Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Children killed in Homs double blasts At least 10 children are among 22 people killed in a twin bombings outside a primary school in the government-controlled city of Homs in central Syria.
Erdogan vows to take on #ISIL fighters Turkey's president has promised to fight ISIL and "other terrorist organisations", in his clearest remarks yet that Turkish forces could join a US-led coaltion battling the group in Iraq and Syria.
More US raids as #ISIL advances on #Syria town US-led forces have carried out at least five air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) outside  Kobane, a monitoring group has said, after the group's fighters pushed to within 2km of the Syrian-Kurdish town.
Hong Kong packed with National Day protesters Student leaders of protests in Hong Kong have said they will step up their actions, including occupying several important government buildings, if the city's leader does not resign by Thursday.

4+ Logics of Living Together on Planet Earth

nuclear-chessIt is misleading to describe ‘world order’ as consisting exclusively ofsovereign territorial states. This misimpression is further encouraged by the structure of the United Nations, whose members are states, and only states. The UN was established in 1945 in the aftermath of World War II, reflecting a West-centric orientation that emerged at the time, quickly morphing into the Cold War rivalry between the two states that were geopolitically dominant and ideologically antagonistic: the United States and Soviet Union.

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America Squandered Chance to Help Create a Just World Order

bricsAll of us, Americans and non-Americans alike, should welcome BRICS’ siding with Russia to restore some semblance of power-balance in all three aspects which depict cohesion or fragmentation in the world: socially, ideologically and militarily. Not wishing for any nation to exercise undue power or influence over the rest, but precisely in order to curb any such nation from misusing that influence and power, we must cling to the hope America’s attempt for world hegemony will soon come to an end.

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Top Headline
Shell-Shocked Syrian Town Freed After Savage Massacre

The town—you could almost think of it more as a neighborhood—is located about 12 miles northeast of Damascus. Those who had been taken hostage, initially approximately 500 people in all, were in the main government employees, along with Shia, Christian, Kurdish, Ismaili, and Druze residents.

Netanyahu at the United Nations

Political distortedness and Hypocrisy at its Best

On behalf of the people of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered one his usual political distorted sermons to the UN General Assembly. "The people of Israel pray for peace" said Netanyahu to an almost empty auditorium. Just after the "most moral army in the world" (Ehud Barak) slaughtered 2140 Palestinians,...

Extracting ourselves from the extractivist mindset

Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein has written a brave book that not only confronts the calamity of climate destabilization but also examines the deep roots of the crisis in the perverse logic of capitalism and the dehumanizing values of the “extractivist” high-energy/high-technology world.

Israel’s very own history of eugenics

by Jonathan Cook

This hour-long documentary, the Ringworm Children, raises so many disturbing questions about Israel and its relationship with the US that one hardly knows where to begin.

'I am all for peace, but…'

Ah, If I Were 25

Research shows that one of the most often used words in Hebrew is "Shalom". Israelis greet each other with "shalom" and many of them do the same when parting. (The others use the two slang words "yallah bye", the one Arabic, the other English.)

Street Scenes from a Damascus Neighborhood

Changes are underway in Damascus’s suburban neighborhoods. In some of these neighborhoods there are few families’ left—only fighters. But in others, residents are trickling back in (or in some cases never even left) despite the danger. Here in these areas, those who have chosen the armed opposition route fall are grouped roughly in the following percentiles: 70% FSA, 25%...



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The Futility of Reform

Why can’t statists see that their system is inherently defective and that any reforms that are enacted to fix it only makes things worse?

Look at Iraq. Twelve years ago, statists were celebrating “Mission Accomplished” over the fact that the most powerful military force in history had just smashed a small, weak Third World regime.

'I'm Just a Kid': Tariq’s Ordeal

Last summer, Tariq Khdeir, a 15-year-old American citizen from Baltimore, accompanied his parents to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat for a six-week visit with relatives. The first friend Tariq made when he arrived was his cousin, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, whom Tariq had not seen since he was four years old. “We had so much fun,” Tariq told a gathering at the national...


Downright exciting to see President Barack Obama give that fierce and steadfast speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly, rallying the world against terrorism. See, GOP. He can be tough when the situation calls for it. Matter of fact, he’s probably the most belligerent of all the Nobel Peace Prize Winners. Ever. Finally nailed what America secretly wants- a swaggering...

Bombs Away: Official US Policy

Throughout its sordid history, America waged war, not peace. It's done so at home and abroad. It's addicted to war. Without mercy. Permanent wars. Endless ones. Lawless ones. Ruthless ones. Against invented enemies. None existed since WW II. They're manufactured out of whole cloth. None threaten America. Washington's wars are preemptive.

#Israel budgets and growling bellies

by Adam Keller

The saying ”Prussia is not a country that has an army, Prussia is an army that has a country” is attributed to Count Mirabeau, a leader of the French Revolution. Quite a few of the Prussians of that time and the Germans of later  agreed to this assessment.

Will American Ground Troops be Sent to Fight ISIS?

With the United States dropping bombs on yet another Muslim country, we might benefit from a close look at President Obama’s anti–Islamic State strategy.

Obama and his spokespeople are always quick to make two points: first, that no American ground forces will be sent into combat against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and second, that the United States...



Top Headline

Turkey's president promised to fight ISIL

Turkey's president promised to fight ISIL and "other terrorist organizations", in his clearest remarks yet that Turkish forces could join a US-led coalition...


IS fighters near Turkish border, despite US air strikes

Islamic State fighters were closing in Wednesday on a key Syrian town near the Turkish border, despite multiple US air strikes, as the Pentagon cautioned...


Bombs in Baghdad have killed 21 people

Two bombs in Baghdad have killed 21 people and injured 59 in an attack on a busy marketplace in Jediydah, a Shia area in the south of city. The first blast...


Tensions are high along Syria's border with Turkey

Tensions are high along Syria's border with Turkey. It's an area where ISIL continues to make gains.

ISIL Fighters are getting closer to the...


Marine Corps to create Middle East crisis respons

Report: Marine Corps to create Middle East crisis response unit in 2015

The Marine Corps will create a new land-based unit in the Middle East...

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