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Child Abuse in Israel

Child Abuse in IsraelHorrifying  physical, emotional, intellectual  and/or sexual child abuse is variously inflicted by  Zionists, by Apartheid Israel and by pro-Zionist US Alliance of the rogue state on 6 million exiled Palestinian children, 4.3 million Occupied Palestinian children, 0.9 million Palestinian-Israeli children, 2 million Jewish Israeli children, 5 million Jewish children in general worldwide, 750 million Muslim children, 3 billion Third World children and indeed potentially, through worsening climate genocide, all 3.5 billion children of the world [1].

 However Mainstream media exercise extraordinary censorship to hide horrendous Israeli child abuse, and, with some exceptions, also hide British, American, Australian, Aboriginal, and Indigenous child abuse. 

Of course the evil of child abuse is present in all societies and decent people are absolutely obliged to speak out for the sake of the children.  Silence is complicity and indeed in Australia there is mandatory reporting with the occupations most commonly named as mandated reporters being those who deal frequently with children in the course of their work, namely: teachers, doctors, nurses, and police. Indeed in Australian’s Northern Territory all adults are now obliged to report suspected child abuse to the authorities [2].
However the sine qua non of Western mainstream media seems to be the minimizing,  ignoring, hiding or censoring out of the horrendous crimes of US Alliance countries [3-6] and in particular those of nuclear terrorist,  Zionist-run state of Israel. Indeed the worst child abuse these days is inflicted by high technology war applied to Third World countries. Thus deaths from violence from violently-imposed deprivation in post-1950 US Asian wars total about 40 million with about half the victims being children [3]. The UN Population Division, the World Health Organization and UNICEF provide demographic data showing that 7 million under-5 year old infants die each year on Spaceship Earth with the Zionist-beholden US in charge of the flight deck and that under-5 year old infant deaths in the US-imposed Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia total about 2 million, 3 million and 1.3 million, respectively [7].
Set out below are estimates of the magnitude of Israeli child abuse and of child sexual abuse in  Apartheid Israel’s allies Australia, the US, and the UK,  and analyses of how these horrendous realities are variously ignored and hidden by Neocon American and Zionist  Imperialist (NAZI)-perverted Mainstream media. 
According to the Australian Institute of Criminology,  1 in 3 Australian girls  and 1 in 6 Australian boys will be sexually abused in some way before the age of 18 [8]. The “Little Children are Sacred”  Report into child abuse in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory  of Australia quoted  a similar scholarly  estimate that 34% of Australian women and 16% of Australian men had been subject to child sexual abuse [9, 10]. There is no doubt from the shocking anecdotal accounts in the “Little Children are Sacred” Report that from a qualitative perspective Aboriginal child sexual abuse is occurring and must be urgently addressed. However the Report (p57) states that “it is not possible to accurately estimate the extent of child sexual abuse in the Northern Territory”.

In contrast to its inability to quantitate the extent of child abuse in Indigenous communities, the “Little Children are Sacred” Report (pp234-236) refers to studies in America indicating that 25% of females and 10% of males (an average of 17.5% of adult Americans) experienced childhood sexual abuse [11] and in Australia indicating that 34% of females and 16% of males today (an average of 25% of adult Australians) had experienced child sexual abuse [12].

“Utopia”, a documentary movie by outstanding expatriate Australian journalist John Pilger, reveals the scandal of how a public servant made incorrect and horrifying assertions about child sexual abuse in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities that were broadcast by the Australian ABC TV Lateline program. These incorrect assertions led to a media frenzy that horribly defamed Indigenous Australians on the basis of false reportage and ultimately led to a military invasion of Northern Territory Aboriginal communities and removal of Northern Territory Aborigines from the protection of the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act [13]. The subsequent expert report entitled “Little Children Are Sacred”   found (p57) that “it is not possible to accurately estimate the extent of child sexual abuse in the Northern Territory's Aboriginal communities”, while reporting (p235) that 34% of Australian women and 16% of Australian men have been subject to sexual abuse as children, the latter a shocking matter that is remorselessly ignored by politically correct racist (PC racist) Mainstream media in Australia.


