Sunday, May 19, 2019
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The War on Children

iraq-duThe impacts of Western military attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have been devastating. Aside from people directly killed in the attacks, the physical, economic and social infrastructure of these nations has been ruined.

Aside from Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, Western meddling has killed, displaced, and ruined the lives of countless others in Syria and many other nations in the Middle East and Africa. Aside from the reprieve granted by Putin's intervention in Syria, there is nothing to suggest the Western war machine is anywhere close to slowing down.

This is a very serious situation and it is time that we, the supposed employers of Western politicians, do something about it. 

The Impact of War on Children  

Much has been said to address post trauma stress suffered by veterans of those wars. While that is a festering wound on its own, we will consider what it is like for the individuals that happen to live in a war zone. For them, the war only ends when the war ends and even then, it doesn't end. War karma will drag on and on well into the future. The society must live with the consequences that war has for young people that are in the midst of their mental and emotional development. The consequences have ramifications not only for the affected individual but for their society as a whole. For the domestic population, there is no going home from the war. When war ends, it really doesn't.

Western nations have child protection services to intervene where children are at risk of being harmed by caregivers. Agencies tend to address problems by providing services to a family where children are at risk of harm. Should those responsible for the children present significant harm to the children and they cannot or will not reduce the risk, parents are stripped of their default authority over the children and children may be removed from the home. Citizens generally become quite disturbed when a local child is being harmed. Yet, brown skinned children in foreign lands may suffer as a direct result of their elected leaders’ decisions but citizens tend to ignore that suffering. On the other hand, we are rarely exposed to information about this brutal reality.

It is imperative that we develop a means to strip authority away from politicians that kill and injure children.

Brain development process is sequential and builds on previous development. A secure and predictable environment is crucial to healthy development. On the other hand, an environment where children are 'incubated in terror' will lead to a myriad of developmental problems that will require even more security, stability, and child skilled parents than can be provided in typical homes in a secure environment. Add in the conditions that war brings both in its duration and afterward, and the prognosis is poor. Children affected this way will be prone to suffer from PTSD, attachment disorders, and a wide range of neurotic disorders.

Some stages of development of the growing brain are more critical than others. "Disruptions of experience dependent neurochemical signals during these periods may lead to major abnormalities or deficits in neurodevelopment, some of which may not be reversible. “Disruptions of critical cues may result from "extremes of experience". Experiences that affect the development of the lower areas (brainstem and mid-brain) "...necessarily alter the development of limbic and cortical areas because critical signals these areas depend on for normal organization originate in these lower brain areas." - See more.

The chances for these children, where their nation has been devastated, are slim. Not only are their own parents impoverished, affected by PTSD, and coping with problems safe citizens can't imagine, the whole neighbourhood has been and remain in crisis due to the exponential nature of problems created by problems that have been created by the terror of war.

Recent studies on the effects of the environment on brain development indicate that environmental influences can “determine how genes are turned on and off and even whether some are expressed at all.” While children inherit both the brain's hard wiring as well as the genetic software that goes with it, it is the epigenome (operating system) that determines “which functions the genetic “hardware” does and does not perform.”

“Because early experiences can alter the epigenome and influence developing brain architecture, policies affecting the life circumstances of pregnant women and young children can have enormous implications for all of society.

The varied effects of environments on the epigenome are evident from the time of early embryonic development and extend into the early childhood years. Science tells us that children can be helped to reach their full potential through both appropriate experiences in the Aearliest years and the reduction of sources of toxic stress that can alter the epigenome and increase the risk of long-term problems in physical and mental health. Thus, public policies that harness the basic principles of neuroscience and epigenetics to address the needs of young children are likely to also generate long-term benefits, such as healthier communities and a more prosperous society. ” (Ibid)

The Damage Done

The damage that has occurred and continues to occur in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and all societies victimized by war may be difficult to assess considering this type of 'collateral damage' and its ripple effects that go on into the future. However, it is a task that must be carried out. It is information that is important for those affected but it is also crucial that an informed citizenry demand an end to the ongoing wars.

Recently, the American war machine was primed to enter Syria. Thankfully, that stage of 'Western intervention' has been averted. What we are left with however are policymakers silently breathing a sigh of relief having discovered Al Qaeda waging war against its proposed proxies. The apparent whimsical and caprice nature of making decisions about going to war is disturbing on many levels, not least of which is the callous disregard for the impact that war has on those affected. Even short of an invasion, Western meddling has prolonged and bloodied a civil war that probably has reduced living conditions to that of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya. Currently, 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict, two million have fled the country and another four million are displaced inside Syria. The real suffering that these numbers reflect is inconceivable.   

Although you wouldn't know it from Western media reports, or lack thereof, Iraq has been suffering through war since the Americans left. In their wake, the USA has left behind a civil war that rages on. In 2013, 8 to 9,000 people have been killed in the ongoing civil war.

Western intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya has been catastrophic for these nations. The consequences will live on for decades and perhaps even longer. These massive crimes against humanity have occurred, are occurring, and will continue. This is an outrageous situation and what makes it much worse is that so called 'Western intervention' continues and will continue and will likely spread through Africa and possibly even Asia.

And we, the people, are apparently powerless to do anything about it.

That is what the war party wants you to believe.    

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