Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Demonizing Russia and Inciting WWIII


Everywhere, on the mainstream media, and articles from websites on every side of the political spectrum, and even from friends, I hear of how the Russians are influencing our elections and launching cyber-attacks everywhere against our computer systems while simultaneously threatening nations from the Baltics to Sweden to the Middle East. Throughout all this… there hasn’t been a single shred of evidence.

Everything I hear about Russia is bad, and yet, no intelligence agency we have spent billions of dollars on, can prove that the Russians have done anything against the United States. I hear pundits and politicians speak of the nefarious things that Russia does to us as, if they had a clue as to what the real facts are.

Take my word for it, I have been looking for one solid facts coming out of these accusations. Every time I hear of the terrible things that Russia supposedly does, I’m always looking to see what facts back up the rhetoric. I have failed to find anything from the government, the mainstream media, the military or from anywhere else, that proves Russia had anything to do with tampering with our elections.

It’s not like America hasn’t tampered with other nations and their elections. We have done this countless times throughout our history, and to many different nations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving Russia a free pass on tampering with our elections, I just haven’t seen any proof. 

When I do see proof of however, is United States casting Russia as our enemy at least since 2008. Starting with the war between Georgia and Russia, in which it is well been proven that Georgia started the war by invading pro-Russian South Ossetia, and our government claimed exactly the opposite, we have been steadily impugning everything Russia and especially Vladimir Putin, does.

When Putin defused the crisis in Syria, when we were accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons against his own people, and were about to ask Congress for authorization of force against Syria, Vladimir Putin offered to take all the chemical weapons out of Syria. This took the wind out of the sails of the war hawks that wanted to send cruise missiles to Damascus. When the British House of Commons refused to authorize the use of force, and thousands of emails, phone calls and letters went out to American Congressman, Obama saw the writing on the wall and accepted Vladimir Putin’s gracious offer.

Instead of thanking Vladimir Putin and the Russian government for defusing what could’ve led the United States into another Mideast war, we vilified Russia and found fault in just about everything they said and did. They helped us negotiate with Iran to stop their nuclear program, but the American political establishment gave to Russia no credit, instead charging Russia was an ally of Iran.

When the problems in Ukraine erupted after years of turmoil inside that country, we did our level best to make sure that the elected president, who was pro-Russian, was deposed. It’s not like he was a good President… from all accounts he was corrupt and ineffectual, but we still had no right to interfere with the internal affairs of another sovereign nation. That didn’t stop Hillary Clinton’s State Department from funneling $5 billion into the rebellion against that elected government. What we got out of that deal was a pro-Nazi government in western Ukraine that tried to prohibit the Russian language from being used in the country, even though the eastern half of Ukraine spoke Russian and had deep ties to Russia.

When fighting broke out between the Western part of Ukraine and the Eastern part, it was Vladimir Putin who negotiated a cease-fire and implemented the Minsk Accords. During that time, I heard that the Russians had massed troops on Ukrainian border, and would invade Ukraine at any minute. That never happened. We saw no satellite images of Russian troops and equipment massing on the border even though nothing moves in that area that is monitored by our satellites. It was pure propaganda, if we had any proof that Russia was doing this, there were pictures of it in every newspaper and on every television screen.

The United States accuses Russia of annexing Crimea by force. The fact is, Russia had 20,000 troops and their naval base in Sevastopol due to a treaty that Sevastopol would be leased by Russia and the 20,000 Russian troops would be allowed to be stationed there to guarantee the security of that naval base. That was one of the conditions that the Soviet Union imposed on Ukraine when they gave them their independence. The Crimean people who spoke Russian and understood that Crimea, through most of their history, had been part of Russia, saw the turmoil in Ukraine and held a referendum to rejoin Russia. 93% of the Crimean people voted to return to Russia. Nevertheless, the United States arbitrarily put economic sanctions on Russia, and some of those sanctions hurt the Russian economy badly, with no legal justification. (In fact, economic sanctions per international law, are an act of war).

I realized after the Georgian-Russian war, that relations with Russia were going downhill. During the Sochi Olympics I saw a negative reporting on everything that Russia did when they hosted that Olympics. I also say the rhetoric against Russia ramped up since Donald Trump told people during his campaign that we should have better relations with Russia. Now, we see charge after charge against Russia for interfering with our election that led to the election of Donald Trump in the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The Democrats are leading the parade in the allegations against Russia.

WikiLeaks claims that they didn’t receive the Podesta emails from any Russian sources. What they have found out however, was that John Podesta left his phone in a car and didn’t retrieve it for a few days. I have also seen claims that the leaks came out of the DNC itself. Still, the mainstream media is still charging that Russia was the one that leaked all of Hillary Clinton emails. 

Pure propaganda and conjecture. That is what is happening here. I defy anyone either in the mainstream media outside the mainstream media, or any government official to release any specific proof that Russia had anything to do with influencing the election of Donald Trump. It wasn’t Donald Trump that sabotaged Hillary Clinton, it was Hillary Clinton who sabotaged Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can’t admit that, instead blaming it on the Russians. This is also a ploy by the military-industrial complex which consists of all the defense contractors, and all the people working in the Pentagon to make sure that we don’t cut funding to any of their pork barrel contract that keep the dollars flowing into their offshore bank accounts. This is the real reason that Russia is being demonized. Maybe this isn’t something you want to believe, but believe it you must. Until you see proof that Russia caused any disruption, try your best to think for yourself.

Donald Trump is not my favorite person in the world. I do however, admire Vladimir Putin. I have never in my life come across any politician that is as straightforward and honest as he is. The man and does what he says he will do, I don’t believe him to be any threat to Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland or any other country in Europe. This anti-Russian crusade is dangerous and irresponsible. These people in the so-called “deep state” are playing with fire, and they don’t care as long as they’re making money by promoting tensions.

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