Saturday, December 15, 2018
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America Turned the Clocks Back Twice this Week

Daylight Standard Timeby Steve Amsel

At midnight on Saturday, the clocks in America will be turned back one hour returning to Daylight Standard Time. Yesterday, the clocks were turned back as well returning to a new period of despair for the American people and the world at large, a return to power for the Republican Party...

The reasons for this…. way too many to list. Dissatisfaction with Obama’s performance is probably the main reason. The promises for change didn’t materialise. The wars continue, the economic situation is worsening, the hope that was is gone…. The people have spoken and are attempting to rectify the situation. BUT…. in reality they have cut off their noses to spite their faces.

The following video shows why the Democrats lost the House in the State of Massachusetts… the sentiments expressed are pretty much the same for the rest of America…..

The reasons…. according to an AP election poll;

Here is a snapshot of the survey results:

32% say a member of their household or themselves suggested a job loss within the last 24 months although most said that fact alone did not decide their vote.

40% said that they are worse off financially then they were when the last election was held two years ago.

An astounding 84% said that they see no improvement in the economy and about half of this number said they are expecting the economic health of the economy to worsen in the next year.

25% of voters blamed Obama for causing the economic crisis, but 40% stated that they were not convinced that the President had a plan that would be effective in recovery.

40% of the respondents said they were supportive of the Tea Party Movement.

Interesting foreign policy concerns or the U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan was not cited as a major concern for over 90% of the voters.

The poll was conducted on Tuesday at a demographically representative sample of 368 of the nation’s 435 congressional districts.

An article in the Jerusalem Post suggests that The US voters sent Obama a clear message Tuesday night, rejecting his domestic program — the President’s signature health care program, his economic stimulus package, his bailouts. The message was for lower taxes and less government. It had nothing to do, however with foreign policy.

I find it disturbing that such a large percentage of the American electorate does not see anything beyond the actual borders of their country. The spending of billions of dollars to maintain the occupation and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the billions that are poured into Israel annually are strangling an already dead economy.

Are Americans not aware of this? Are they not aware that THEIR tax dollars are being spent on everyone but themselves? Most of the economic concerns noted above could have been eliminated if that foreign spending stopped.

Will the Republicans stop it? Did they when they were in power before Obama came into the picture? The answers are loud and clear…. NO!

Americans elected Obama because he promised change…. did we see that change? Again, the answer is loud and clear …. NO!

Will Obama be able to deliver his promises now that his hands are literally tied? …. an even louder NO!

So, we are all right back where we started …. or worse. Till when will we remain there?

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