Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Has Canada become a tool of Zionism?

Canada,ZionismDespite popular belief, Canada’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Middle East is not predicated on idealism or the will of the Canadian people, but rather hinges upon the desires of special interests groups who generally operate in the dark.

One special interest group in particular that has considerable pull on Ottawa is the Zionist lobby. This lobby is not only comprised of dozens of powerful pro-Israel pressure groups such as B’nai B’rith Canada, Canada-Israel Committee and the Canadian Jewish Public Affairs Committee, but is also made up of powerful Jewish financial tycoons and media owners who are actively involved in pro-Israel campaigning and lobbying. Author Yves Engler documented the extensive reach and breadth of these Zionist forces in his book Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

For example, the prominent Toronto Jewish couple Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, the primary shareholders of Chapters/Indigo, have been deeply engaged in pro-Israel activities in Canada. They even run a charity called “Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers,” which provides scholarship money to Canadian Jews who join and fight in the Israeli military.

The wealthy Bronfman family has been a veritable emissary of Israel in Canada since the formation of that state, using their vast resources and influence to move Canada in a direction favourable to Zionist objectives. A prominent member of that family, Edgar Bronfman Sr., was a vocal mouthpiece for the Israeli regime in Canada as the former president of the World Jewish Congress. His brother Charles is a supporter of Israeli charities such as the Libi Fund, which fundraises for the Israeli military abroad.

Until its collapse in 2010, more than half of Canada’s national media was controlled by a single company called CanWest. The founder and CEO of that company, Israel Asper (who died in 2003), was described by his colleagues as a “champion of Israel” and who himself affirmed his dedication “to a Jewish way of life and to Zionism.” Asper and his extended family ran the media conglomerate like a Stalinist politburo, forbidding any criticism of Israel in any CanWest-owned publication.

Another influential media owner in Canada is ZoomerMedia CEO Moses Znaimer. Znaimer was born and raised in a Jewish-Zionist family with his sister Libby Znaimer (who also works for ZoomerMedia). Canadian Jewish News quoted Libby as describing herself as a “staunch Zionist” who lived in Israel for five years in the 1970s. In 2013, Moses Znaimer boosted his Zionist credentials by producing a four-part documentary series entitled “Jew Bashing: The New Anti-Semitism.” The film was little more than a pro-Israel propaganda production that attempts to portray all critics of Israel and Zionism as irrational bigots.

In 2005, then-Bank of Montreal President Tony Comper, an outspoken pro-Zionist fanatic, formed a group called FAST (Fighting Anti-Semitism Together), which prides itself as “a coalition of non-Jewish Canadian business and community leaders who have vowed to speak out against anti-Semitism.” Most of the leaders of Canada’s major banks and corporations are members of the group, showcasing their subservience to Canada’s Zionist elite.

The Zionist extremists have organized several international conferences under the auspices of the Interparliamentary Coalition to Combat anti-Semitism. The conferences are branded as gatherings of world leaders to brainstorm ways to “combat anti-Semitism.” Many Canadian MPs led by Conservative minister Jason Kenney attend these Zionist meetings to pledge their unshakable commitment to serving the Israeli agenda.

In truth, Zionists use the phrase “anti-Semitism” as a smokescreen to stifle criticism of their morally indefensible policies of ethnic cleansing and terrorism against Arabs. Zionists and their cohorts use this ill-defined term to divert attention from the fact that Jews are the furthest thing from being some persecuted, oppressed minority. They are in fact the most affluent and influential segment of Canadian society – the kowtowing of Ottawa and the leaders of Canada’s financial world to them is indisputable proof of that. “[Labeling critics of Israel anti-Semitic] is a trick, we always use it,” said the former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni in an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. “When [European leaders] are criticizing Israel, we bring up the holocaust,” she added. The dishonest practice of calling their critics names and using past events as emotional blackmail reveals the malevolent, anti-democratic inclinations of Israel’s partisans.