The US National Center for Victims of Crime quotes studies by David Finkelhor, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, showing that:1 in 5 American  girls (20%) and 1 in 20 American  boys (5%) (an average of 12.5% of Americans) is a victim of child sexual abuse [11, 14]. However child abuse in the US extends well beyond sexual abuse. Thus it can be estimated that about 21,000 under-5 year old American infants die preventable  each year linked to the immense Zionist -promoted fiscal perversion of committing  $6 trillion to killing 12 million Muslims abroad (half of them children) in the Zionist-promoted War on Muslims (that morphed into the War on Terror since 9/11) rather than keeping Americans alive at home [15-17].


In contrast, investigators of the UK National Society  for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) estimate that 1 in 20 children in the UK (5%) have been sexually abused [18]. Glasser et al have commented on the vagaries  of the methodology employed in such studies: “The incidence of child sexual abuse is usually based on retrospective recall by adults in studies mostly emanating from the USA (Smith & Bentovim, 1994). Estimates of prevalence are bedeviled by differences of definition and methods of study and are closely tied to the population source of the information. In his original study Finkelhor (1981) reported that 19% of females and 9% of male college students had been sexually abused as children. In the UK, Baker & Duncan (1985), using a Mori poll of those aged 15 years and older, calculated that 12% of women and 8% of men had had sexually abusive experiences. However, even such population surveys are open to criticism of either having used flawed methods or not being representative of the general population (Marcowe, 1988). Wyatt & Peters (1986), investigating methodological differences, demonstrated that low rates tended to be based on questionnaire surveys using broad questions. Higher rates were obtained from focused, direct interviews. Other studies have demonstrated that where less restrictive definitions are used allowing the inclusion of exhibitionism and/or touching, very high rates of abuse were reported in women (59%) and less than half of this in men (27%); when more restrictive definitions were used, the rates fell dramatically (Kelly et al, 1991). Based on the above, a cautious estimate of sexual victimization in the male general population would be about 10%” [19].


48.5 percent of Israeli children surveyed reported that they had suffered one or more kinds of physical, emotional or  sexual abuse and 18% reported  sexual abuse. However it must be noted that Occupied Palestinian children are violently confined to either the Gaza Concentration Camp or to West Bank Bantustans without human rights and 10% are stunted from Israeli-imposed deprivation  About 12 million Muslims, half of them children, have died from violence or from violently-imposed deprivation in the Zionist-backed US War on Muslims and 7 million under-5 year old infants die avoidably each year from deprivation on Spaceship Earth with the Zionist-perverted Neocon Americans in charge of the flight deck. Indeed it is predicted that 6 billion under-5 year old infants will perish this century due to the endlessly exploitative and  mendacious Neocon and Zionist Imperialist One Percenters failing to act on man-made climate change  and ultimately near-terminal  climate genocide [1, 20].

How is this appalling litany of child abuse reported by the presstitutes of the Neocons and Zionists.  One Percenter-subverted and perverted  Western mainstream media?  With the exception of the UK BBC,  in the US,  the UK, or Australia, the major Mainstream media reportage on “Israeli child abuse”, “British child abuse”, and “American child abuse” is virtually zero. However in  Australia, there is notable reportage on “Australian child abuse” (due to the current Royal Commission into institutional Australian child abuse) , and substantial reportage on “Aboriginal child abuse” and “Indigenous child abuse”, the extent of which could not be determined by expert investigators. This malreportage is quantitated below.

Australian media

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC, Australia’s equivalent of the  UK BBC) has an appalling record of censorship, lying by omission and malreportage [21-23].   A search of the ABC for the following terms yields the results given in parentheses: “Israeli child abuse”(0), “British child abuse” (0), “American child abuse” (0), “Australian child abuse” (5), “Aboriginal child abuse” (41) and “Indigenous child abuse” (132). The only 5 items for “Australian child abuse” is remarkable in that there is currently a Royal Commission into institutional child abuse (e.g. by the Catholic Church, the Salvation Army etc.), albeit an inquiry that ignores the horrendous non-institutional abuse of about 4 million Australian children [10].

