Friday, April 19, 2019
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The Bernie Sanders Campaign--A Postmortem Analysis

Did Bernie really sell out Independent and Progressive voters?

Bernie Sanders

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? I've always liked Bernie on domestic policy. Israel and foreign policy not so much--in fact not at all. I think the campaign did a lot to soften his position on Palestine though. I was optimistic about him and even voted Bernie in the primary.

Whether he suspected the degree to which he was being used can be debated. What can't be debated, in my opinion, is that Hillary and the DNC were using him to keep the Party Left from deserting and to attract Independents.

The same Independents they so grievously excluded from even voting. I also think the essentially goodhearted Bernie had difficulty comprehending the depth and degree of mendacity, corruption and dirty tricks the Hillary camp was capable of sinking to.

 You'd think after all those years in public life he'd have a clue as to just how deceitful the Clintons can be. Maybe not. Hillary certainly seems to have the wool pulled over Robert Reich's eyes who still thinks the Clintons walk on water--in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Insofar as I might ascribe other motives to Bernie, I think he was in the campaign in hopes of getting his message of badly needed social reform out there. The size of his crowds, numbering in the thousands, compared to Hillary's, numbering in the dozens, was ample evidence of the viability and popularity of his message.

Did he know the degree to which Hillary stole the nomination from him? He had to. I think in the end he just decided he had made his point and settled for the false promise of a more Progressive Party platform and also their promise that, if he kept his mouth shut and didn't oppose her nomination, the Democrats would let him keep his vaulted position in Congress.

Bernie in the end folded, moved for Hillary to be nominated by "acclimation," and threw his devastated followers under the bus -- in the name of the old mantra "Politics is the art of the possible."

In my Frank Capra version, he would have used his speech at the Convention to denounce the corrupt DNC, announce that he had decided to accept Jill Stein's invitation to head the Green Party ticket, gathered up his joyous supporters, stormed out of the Convention, and been killed in the street like a dog by the always available lone nut gunman crying " Allah o Akbar!" Life rarely imitates art.

What breaks my heart is: Last year the aspirations of the people were finally acknowledged by candidates in Parties, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Both parties did their damnedest to dislodge these populist candidates, finally defeating the authentic one and electing the exploiting, fraudulent one.

 Instead of grasping perhaps our last chance at true Democracy, we now face the prospect of an even more rapid slide into fascism, impending world war, and the further demise of the middle class.

"The saddest words of tongue and pen are these, it might have been"

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