Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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Deaths as Israeli-Palestinian violence spirals At least three Palestinians killed and two Israelis critically wounded as violence rages in occupied territories.
US airdrops ammunition to rebels fighting ISIL in #Syria Military supplies were provided to Syrian groups whose leaders were appropriately vetted by the US, official says.
Evidence mounts of Russian cluster-bomb use in #Syria Rights group backs activists' accusation of Russia dropping munitions from jets or giving them to Assad government.
Peace rally bombing stokes tensions in #Turkey Questions grow over who ordered the deadliest attack on the country as demonstrators continue to call for peace.

A New Option to Terrorism, Quagmire in Middle East?

PutinVladimir Putin should not be pegged as a master strategist nor as a superb tactician; not when he is proving to be both. But perhaps the most miraculous thing: his success is being carved while presiding over a nation still not fully evolved into a market economy after the dissolution of the Soviet Union; and, still for now, a country export-dependent of its energy resources.



On the Age-Old Tradition of Not Caring

PovertyIn the assessment of poverty in the United States there is a category known as “deep poverty.” The definition of deep poverty, as given in a recent article on this subject in the Philadelphia Inquirer of 30 September 2015, goes as follows: “deep poverty is measured as income of 50% or less of the poverty rate.” In other words, the current poverty level income for a U.S. family of four is $24,000 a year, which means that the same family receiving only $12,000 is in deep poverty. At this level, hopelessness prevails and one’s day-to-day goal is just staying alive.




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‘Israel is a terrorist state’

by Jonathan Cook

The violence rocking the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and now Gaza is on the verge of spilling into Israel, Palestinian leaders in Israel warned.

Wolf Country

This year marks the 20th anniversary of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park. From 66 released originally they've increased to over 300 and are no longer endangered. That they thrive here is not surprising, for they are creatures of this raw land in a way that we aren't. Wolves are fitted to this environment, and so to understand them, we have to know the country that...

Abbas: The Leader Without Glory

I first met Mahmoud Abbas in Tunis at the beginning of 1983. I knew that he was responsible for the Israel desk in the PLO leadership. Said Hamami and Issam Sartawi, the PLO delegates with whom I had been in permanent contact since 1974, told me that he was in charge. But he was not present at my first meeting with Yasser Arafat in Beirut during the siege.

After 70 Years: The UN Falls Short, and Yet..

When the UN was established in the aftermath of the Second World War hopes were high that this new world organization would be a major force in world politics, and fulfill its Preamble pledge to prevent future wars. Seventy years later the UN disappoints many, and bores even more, appearing to be nothing more that a gathering place for the politically powerful.

The Pornography of Hatred

There is danger in the pandering of hatred that goes beyond the freedom of expression. Is there a right to profit from supplying the seeds of destruction to those who have the need to blame others for the poverty of their existence?

Ending Gun Violence: Common Sense versus Magic

What passes for thinking about the prevention of gun violence is not thinking at all. Thinking (as problem-solving) is a search for means that can be reasonably expected to achieve a given end. By reasonably I mean that supporting arguments can be provided to demonstrate to the satisfaction of reasonable people the connection between the means and ends.



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Israel-Palestine Conflict: a Religious War

Two days ago I wrote that the Israeli Palestinian conflict has become a religious war and that our understanding of this battle must evolve to fit the new reality. My observation seemed reasonable to many.

A Solution to the Middle East Quagmire

I have a hard time believing anything that comes from the military or the State Department. I'm sure that I am not the only person that feels this way.I know that our government has told us outright lies about the incidents is Georgia in 2008, the bombing of Libya and the war in Iraq. Almost every statement that comes out of Washington is misleading if not outright lies. 

Tp'ing the TPP

Awfully fun to watch the different branches of government quiver like Aspen trees in a force 5 tornado arguing the pros and cons of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact. The TPP is either an environmental travesty designed to set the union movement back 100 years or the spine of the Pacific Rim’s economic pushback against China. Depends on who you talk to. One or the other:...

Presidential Contenders Leave Peace-and-Freedom Lovers Adrift

These are hard times for us advocates of peace and free markets. As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, where can we turn -- assuming we must turn somewhere?

Video: Israelis shoot motionless Arab woman

by Jonathan Cook

In the age of phone cameras, we have become increasingly used to photos and videos of Palestinians in the West Bank being shot by soldiers in unjustifiable circumstances.

On Jews and Criminality

The Jewish Chronicle revealed today that the “number of Jews in prison has increased by 82 per cent since 2002, nearly four times more than the national rate.” The most common crimes Jews were convicted of were violence against another person, sex offences and drugs.



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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