Searches of the major “serious” Australian newspapers The Age (Melbourne) and The Sydney Morning Herald for the phrases  “Israeli child abuse”, “British child abuse”, “American child abuse”, and “Australian child abuse” yielded zero (0) results whereas searches for  “Aboriginal child abuse” yielded 7 and 7 results, respectively, and searches for “Indigenous child abuse” yielded 34 and  32 results, respectively.

To reiterate, Australia has been involved in the Zionist-backed US War on Muslims (2 million under-5 year old Iraqi infant deaths since 1990 and  3 million under-5 year old Afghan infant deaths since 2001 [7]), 4.4 million Australian adults have been sexually abused as children [10], and  the expert Report into Indigenous (Aboriginal) child abuse in the Northern Territory of Australia concluded “it is not possible to accurately estimate the extent of child sexual abuse in the Northern Territory” i.e. they could not determine how many Aboriginal children were being abused [9].  Australian Mainstream media reportage on child abuse ignores massive US Alliance and Apartheid Israeli  child abuse,  ignores massive non-institutional child sexual abuse and in stark contrast exaggerates child abuse in Aboriginal communities that has been subject to false reportage

US media

Searches of the major US news organizations Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC and CNN News for the phrases “Israeli child abuse”, “British child abuse”, “American child abuse”, “Australian child abuse”, “Aboriginal child abuse”, and “Indigenous child abuse” yielded zero (0) results except for some results from Fox News (3 British items), ABC News (1 American item), and CNN News (2 American items). So much for the childhood sexual abuse of about 12.5% of adult Americans, the preventable deaths of 21,000 under-5 year old American infants each year and the deaths from war-imposed deprivation of about 6 million Muslim children in the War on Muslims.  Under-5 year old infant deaths in the post-1990, Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims largely involves Iraqi infant deaths (2 million), Afghan infant deaths s (3 million)  and Somali infant deaths (1.3 million).

Searches of the major US papers The  New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times for the phrases “Israeli child abuse”, “British child abuse”, “American child abuse”, “Australian child abuse”, “Aboriginal child abuse” , and “Indigenous child abuse” yielded zero (0) results.

UK media

The British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) has an appalling record of censorship, lying by omission and malreportage [24]. However searches for the various  national “child abuse terms”  yielded the following numerous results:   “Israeli child abuse” (6), “British child abuse” (513; not all about British child abuse per se), “American child abuse” (249, not all about American child abuse per se), “Australian child abuse” (123 of which 88 were directly about Australian child abuse) , “Aboriginal child abuse” (27) , and “Indigenous child abuse” (29). The BBC does much better at reportage of child abuse than other Western Mainstream media but the reportage of Israeli child abuse is restricted to individual cases of child abuse and the BBC certainly does not report the horrendous extent of Israeli child abuse of which the least is the 49.5% of Israeli children subject to physical, emotional and/or sexual (17%) abuse [1].

Searches of the major UK paper The Times, for the various national “child abuse” phrases yielded the results “Israeli child abuse” (0), “British child abuse” (3) , “American child abuse” (1), “Australian child abuse” (0), “Aboriginal child abuse” (0) , and “Indigenous child abuse” (0). The same searches of The Guardian yielded the results “Israeli child abuse” (0), “British child abuse” (0) , “American child abuse” (0), “Australian child abuse” (1), “Aboriginal child abuse” (0) , and “Indigenous child abuse” (1).


While a Google Search (29 April 2014) for “child abuse” yields 118 million results, a Google Search for the various national “child abuse” phrases yields the results “Israeli child abuse” (61,000 that in reality becomes 18 actual linked articles), “British child abuse” (1,070,000) , “American child abuse” (444,000), “Australian child abuse” (140,000), “Aboriginal child abuse” (207,000) , and “Indigenous child abuse” (69,000).

Of the 18 actual Google Search results for “Israeli child abuse” only 5 refer to the horrendous extent of Israeli child abuse, specifically:

(1) an article in Countercurrents by Gideon Polya, entitled “Horrendous Pro-Zionist, Zionist And Apartheid Israeli Child Abuse Exposed” [1];

(2). a comment on an article by Andy Fleming in the progressive Australian web magazine New Matilda that refers to the Countercurrents  article [1] but which was subsequently censored out by New Matilda while still leaving a Google Search trace [25] .

