Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Is that all there is?

Or slogging through “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution.”


No one could have read the joint report by government intelligence with greater anticipation (or greater disappointment) than me. At last, I thought, we had the hacking evidence James Clapper et al had promised us. We would receive the undeniable, irrefutable proof linking the Wikileaks Podesta emails to Vladimir Putin.

 Instead we were treated to an incredibly sparse rehashing of the same unfounded assertions that have been so frustrating in the past. Again we are being asked to “Trust us in our assessment of classified evidence derived using procedures we refuse to show you.”  I am so disappointed by their refried, spurious blaming of the usual suspects, and again by their unfounded accusing Julian Assange of lying, again with zero evidence.

This smoke screen had been relied on to cover the real crime ridden DNC corruption those hacks/leaks revealed in the first place. Now that the official narrative has been finally revealed as fallacious we can get on with the funeral for the Democrat Party.

I’m fresh off of a reading of the complete document so I would appreciate any more thorough analysis that would contradict this assessment. If the reader found anything of new hacking evidence in the report I would appreciate it being brought to my attention.  

What was really shocking was that 95% of the report was filled, not with hacking info, but with the kind of accusatory rhetoric I hadn’t heard since the bad old days of Joe McCarthy’s Red Scare strategy. Those of us critical of Hillary and our corporate owned and operated government were accused in the report of being either duped by Russian propaganda indirectly or of being conscious trolls or “Russian government linked actors.”  Most of the report singled out RT (formerly Russia Today) as being the main disseminator of this disinformation with their stories critical of the treatment of Occupy, their reports on the fracking epidemic, and their critique of our demonstrably corrupt election process.

Just imagine the audacity of those devious Russians—feeding us a news network that tells the truth about our government and the power elite who rule us! I must admit myself to being duped by the likes of such esteemed reporters and columnists as Larry King, Abby Martin, Tom Hartmann, Chris Hedges, Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio, Lee Camp, and Peter Lavelle, all of whom are now revealed by this report as being conscious propagandists for the Putin Party line!

(This is the Internet after all, so I have to announce for the more gullible, literal readers that the previous paragraph was intended satirically.)

It won’t be much of a stretch to go from the accusations in this report to a bipartisan program of investigations and purges of individuals identified as un-American. The shade of Joe McCarthy must be smiling broadly this week end. I bet the Devil will even give him Sunday off to celebrate! 

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