Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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ISIL spokesman Adnani 'killed in Syria's Aleppo' ISIL-linked website says Adnani was killed while monitoring military operations in Aleppo province.
UN: At least 10,000 killed in Yemen conflict UN says at least 10,000 killed in war, a big rise on previous estimate of 6,000, and warns actual figure is much higher.
Somalia: Deaths as car bomb explodes in Mogadishu Government soldiers among at least 10 people killed in the latest attack in Mogadishu to be claimed by al-Shabab.
Ireland: EU orders Apple to repay $14.5bn in taxes Ireland deals enabled tech firm to avoid paying taxes on almost all profits from sales within EU market, says official.

Highlights of the Brandywine Peace Community's Good Friday Protest at Lockheed Martin (video)


Highlights of the Brandywine Peace Community's Good Friday Protest and Civil Disobedience at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA

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Top Headline
Failures of Militarism in Countering Mega-Terrorism

Abstract: The introduction of this article is devoted to the distinctive challenges posed by this era of mega-terrorism initiated by the 9/11 attacks. The article offers a critique of the American response which is based on a ‘war’ rather than a law enforcement paradigm. An argument is then made to adapt international law to new modalities of conflict while at the same time...

Burkini ban: New wave of French 'mission civilisatrice'

Much like the burkini ban, French colonialism saw a moral duty to educate and liberate populations across North Africa.

Gulf autocrats and sports corruption: A marriage made in heaven

by James M. Dorsey

Global soccer and global sports governance have for the past nine years and certainly since a fateful meeting in late 2010 of the executive committee of FIFA, the world soccer body, witnessed crisis after crisis. Invariably the scandals involved corruption: financial corruption, political corruption or corruption of sporting performance.

Avnery: Lucky Bibi

“Give me generals who have luck!” Napoleon once exclaimed. Which reminds one of Goethe’s Faust, who complained that “the fools never realize how luck is connected with talent.”

Western Propaganda Paid for in Syrian Blood

In his important book, titled “The Dirty War on Syria” Tim Anderson discusses how US naked aggression on a nonbelligerent country relies on “a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory.”

Obituary: Ernst Nolte-The Last German

In his book Heidegger and the Jews, the French philosopher François Léotard contends that history may promise to narrate the past, but what it does instead is conceal our collective shame.



Top Headline
Should Hillary Clinton be indicted?

The Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Hillary Clinton, is scandal-ridden. The life of the Clintons is a mere scandal starting way back with "Whitewater".  To call her "crooked Hillary" seems an understatement, viewing only her four years as Secretary of State.

Liberal-Conservative Hypocrisy on Immigration

There is no area that is more rife with hypocrisy among both liberals and conservatives than immigration. When it comes to immigration, it seems that liberals and conservatives are competing against other for title of “Most Hypocritical.”

Khalid Qasim: My hunger strike in Guantanamo

"To me, hunger striking is a way of holding my head high. It's a simple exchange: of pain for dignity."

Trump’s Constitution

Donald Trump threatens to kill Constitutional Government but Hillary Clinton must Show ithat isn't already dead.

Trump’s new campaign shake-up

Trump’s latest organizational reset suggests he intends campaigning “the way (he thinks) will win,” as he put it.

Bizarre Similarities Between Trump and Clinton

Our quadrennial presidential sweepstakes regularly provides textbook studies in contrast. And 2016 raises the bar in disparity. Red and blue. Left and right. Hot and cold. Up and down. Good and bad. Boy and girl. Pro and con. Loud and soft. Rain or shine. Fish and fowl. Dumb and dumber.



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