Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Darren Wolfe


Darren Wolfe is the former Eastern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Please read his blog The International Libertarian (http://theinternationallibertarian.blogspot.com/). His articles have also appeared in American Juror, OpEdNews.com, the Libertarian Penn, and the Nolanchart.com. News services such as the New York Post.com and Rational Review have published links to his work. Darren is the Philadelphia area contact for Come Home America (http://comehomeamerica.us/), a politically neutral peace movement. Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/darrenlobo ********************************************************************************************* Anyone interested in a good game of chess can challenge me below, if you dare. LOL http://gameknot.com/stats.pl?darrenlobo ************************************************************************************************** "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it" — Frederic Bastiat

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Darren Wolfe
Darren Wolfe

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04/28/2013 16:19:51Drone Free Horsham Protest
03/02/2013 07:15:27Defending Gun Rights With Civil Disobedience
02/19/2013 18:07:55Bensalem Gun Buyback (video)
01/26/2013 15:44:16Progressivism’s Violent World
01/20/2013 15:46:57The Relationship Between Liberty, Power, and Guns (video)
01/20/2013 15:42:31Montgomery County, PA Gun Appreciation and Anti-United Nations Rally (video)
11/25/2012 11:37:09Gun Rights, Peace, and Liberty (video)
10/30/2012 17:12:35Don't Tread On Me: Protesting the Josey Fundraiser (video)
06/23/2012 17:46:58Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA
04/07/2012 06:05:43Highlights of the Brandywine Peace Community's Good Friday Protest at Lockheed Martin (video)
04/01/2012 14:01:09Come Home America at Nullify Now! Philadelphia
10/17/2011 06:20:05Occupy Philadelphia: The Kick That the Left Really Needed
09/07/2011 04:59:29No 9/11 Conspiracy Says Stratfor's George Friedman
08/07/2011 04:33:34Hiroshima Day Protest 2011 King of Prussia, PA (video)
07/27/2011 07:41:31Police Brutality Protest, West Chester, PA (video)
07/03/2011 04:17:10Outreach Table - DECLARE PEACE FAIR (video)
06/05/2011 19:02:38Dance Party at Thomas Jefferson's Memorial (video)
05/09/2011 07:03:33Focus on Peace at The Seventh Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair (video)
04/29/2011 05:35:16Fedstock II (video)
04/29/2011 05:29:36Darren Wolfe of Focus on Peace Speaks at Fedstock II (video)
03/06/2011 12:35:34Focus on Peace: A Peace Movement for Everyone
02/03/2011 11:56:37The Judicial Crackdown on Jury Rights Activists in Florida
01/30/2011 10:27:03Why They Torture (video)
01/18/2011 13:59:01Martin Luther King and the Empowerment of the War Machine: A Libertarian’s View (video)
01/09/2011 17:28:59The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures (video)
11/23/2010 09:37:47End the Fed Rally in Philadelphia, November 20, 2010 (video and pictures)
11/05/2010 03:00:29An Inclusive Antiwar Movement?
10/24/2010 06:42:39Supporting The Troops Or Supporting Israel?
10/21/2010 10:47:04Raising Eyebrows at a Peace Rally
10/09/2010 02:59:42(Video) Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital
10/06/2010 04:55:12Jury Nullification May Be The Only Salvation For The Antiwar Activists
09/29/2010 04:25:38Philadelphia Libertarians and Socialists Protest the FBI's Raids on Antiwar Activists (video)
09/27/2010 18:13:35Principled Nonvoting: The Beginning of Disengaging From the State
09/12/2010 08:34:52Unity at a Peace Rally
09/03/2010 05:43:54Judging The George Donnelly Case
08/28/2010 04:59:07Why Philadelphia’s Licensing and Taxing of Blogs is Creeping Fascism
08/08/2010 18:32:22FIJA Activist Julian Heicklen Busted Again in NY, 8/4/2010
06/21/2010 12:26:28Police State New York: Video of Heicklen’s Arrest 6/14/2010
06/18/2010 13:16:08Seattle’s Blue Gang Extortion Racket
06/11/2010 03:22:49Oh, Come, All Ye Hateful
06/06/2010 15:11:17FREE GEORGE DONNELLY RALLY (6/4/10)
06/05/2010 15:58:23TV and Newspaper Coverage of Rally for George Donnelly
05/12/2010 15:23:54Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) Activist Arrested in Allentown, PA
03/01/2010 17:42:38Global Ecosystemic Meltdown!
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