Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Iraq's north rocked by deadly blasts A series of explosions have rocked the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing at least 18 people, while several people were injured in Erbil, capital of the Kurdish region, officials said.
#Egypt calls for immediate #Gaza ceasefire Egypt has called on Israel and the Palestinians to accept an indefinite ceasefire and resume indirect talks in Cairo to end the Gaza crisis, Egypt's foreign ministry said in a statement.
All Russian aid vehicles 'leave' #Ukraine A Russian aid convoy, which has escalated further tensions between the West and Russia, has returned from rebel-held eastern Ukraine to Russian territory, observers of OSCE, the Vienna-based rights and security organisation, have said.
Massacre derails talks on new #Iraq government Sunni politicians in Iraq have suspended talks to form a new government, in protest of a mass killing inside a mosque in the northeastern province of Diyala.

The Liberal Zionist Dilemma


Liberal Zionist

The Liberal Ideal

Liberalism, framed as a socio-political ideal, argues that human beings are good and social progress achievable. It is a “glass half-full” outlook. Within this paradigm all individuals, not just members of a specific religion, race or nationality should have political and civil rights. Here also neither the state nor the law is an end in itself.

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One Word Would Change the World

drone“How long a time lies in one little word!”- Shakespeare, Richard II

How like King Richard stands the fate of President Obama, who now, with each thought, passes another minute toward his inevitable end in power. Like the King as the play begins, the President confronted a royal dispute that threatened his empire, a dispute between a vassal state and its powerful minions and justice as determined by his position as head of state.

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Son of Death

The war was over. Families returned to their kibbutzim near Gaza. Kindergartens opened up again. A ceasefire was in force and extended again and again. Obviously, both sides were exhausted.

And then, suddenly, the war came back.

The grand failure of Israeli hasbara

by Jamil Khader

The genocidal war that the apartheid Israeli state has waged on the Gaza Strip has generated an unprecedented wave of international public condemnation and international solidarity with the Palestinians.

Justice Denied: The Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunals

by Toby M. Cadman

On 13 August 2014 I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Bar Association of San Francisco at a conference entitled ‘Justice Defeated: Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal. The conference was chaired by Almudena Bernabeu from the Center for Justice and Accountability ( and took the form...

The Unmentionable Crisis of Public Confidence

There is a crisis pervading the Western World that no-one dares mention directly, yet looming like an inevitable and imminent tragedy in the unacknowledged but adamant refusal of the public to give its consent, or even unwillingly coalesce in another military adventure in Iraq. Despite the immense attention to all manner of artistic contrivance the media has applied to pull at...

The US as Israel's servant

by Richard Falk and Akbar Ganji

The United States has supported Israel without reservations since its founding in 1948. According to an agreement between the two countries, that has become a law in the US; the US has committed itself to preserve Israel's strategic and military superiority in relation to other countries in the Middle East. From 1949 till today, the US...

Israel - Demolishing Houses

by Toby Cadman

Israel has for some time been condemned for its approach to civilians in the West Bank and Gaza, and yet it still maintains that they are committed to lasting peace and reconciliation. It continues to maintain that it is acting in reasonable self defence against a militant group and describes the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) as the most moral and restrained...



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The Drift of Hugo Rifkind

by Clive Hambidge & Soraya Boyd

Poor Hugo Rifkind has been drifting lately. He has said so much in an article for the Times (Tuesday 12 August 2014, Opinion, page 27). But do you get his drift? Does anyone get his drfit? What on earth is he drifting on about? Is it to do with Israel drifting rockets into Gaza and drifting propaganda into the world’s media and...

Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide

Longstanding US-led Western support lets Israel get away with genocidal mass murder and destruction. Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the latest example of well planned, premeditated Israeli aggression on Palestine.

Mission Creep in Iraq

There are several reasons not to intervene militarily in another country’s conflict, even modestly. One is the potential for mission creep.

We already could detect the signs of mission creep in Iraq. Now, with the stepped-up U.S. airstrikes after the Islamic State’s horrific execution of American reporter Jim Foley, the signs are clearer than ever.

Ferguson Cops and the Fourteenth Amendment

The antagonism displayed by the militarized police force in Ferguson, Missouri, toward the protests and demonstrations by people outraged over the police killing of Michael Brown provides a good opportunity to review constitutional principles, especially the Fourteenth Amendment.

Police Brutality in America

Justice in America is a four-letter word. Killer cops mock it. Nearly always with impunity. A badge lets them brutalize and kill. Blacks, Latinos and ethnic minorities suffer most. They're targets of choice.

What If the Military or CIA Had Killed Mike Brown?

While the facts surrounding the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, must still be determined, one thing is clear: If it turns out that the killing was not justified, the law dictates that he is subject to being criminally indicted and also to being sued in a civil action for wrongful death by Brown’s survivors.



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Shakhtar Donetsk's stadium damaged by shelling

Ukrainian football team, Shakhtar Donetsk, has reported damage to its Donbass stadium by shelling as the conflict between government troops and pro-Russian...


Russian aid trucks leave Ukraine

Hundreds of trucks from a Russian aid convoy to rebel-held eastern Ukraine have rolled back across the border on Saturday.

Paul Picard, head...


Iraq's Kurdistan region

A bomb has exploded in the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Erbil, on Saturday, local television network Rudaw reported.

TV footage showed...


Israeli air strike destroys residential tower block in Gaza City

An Israeli air strike destroyed a 13-storey residential tower block in the center of Gaza City on Saturday and initial reports said 17 people were wounded,...


Removal of Russia's 'mercenaries' is key to peace

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said he is ready to work with Europe to bring peace to his embattled country, but has called on Russia to remove...

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