Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Palestinians, Zionists, Jews and Israel

I do not think that all Jews and Israelis are Zionists. In fact, no person can think so who has any knowledge of the historical background to Israel’s establishment in 1948 and the consequences of this event for the people of Palestine.


by Nasir Khan

My new facebook friend Phil Clarke said to me in one of his comments, “You seem to think that all Jews and all Israelis are Zionists - that is not an accurate picture.” I will take only this point and add the following few lines:

I do not think that all Jews and Israelis are Zionists. In fact, no person can think so who has any knowledge of the historical background to Israel’s establishment in 1948 and the consequences of this event for the people of Palestine. However, under the incessant barrage of the Zionist propaganda many Jews in Israel did become Zionists and believers in their supranational status as the exclusive children of their god, and who have an exclusive right to the whole of Palestine.

The captive population of Palestine has no significance in their calculations. Under an apartheid, racist system that exists in Israel as a matter of state policies, they will gradually disappear from the political scene.

The number of Israeli Jews who are still not Zionists or upholders of Zionist outlook is fast shrinking and more and more extreme right-wing militants and fanatic, terrorist settlers are spreading throughout Israel and in the occupied territories.

But there are also Jews who have rejected Zionist plans for an exclusive Jewish state, which in practical terms will be a Zionist state based on the Jewish religious law, more of a prehistoric theocratic state, not a democratic one. The extreme right-wing Zionist rulers of Israel have their sights on such a project.

Among the Jews we reject an anachronistic Zionist state are a few prominent academics and historians, lan pappe, Avi shlaim, Miko Peled, for instance. Besides these, there are some orthodox Jews both in and out of Israel who do not see this Israel the same that was mentioned in the Old Testament.

There are many Zionists in the West and they come from mostly Christian denominations of various types. Such non-Jewish Zionists also come from other religions and rightist forces. In America, they wield much leverage and political clout and influence the US policies in the Middle East, mostly to bolster Israel and ostracise and marginalise the Palestinians. The Zionist organisations operate systematically to advance the Zionist projections through Europe and the rest of the world.

If we take into account all the objective conditions that prevail at present, there can never be any peace in the Middle East as long as Israel has the power over the United States and is able to control its foreign policies with regard to the Middle East.

In fact, with the new US administration in place under President Trump, Israel will use its power to persuade America to attack Iran, which will inevitably lead to Israel as the only regional superpower in the Middle East. The prospects for any solution to the Palestine issue, according to the U.N. resolutions becomes no more than a pious wish of some noble souls if Israel continues on its dangerous path.


Differing views on the Palestinians under Israeli occupation
Dr. Nasir Khan

It has become apparent to me that my Facebook friend Phil Clarke is a fervent supporter of Israel but not of extremist Zionist politics. In fact, I value what he says in various contexts, especially against religious indoctrination and ideological extremism, etc. However, the partisan nature of any comment has its dangers, and many good Samaritans can become unconscious victims of it. For instance, in one comment he has fulminated against some Gazans who had fired missiles into Israel endangering many innocent people in Israel (I have posted his comment below).

No one can deny that targeting any innocent people by missiles or by other means is a crime under normal circumstances. But here things are far from normal. The people of Gaza have been under Israeli siege and the victimization of these people has continued unabated for many years. They want the end of their incarceration and siege, which the Israeli rulers have no intention of doing. Why? Because Israel has the military and political power and it uses that power without any restraint or inhibition.

Consequently, any token resistance by the occupied people is portrayed as an unjustified attack on a occupier. Some old Norwegian I met over the years have told me the stories how the Nazi occupiers of Norway dealt with any individuals or groups that dared to resist the occupiers. The conditions Gazans and other Palestinians live under Israeli occupation are not much different from the plight of the Norwegians under the Nazi rule. For the sake of historical truth and accurate reporting of events, it is essential to see things in their proper context, it is something Mr Clarke has not done. At least, I have not been able to see it. Possibly, he has a heavy burden to bear by trying to defend what is indefensible.

The 1.8 million people of Gaza are the descendants of the Palestinians refugees who had fled from Palestine, because they were driven out by the Zionist terrorists in 1948. But Mr. Clarke is totally silent on this and seems to be oblivious of the historical facts about the people of Gaza. However, his defence of Israel, and the Israeli treatment of a captive nation, does not exonerate him or any other any commentator from his/her ethical responsibilities for fair comments and desisting from false propaganda in a political narrative, because to do so goes against the core values of truth and fairness.

And what has happened to Gaza after the Sharon government pulled its fanatic settlers out of the occupied Gaza? Gaza was turned into a large concentration camp by Israel that had total control over its airspace, its access to its sea and total control over any ships or boats to deliver much-needed medicines and food supplies to the besieged population. Did he take into account what was happening to the Gazans at the hands of Israel when he decried their firing of missiles into Israel?

By the way, these missiles were nothing more than a token act of defiance against the occupying power. He did not say a word. At the same time, I quite understand why people develop such attitudes instead of humane concerns in a judicious manner. In such cases, we have to face political realities and also see how human beings act or react to wars, violence and conflicts.


In reply to a comment of mine Phil Clarke wrote on January 24, 2017:

Phil Clarke: Nasir Khan - let’s try playing with your own post - 'we don't have to yawn(?) when rockets and mortars continue to be fired against civilian targets in Israel and when tunnelling to grant access to terrorist bands continue to be dug into Israeli territory. Every politically conscious person has a task in front of him/her to combat the lies and hatred expressed by all sides - and - I would add assist in finding common ground where genuine negotiation of permanent peace and regional stability is possible. I see NOTHING to convince me that anything other that military solution is currently sought - and I blame this on the lack of will to compromise.

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