Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Impeach Obama! Court Martial Bergdahl

benghazi-baseby M.J. Rosenberg

The Bergdahl frenzy is the phoniest pretense for Obama bashing since Benghazi. But that does not mean it won't succeed.

In fact, I think it is possible that a Republican Congress will impeach Obama over one or both of those issues (ike President Clinton, he would not be convicted because even a GOP Senate could not muster 67 votes for conviction.)

But I have no doubt the Republican base wants to impeach the President. The right knows that nothing they can do will remove, what they see as, the indelible stain of an African American president having been elected. Twice.

But they believe impeachment would put an asterisk next to his name (*impeached) although they must know Clinton's reputation was unaffected by an impeachment that is properly viewed as a partisan joke. Still, for the Obama haters, impeachment is at least something they can do to deny the legitimacy of the first non-white president. It's not much but, facing the likelihood of another Democratic president (that woman!) in 2016, they are desperate.

President Obama was, of course, right to exchange a few Taliban prisoners of war--prisoners who would have had to be released anyway once the war ended. Sergeant Bergdahl has earned our compassion (not ugly libels) for walking away (deserting?) out of either fear or, more likely, horror at what the United States government is inflicting against innocent people in Afghanistan.

That does not mean that punishment is not in order for those responsible for the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq. Including impeachment.

It is too late too impeach Ronald Reagan for arming the fanatical mujaheddin in Afghanistan.

For Reagan, Afghanistan was the place where we could defeat the Soviet Union once and for all. If arming medieval and murderous religious fanatics would help accomplish that goal, good. We love religious folks. And so we practically emptied our coffers and sent everything we could to them.

Once the Soviets pulled out  we lost interest in Afghanistan and closed our eyes as the Mujahedin's successors, the Taliban, seized the entire country. As for all the weapons (and training of crazed militants) that we provided, they were now turned on the United States The result: Al Qaeda ensconced in Afghanistan and the attacks launched from there on New York and the Pentagon that killed 3000 Americans in 2001.

The 9/11 attacks may have been inevitable after the United States trained and armed terrorists in Afghanistan. In an interview in 2001 with Larry King, Prince Bandar, then the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, said that Osama bin Laden personally thanked him for "my efforts to bring the Americans to help us fight the atheists."  Great job, President Reagan and, to be fair, President Carter too, who initiated the policy of arming the Mujahedin. 

Of course, the 9/11 attacks might have failed (or been detected early) if President George W. Bush read the reports he was receiving in the summer of 2001 about the likelihood of Al Qaeda attacks in America (including by crashing planes into buildings). But he was bored by things like that.  

In fact, both Bush and his National Security Adviser Condelezza Rice expressed indifference to their administration's counter-terrorism adviser, Richard Clarke's, warnings that an attack was imminent, focusing instead on "cold war issues" and "getting" Saddam Hussein.

Clarke could not even get Rice to approve a meeting of top national security officials on the attack he knew was imminent. One can imagine how an engaged (and intelligent) president like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama would have mobilized the administration to counter the threat. Bush famously went out to play golf.

Yes, Bush's impeachment was more than merited. (If Gore, not Bush, was president in 2001, he no doubt would have been impeached but, then, 9/11 might not have happened with a president as famously brainy and engaged as Gore.)

Following the attacks, Bush went to war in Afghanistan while keeping his focus on ginning up the war he really wanted: with Iraq. Everyone knows that story.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld knowingly manipulated the intelligence and then lied to the American people, first, about Saddam Hussein's involvement in the 9/11 attacks and then about Saddam's ownership of weapons of mass destruction. Then Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations and lied to the whole world (although he says he believed the lies).

The mainstream media (led by Netanyahu-loving neocons that had been pushing for a second war with Iraq since the early 90's) were delirious with joy and pushed war with a fervor not seen since Hearst and Pulitzer promoted war with Spain in 1898. Congress, including most Democrats, jumped on the war band wagon too, fearing that if the war turned out to be a wonderful cake walk they would look like Nervous Nellies. 

The Iraq war which cost 4500 American dead and countless Iraqis accomplished nothing except to move Iraq into the orbit of our new enemy #1, Iran, to which it had previously been hostile.

But it made lots of money for Cheney and other war profiteers and enabled the establishment of the national security state we now live in. Lying us into Iraq should have been article 2 in the impeachment charges against Bush. Article 1 should have been the negligence that helped produce 9/11. 

But, of course, no one was impeached over anything related to Iraq or Afghanistan, let alone over 9/11. Democrats joined Republicans, in saying "let bygones be bygones." Meanwhile hundreds of thousands (likely more) continue to mourn their dead. Dead in terrorist attacks that could have been prevented and in two wars that could have been avoided.

Meanwhile, let's impeach Obama and court martial Bergdahl. Look what they have done to our country!

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