Thursday, January 17, 2019
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This is World War III


The CNN headline read “How is This Not WWIII? I was surprised to see this article on CNN and after having read the article I realized that CNN had really not strayed too far from the dogma that is the mainstream media. If I had been tasked to write that article, I would have taken a very different approach.

I first realized that World War III was about to take place just before the Olympic Games in Sochi. The coverage of the games hardly mentioned the sports and competitions; instead, it was a non-stop demonization of Russia and Vladimir Putin. I heard diatribes about how unprepared the Russians were to host the games, how much money they spent on them and how the games were bound to fail and would let the World see how inept the Russians, under Putin, really were.

The reality was that the games went off without a hitch and all of their propaganda showed exactly how the United States felt about Putin and Russia. If I realized how badly the press reported on the games, I’m sure that Putin noticed too.

Just as I am sure that he got the message during the Olympics that came before when he was told while sitting next to George Bush, that Georgia had invaded the two autonomist regions of Georgia. And killed Russian peacekeepers. There was a reason why, he got off his seat and wagged his finger at Bush with a scowl on his face. The reason was that the United States and Israel, with the help of other NATO allies was considering letting Georgia join NATO and become a western puppet state in the birthplace of Joseph Stalin.

One thing that the American people fail to understand, but the Russian people understand all too well, is that the United States is relentless in its approach to Russia. The dice had been rolled and they were handed to Obama who picked them up with glee. Now the US had a real “enemy” and justifies sending 54% of our discretionary budget on “defense”.

The seeds of WWIII were firmly planted when Russia intervened in Syria and offered to take all chemical and biological weapons away from Assad. You would think Obama would have been happy knowing that the American people, after seeing the British House of Commons deny their government a “use of force” authorization for their government were writing to their elected officials and was a toss-up whether or not he would get an authorization to launch cruise missiles against Damascus.

Putin didn’t help to ingratiate himself to the Obama Administration when he wrote An Op-Ed piece to The New York Times criticizing the use of force against so many nations and also remaking that no nations is “indispensable and no nation’s people are “exceptional”.

I want to mention the Ukraine and our involvement there, but most people know. I mention it only because after all the facts came out and the truth was known, the people of the United States gave our government a free pass on “regime change ‘even though most of the people in the US knew that they were risking WWIII.

The sad truth is that Word War III has already started. We are a species that learns nothing from history and we are bound to relive it, over and over again. The First World War was all about “tangled alliances” and World War II was an outgrowth of that War.

We are the World’s largest economy but that really means nothing when we are indebted to the World’s second largest economy. The simple truth is that after all the propaganda and hyperbole, the simple truth is that wars are all about money. From Benjamin Franklin to Press cot Bush who was helping to fund the Third Reich, wars are all about money. This can easily explain why our government has a desire to “pivot to Asia”. The US has no intention to pay China back. If China pulled the plug and called in its debts, the dollar would go into free-fall. The Chinese know this and so does Russia. War seems to be the only answer.

WHAT Americans need to realize is that the next big war will not be fought overseas, it will be fought right here on American soil. There will be no blame cast because most of us will be dead. Any survivors will be thrown back to the Stone Age and if the human race survives, it will start all over again. 

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