Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Unrest in Syria

damascusWhat is happening in North Africa and West Asia are illegal and shameful acts of war by racist western leadership led by Uncle Tom in White House, with a Nobel Peace Prize to boot (what an embarrassment for the Nobel Committee!) and the likes of David Cameron, liar Tony Blair’s successor, and Sarkozy to transform the Arab revolt against US puppets in the region into a Shia-Sunni conflict, the usual imperialist policy of divide and rule, successfully employed in history.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West broke up pro Russian multi ethnic, multi language and multi religious Orthodox Slav Yugoslavia with support from some EU countries, then Iraq into Shia, Sunni and Kurdish Zones (killing over a million Iraqi and destroying the country but with a totally contrary outcome of strengthening Iran, against Western objectives) Then began another ‘Feast of blood in Libya ‘in the words of Cynthia McKinney’ six times US Congress woman. Washington and poodle London would like to do a Libya encore in Syria .But this time both Russia and China are staunchly against it.

The real axis of evil bedeviling West and South West Asia is the USA-Saudi Arabia –Pakistan (with supporting roles by UK and Israel) which rules and exploits the region and its oil resources for the benefit of western corporate interests and in exchange protects the Saud dynasty (remarkably there has been no attempt of regime change in Riyadh) and underwriting Pak military’s stranglehold over democratic forces and aspirations of the hapless people of Pakistan.

The aim of western powers mentioned above, which are all bankrupt, is to make Shias of Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and others fight against Sunnis of Saudi Arabia,Turkey, with Islamists entrenched in power, under influence of Saudi money, Jordan and bring in even Pakistan ‘s soldiers, already in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Most kingdoms in the Gulf have restive Shia populations and are dictatorships. There are 10 % Alevis in Turkey’s population. Ankara has been following a very aggressive and dangerous policy on Syria which is likely to boom rang. Turkey’s 15% Kurdish population is up in arms again.

I am not sure if Israel wants a revolution in its north with Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus. Assad have never allowed any one to cross from their side into Israel to say liberate Golan Heights.The general idea could be to soften Assad and weaken Iran for concessions. In mid 1980s Bashar Assad 's uncle had killed 30 to 40 thousand Sunnis in Hama, who had assassinated 90 Alawaite officers , Assads are Alawaites who form around 12/13 % of the population but have general support among population .  

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, corporate houses selected Western leaders and subservient media has gone bonkers. Unfortunately under IMF pensioners guiding New Delhi and close association between US and UK financiers ,bankers and India’s colluding corporate interests, India’s corporate controlled media repeats lies Western media disseminates .

It is therefore very refreshing that Outlook edited by courageous Vinod Mehta, whose recent book exposed Indian media controlled by Baniyas (businessmen), has sent journalists to Syria and has shown courage in publishing first hand true reports from ground zero in Syria and exposing lies manufactured in Washington. London, Paris, Riyadh and Qatar (home of Al Jazeera) 

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