The Jewish Zionist lobbyists also have an ally in the right-wing, pro-Zionist Christian community and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper can be counted among them. Motivated by his pro-Zionist evangelical faith and a desire for Jewish financial support in his political campaigns, Harper is an amoral opportunist whose only concern is to satisfy his own lust for money, power and the interests of his financial benefactors.

Harper has made it abundantly clear in numerous public speeches that Israel’s interests are his primary concern. Canada and its people are merely an afterthought in his twisted mind. “We will stand with Israel whatever the cost,” Harper proclaimed in a 2010 speech on Parliament Hill. “[T]hose who threaten Israel also threaten Canada,” he announced at an event hosted by the United Jewish Appeal Federation. In December 2013 at the annual Negev dinner in Toronto, Harper used racist rhetoric to describe the countries surrounding Israel, calling it  “a region of darkness.” In January of 2014 Harper made a four-day visit to Israel where he reiterated his slavish position during a speech to the Israeli Knesset.

Harper’s support of Israel flies in the face of his disingenuous and downright delusional claim to be promoting “human rights” and “democracy” in the world. In 2006, during Israel’s brutal invasion of Lebanon, Israeli forces deliberately killed an unarmed Canadian UN peacekeeping soldier named Maj. Paeta Hess von-Krudener who was stationed in the area. Instead of condemning the pre-meditated murder of a Canadian soldier by Israel, Harper ignored the atrocity and tried to cover it up. “[The Canadian government] don’t want people reading about it,” the widow of the slain Canadian soldier told the Ottawa Citizen. “It’s embarrassing to the Israelis and, as we know, Prime Minister Harper has given his unconditional support to the Israelis.”

Israel is a rogue state that has violated dozens of United Nations resolutions condemning its aggressive and murderous policies. It refuses to sign any international treaties regulating chemical and nuclear weapons. It has stockpiled a vast arsenal of not only nuclear bombs, but also chemical weapons and biological agents.

Jewish militants completely destroyed more than 500 Palestinian villages from 1947-1949, replacing them with Jewish settlements. This colonization process continues to this day. Since 1948 the Zionist invaders have killed and displaced millions of Palestinians. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been severely wounded in Israeli attacks and most of the population of Gaza and the West Bank live in abject squalor due to the Israeli occupation. Israel has waged a litany of wars of aggression against its Arab neighbours in order to seize territory and resources it covets, killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the process. On top of that, Israeli militarism and warfare has caused irreparable ecological damage to the region.

In 2008/09, during Israel’s ruthless attack on Gaza known as “operation cast lead,” the Israeli military used illegal white phosphorous weapons on a civilian population. Of the more than 1400 Palestinians killed in the massacre at least 300 were children.

Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, routinely engages in acts of terrorism and sabotage. It carries out assassinations on targets in foreign countries, even in Europe. It has staged false-flag attacks to blame on Israel’s enemies. Mossad has even used forged Canadian passports on covert missions. In 1997, two Mossad agents were caught crossing into Jordon using fake Canadian passports in a failed attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khalid Meshal. Ottawa was reluctant to even condemn the illegal act and quickly forgave it. The true extent of Mossad’s crimes against humanity will never be known, as their successful operations are kept hidden from the public.

Ottawa has, particularly under the leadership of Stephen Harper, vehemently backed Israel’s blatant criminality. Canada under the rule of the Harper Conservatives has functioned as Israel’s cat’s paw at the UN, either abstaining or voting against every motion condemning Israel.

Harper has drastically increased Canada’s economic, political and military ties with Israel. The war industries of Canada and Israel are intimately linked. Canada’s security services work closely with the criminal Mossad.

The myth of Canada’s benevolence vis-à-vis international affairs has quickly disintegrated as a result of the government’s belligerent and immoral support of Zionism.

Canada too has become a rogue state, following the lead of its imperial masters like a marionette.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

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