Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Political Revolution or Just Revolution?

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

I’ve seen the mainstream media critique the debate and an officially declared Hillary Clinton the winter. As far as I’m concerned, she is the winner of nothing. The American people are surely not the winners of anything. We have a pretentious narcissistic buffoon on the Republican side, and a war mongering neocon who uses the government as a cash cow on the other side.

How the hell did we get here? Why the hell do we let these two people get the Republican and Democratic nominations? Is it because we have a station sheep? We do because we have a nation who is been told that there are only two political parties that represent over 300 million people? Is it because we’re so dumb and stupid? Is it because we don’t think for ourselves? I think it’s a combination of all of these things.

The trouble for writing for progressive news site is that the people reading what I’m writing know exactly what I’m talking about. This article will never see the light of day in any mainstream newspaper or be commented on by anyone in television. This is one of the main reasons that I stopped writing. I feel like I’m preaching to the choir.

Still, I have to vent my frustration about the American political system. I know that it Donald Trump gets elected it will be a catastrophe for the American people. I know Hillary Clinton gets elected it will still be a catastrophe for the American people. Watching the debates (which I haven’t yet seen) was not on my immediate to do list. In fact, I could care less about anything either one of them would say in the debates. The reason why I don’t care about the debates because it’s all an orchestrated show to make the American people feel like they have a choice in electing the president, when in fact, they have no choice.

At least the Republicans had a primary that let moronic bigoted people make their presidential choice. At least in the Republican primaries the people actually got the choice of who they wanted to be that party’s candidate.

The Democrats weren’t so fortunate. Everyone knows that the vote count was rigged by not letting people who were not registered Democrats for at least six months before the primary to vote, and that the exit polls did not match up with the actual votes from the voting machines. The Democrats primary was rigged. The people weren’t allowed to make their choice.

Still, no matter who the Democrats or the Republicans put up for office will get elected because of the parties like the greens and Libertarians can’t get into the debates because of the presidential debate completion which is controlled by the Democratic and Republican Party. If this is fascism or in dictatorial& of political system I don’t know what is. The debate used to be set by the League of Women Voters. That wasn’t good enough for the Democrats and Republicans who want to keep everyone else out of the debates so that the American people think they only have a choice between a Democrat and Republican.

In my opinion, this is untenable and I will say this, we have no democracy and United States. We can go to the polls and vote but the majority of Americans will not know what Gary Johnson or Jill Stein represents. The reason I don’t know, is because they weren’t in the debate. Is this democracy? This is the worst selection I have seen in my lifetime.

This is the death of our representative government. To have Trump or Clinton be the next president United States is an unmitigated disaster. If Trump gets in he can become the same type of leader that will bring chaos and dissension into our country. If Clinton gets elected, we will be embroiled in more wars and be led by her neocon advisers. Her advisers include Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Kagan who were instrumental in writing the project for a new American Century. This is the ideology that led us into the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the ideology that believes the United States should rule the world. This is called imperialism.

So while many readers will probably agree with me and say they’ll vote for Jill Stein or maybe in some cases Gary Johnson, we know that they won’t win. The fix is in folks, the tooling corporate parties have made their choice and we have nothing to say about. We have a narcissist and a sociopath running for office. I guess this is what the two political parties want.

So my friends, is the time for political revolution? Will politics change our system? I don’t believe a political revolution will ever take the power that the Democrats and Republicans enjoy. I believe that the people who see those living in the top making more money than they’ve ever made while everyone else is eking out a living while they watch African Americans men being shot in the street by police officers. We see our government poisoning our land while they support the petroleum industry. We see capitalism run rampant, and people judge each other by how much they have. We see our government spending more than half of our budget on the military. We see constant war and death. We see two political parties trying to divide us in the left and right paradigms and with the liberal and conservative paradigms. They just won’t let people be people.

This is their way of controlling the masses. To them, you are just a number you are just an appalled proletariat who should vote the way they say. This is nothing new but what we’ve seen in this election shows us more dramatically than ever before that we really have no choice. I believe that we are right for revolution. I may live to see it, and I believe it will happen soon. I believe that most American people are set up with the system. I believe revolution is coming and that it is necessary and not just a political revolution. It’s not sour grapes with me it’s a sour political process.

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