Friday, April 19, 2019
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Response to Mr. Moore

Michael MooreMichael Moore’s voice is one of the clearest we have today. It is a quintessential, traditional American voice, grounded in simple common sense with the courage to see things clearly and call it like it is. He is not merely content to mutter the truth in hushed tones into his coat. He has sought out the best podium yet invented, the documentary film, to be sure his voice is amplified, so none can miss it. To know the truth may not take courage, to speak it to this degraded country today certainly does.

I think I have found a couple of points with which I disagree with Mr. Moore. (see "If the 'Mosque' isn't built, this is no longer America" at First of all, I am perfectly happy to have the Mosque built right where the owners want it. I think that the most appropriate monument to the victims of 9/11 is exactly what is already there, a giant, gaping hole in the ground. This hole is a wholly appropriate shrine to the present state of all the unanswered questions—questions that both the Democrats and the Republicans want left unanswered, unfilled.  Some would like this huge wound covered over with a giant scab in the form of a “Freedom Tower.” What a giant euphemism! The plans I have seen for this proposed tower look like a giant tombstone. All it lacks is the epitaph, “Here is where American freedom died.  We killed it”

This brings me to my second disagreement with Mr. Moore. In his essay, he makes it seem as if the 19 (mostly Saudi) Muslims, their planners and direct financiers were wholly responsible for “The Planes Operation” that took such a toll in life, treasure and peace on that day. I am no 9/11 Truth conspiracy buff. I believe with a high degree of confidence that those 19 men performed pretty much the way the 9/11 Report concluded they did and that no “controlled demolition” was necessary to bring down WTC buildings 1, 2 & 7. On a deeper level however, I believe with an equal degree of certainty that, to paraphrase Lee Harvey, they were patsies.

This tiny group of Jihadists that we named and promoted (al-Qaeda) and inflated into a giant criminal organization, even before 9/11, were, in reality, regarded by the larger radical Muslim community as counterproductive, suspect, unpopular losers. The success of this 9/11 operation succeeded almost entirely because of assistance from our government. I have no proof, of course. An authoritative, objective, disinterested commission should be tasked, with subpoena power, to open all the sealed records that apply in this case. George W. Bush should be brought before the commission to testify ALONE under oath—the same with Cheney and others. 

Even if you believe Bush had nothing to do with 9/11, you have to admit that he and his NeoCon buddies desecrated the memory of the victims to launch an even more devastating attack on our democratic institutions, our cherished freedoms and the whole system of international law. 

Even if you believe Bush had nothing to do with 9/11 you must admit that the events of that day were. in the words Malcolm X used to describe the JFK assassination, “…chickens coming home to roost.”  Islamist terror is our own Dr. Frankenstein's monster. It is the direct result of a foreign policy driven not by compassion and democratic motives but by an Imperial lust for power and resources, nearly always at the expense of the people of the countries we brutalize. It is very unpopular these days to say that, on the deepest karmic level, we deserved 9/11. By that I do not mean to advocate any kind of violence—even against oppressors. Neither do I mean to say that the victims of 9/11 deserved to die. All I am saying is, on a deep indirect level and probably on a more immediate level, America must bear the ultimate responsibility for the mayhem that occurred on 9/11.

Of course, I’m sure Mr. Moore would probably agree with most of my assessments—although perhaps not with the same vehemence. His argument here is focused on the point of religious tolerance. I am not the first to note the strong infantile streak in the American character. We really are all, in many ways, like little ADD children with a very modest knowledge, respect or regard for history. The great wave of hate and the misunderstanding and fear of beliefs other than our own that most Americans express today, has in many ways paralleled and now looks like it will outpace the rise of our democratic spirit.

This intolerance of Islam by our “One Nation under Jesus” cult is exactly why we have such a rise of fundamentalist, radical Muslims. We have officially and unofficially made it nearly impossible for most Muslims NOT to be radicalized. Everything we do, from encouraging Christian missionaries to rant and run free over the Muslim world, to Obama’s (perceived) wars against the Prophet, to the irrational garbage that rages across the Christian networks opposing the “Ground Zero Mosque,” loudly proclaims this country’s mendacity, stupidity and narrow mindedness. 

Stand as we may, we who believe in love and reason cannot stop it. Yet, with Michael Moore, stand we must.


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