(3). another article linking to the Gideon Polya Countercurrents article [26].
(4). an article by Gideon Polya that details Australian backing of Apartheid Israel and “Israeli child abuse, Israeli state terrorism: “Coalition-backed Apartheid Israel continues horrendous abuse of Palestinian children. Since 1936 Palestinian deaths from violence (0.1 million) or from violently-imposed deprivation (1.9 million) have totaled 2 million, of whom half have been of children. About half of the 12 million Palestinians are children and of these 3 million Palestinian children are forbidden to even step foot in their own country, 2.1 million are Occupied Palestinian children without any human rights, 1.3 million are Occupied Palestinian children living under highly abusive military rule in West Bank Bantustans, 0.8 million are Occupied Palestinian children highly abusively confined to the Gaza Concentration Camp (10% stunted from the Apartheid Israeli blockage) and 0.8 million are Palestinian Israeli children facing lifetime of existence as Third Class citizens under racist Israeli Apartheid laws. The salivating pro-Zionist Coalition recently voted at the UN General Assembly with 6 other pro-Zionist nations to oppose overwhelmingly UN General Assembly-supported motions for 2014 as the year of Palestinians, investigation of Palestinian rights, and for dialogue. Coalition-ruled Australia abstained from 2 further overwhelmingly UN General Assembly-supported motions demanding that the Geneva Convention should apply to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and condemning illegal Israeli settlement construction in occupied territory.” [27]; and  
(5). a surviving comment on an article by Professor Stuart Rees in New Matilda [28] that refers to an article by Gideon Polya in Bellaciao about horrendous Israeli child abuse and entitled “Exposed: horrendous pro-Zionist, Zionist and Apartheid Israeli child abuse” [29] . An earlier submitted comment on the article and making the same reference was censored out. This Gideon Polya Bellaciao article on horrendous Israeli child abuse [29] came up on the Google Search for “Israeli child abuse” on 28 April 2014 but has evidently now been eliminated by Google. From its primary Search results (however it does comes up if you ask for “omitted results” as well).

This extraordinary Mainstream media censorship of horrendous Israeli child abuse - as well as Mainstream media censorship of other horrendous US Alliance child abuse - is due to perversion and subversion of Mainstream media by Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI) One Percenters. It is rare that Mainstream media journalists  confess to this perversion but a notable example is the highly regarded and progressive Australian ABC radio journalist Terry Lane: “I have said publicly that I will never write or speak on the subject of Israel or Palestine ever again. Here is why: The Zionist lobby in this country is malicious, implacable, mendacious and dangerous. They have caused me a great deal of lost sleep – and in the end my insomnia has not contributed anything to the resolution of the conflict over Palestine. I might as well keep my mouth shut and get some sleep. What’s more, once the expression “anti-Semite” hits the air, or, heaven forfend, the sacred formula “six million” is uttered, then I know from bitter experience that there is not one manager or editor in the country who will defend an underling. We are thrown to the jackals. In the end the truly tolerant have no defense against intolerance. I surrender. To the Zionists I say: you win. To the Palestinians: forgive my cowardice” [30].

One is also reminded of Sigmund Freud’s fraud as described by Freud scholar Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson in his book “The Assault on Truth: Freud's Suppression of the Seduction Theory” (1984) [31]. Masson’s thesis was that Freud knew from his medical studies in Paris of the awful reality of child sexual abuse but after botching a nose operation on  a Viennese socialite Freud moved to Berlin and evidently felt that ignoring and denying the sickening reality of child sexual abuse would advance his career. Gore Vidal put the lot of Mainstream media presstitutes very  succinctly thus: "A writer must always tell the truth, unless he is a journalist" [32]. One can but reiterate the words of that wonderful Palestinian humanitarian Jesus: “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” [33].

What must decent people do? Decent people must (a) speak out against all forms of child abuse and human rights  abuse, and (b) urge and apply Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and its US Alliance supporters who are complicit in horrendous Israeli child abuse. As Jesus said, we cannot walk by on the other side. Indeed in the Northern Territory of Australia it is now an offence for an adult not to report child abuse [2]. Silence is complicity.


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