Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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A Solution to the Middle East Quagmire


I have a hard time believing anything that comes from the military or the State Department. I'm sure that I am not the only person that feels this way.I know that our government has told us outright lies about the incidents is Georgia in 2008, the bombing of Libya and the war in Iraq. Almost every statement that comes out of Washington is misleading if not outright lies. 

Americans that that do any investigation of the facts realize that it was the West that caused the problems in Ukraine, not the Russians. It is the West that has demonized Putin and Russia. I saw it start just before the Olympic games in Sochi. Every mainstream so-called "news" outlets were highly critical of the preparations that Russia had made for the games. Coverage of the games was a travesty. This reaffirmed to me the power of the government has to influence the news on mainstream media.

Now we are told of the indiscretions that Russia is committing in Syria. The truth is that the US intelligence agencies, the same people that spy on our citizens and our allies in Europe and the rest of the World, were caught completely off guard when Russia sent in their military into Syria. This illustrates just how inept they really are.

The US claims that Russian cruise missiles fell in Iran. The Russians deny this and so does Iran.  I have a hard time believing my own government. In my estimation, they will say anything, regardless of whether it is the truth or not, and the mainstream media will jump in it and accept it as gospel.This is shameful.

In a nation that prides itself as a bastion of democracy and free speech, the truth is that the American people are being misled by their own government. The majority of Americans who listen to the mainstream news outlets are being fed government propaganda that has no relation to the truth. This is also shameful.

When will the American people wake up to the truth? When will they demand accountability from our government.? We have drones and I  and spy satellites that can take pictures anywhere on Earth. Where are the pictures of the damage that these Russian cruise missiles caused in Iran? Where is the proof? Sadly, this seems to be just another baseless  accusation from our government that just fuels the fire which may lead to a military confrontation with Russia.

Why are we doing this? Does the United States really want a military confrontation with Russia? Does Russian involvement in Syria really affect our national interests? If Russia wants to enter the quagmire in the Middle East, I believe that would be a mistake by the Russians. If in fact, Russia can restore a semblance of normality in Syria, and end the bloodshed that is driving people to flee to Europe, that would be a good thing, regardless of who is in power in Syria. The truth is that Bashir Al-Assad   is no threat to the United States. 

It is America's fault that has caused the conditions in the Middle-East. Our invasion of Iraq, our bombing of Libya back to the pre-industrial age, our help in propping up s repressive regime in Bahrain and our drone strikes in Yemen and elsewhere has caused the instability in the area that has led to the creation of ISIS. As someone that served in the American military for over 20 years, I have noticed that most of the fighters there are carrying American weapons. The question I have is where did these weapons come from?

Another question I would like to address is why do we have Saudi Arabia as our ally? If the United States really cared about the people in the Middle-East as they claim about the situation in Syria, why do we support and ally ourselves with one of the most repressive regimes on the planet? The Wahhabi sect of Islam?This is a Sunni branch of Islam that resembles ISIS.They also behead people and cut off hands. It is this hypocrisy that leaves me speechless. 

The fact is that the United States has no clear policy in the Middle East. The military and the State Department have no idea on what to do there. One suggestion is that we pull our military out of the Middle East and let Russia do the heavy lifting with no interference from the US.We are largely responsible for the conditions there and further involvement there is a mistake.  Russia and  Iran deal with ISIS. This is a Sunni versus Shia situation  and we have no dog in this fight.  The problem we have is our alliance with Saudi Arabia, a nation run by fundamentalist Sunni's. This is our problem. I suggest we let the work itself out without our getting involved. The United States is now exporting oil. We have no real national interests in the Middle East. 

Russia on the other hand does have real interests there.They have their own problems with the Sunni fundamentalists in their own country. They have no wish to see the creation of an Islamic caliphate. I believe that we should leave the area. That is a solution to our problem and the US should realize this. Let the Saudi's work out their problems with Russia. I don't want to see a war between the US and Russia develop because of our twisted alliance with the repressive regime there. 

The American people must demand that our government use some common sense and abandon the flawed policy that they have embarked on in the region. It's not working and Russian involvement is a game changer. I propose that our government work with the Russians and not against them. I have no desire to see a war develop with Russia because our government ti too proud to admit that the situation is untenable and our policies there are flawed. If the President wants to keep the military happy along with the defense contractors, let them bomb ISIS in Iraq. And stay out of Syria. 

This is just a suggestion. I realize that this will fall on deaf ears and we will probably have a military confrontation with Russia over Syria. I just want to remind the State Department and the military that Russia is not Libya or Iraq. I fear that the US has bitten off more than it can chew.

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