Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Another Military Adventure Based on Lies

UN resolutionI’m completely amazed at the crap they are throwing out on the mainstream media. Not once, but a hundred times I’ve heard that the United States has entered the war against Libya (and that’s what it is…a war) reluctantly. If we were so reluctant to interfere in Libya, why then did Obama tell Gadhafi that “He was on the wrong side of history” and that the best thing he could do is leave Libya? That doesn’t sound exactly reluctant to me.

I’ve written two articles about Libya and the way the government treats its people. In case you haven’t read them, they are: [here and here]

The current propaganda against the Libyan government is overwhelming to say the least. The reality of the situation is that many Libyans have a higher standard of living than those in the United States. Obama is trying to take the low road in this farce. He only released 115 Tomahawk missiles in Libya today. How many civilians do you think were killed by America today? This is a classic case of destroying a country to save it.

This is also a Civil War. The opposition forces didn’t start to peacefully resist the Tripoli government; instead they declared war and moved against government forces. What right do we or the EU have to interfere with the internal strife of another nation? If the UN started to bring troops into the U.S. because of internal strife or a Civil War, how fast do you think we would object?

What’s food for the goose is food for the gander. Hands off Libya, In fact we should use this debacle to cut our military budget in half. We don’t need to control the world. It is an impossible dream. The sooner the US realizes this, the better off our nation will be. Just remember this, each Tomahawk missile costs roughly one million dollars. We spend 53% of our revenue from taxes on the military.

Libya should be the last straw. The Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House should learn that might doesn’t make right. He has become just as much of a killer as his predecessor.

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