear armed Russia in the heartland of Europe is insane. Seriously insane.

Meanwhile, the American people just take it. They run to and fro to their mostly menial jobs trying to eke out a living in this "right to work" (right to be paid much less than in non-slavery states). They listen to the crap on TV they call "news" and most people don't believe a word they say. Everyone knows the score. Our Government has been bought by the bankers and large corporations (especially the defense contractors). It's a sham and most people realize it.

They refuse to participate, just as I am starting to do. There are a few Poker Runs coming up and my Harley needs the exercise. God bless America. I hope you get it together before the moment a watershed situation pops up. You will never know when it will happen. Like I said, "Discontent is Cumulative". As Dylan said a long time ago "The times they are a 'changing".

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