Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Nobel laureates: Arms Embargo of Israel


Apartheid Israel’s Gaza Massacre continues. 21 July is now Day 14 of the latest Israeli Gaza Massacre (aka “Operation Protective Edge”) that commenced on 8 July 2014 after the discovery on 30 June 2014 of the bodies of 3 Israeli settler teenagers on the West Bank (killed by persons unknown but possibly by Israeli state terrorists), and the subsequent Israeli killing of 5 West Bank Occupied Palestinians and the burning alive by Zionists of an Occupied Palestinian child [1].

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Stuck on Stuck


“Just following the will of the people.” That’s been the GOP rationalization for accomplishing absolutely nothing for five and a half years. Doesn’t matter what the issue is. Immigration. Jobs. Infrastructure. Climate change. Banking reform. The proliferation of substandard dental schools in Nebraska.

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The End of Israel

Benjamin NetanyahuIn his speech to the nation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged yesterday that the war on Gaza is a battle for the existence of the Jewish State. Netanyahu is correct. And Israel cannot win this battle; it cannot even define what a victory might entail. Surely the battle is not about the tunnels or the militants’ underground operation, the tunnels are just weapons of resistance rather than the resistance itself.

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Fox News mic catches Kerry criticising Israel

John Kerry on Fox News

by Jonathan Cook

US Secretary of State John Kerry is confronted by Fox News with a conversation with an aide that was supposed to be private but was caught by an open studio microphone. He criticises Israel’s attack on Gaza, saying sarcastically: “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.” That is presumably a reference to the rapidly escalating death toll over the past 24 hours from Israel’s ground invasion.

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The Truth About Ukraine

Ukraine navy-flaghsip

Let's talk about the truth of the situation in Ukraine. Forget about all the talk on the MSM. The real truth is that the United States is taking the position of a nation that is trying to stop a civil war in Ukraine and putting the blame on Vladimir Putin and the Russian separatists for shooting down a Malaysian airliner. 

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