Friday, April 19, 2019
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The priorities of the European Union are not ours


European UnionBy Dr, Abdel Sattar Qassem, professor al-Najah University (Nablus)
Translation and Edit Hiyam Noir

The European Union has released an advertisement campaign on billboards in the West Bank, entitled: "Your priorities are our priorities." It is addressed, with so much affection and compassion to the Palestinian people in the West Bank, aimed at adopting the priorities, of a people who live under occupation for decades. I have also seen these EU ads on the screens of major satellite channels like al-Jazeera.

Certainly, the EU is a liar, hypocrite and mystifying our cause. Our priority is to end the occupation, but I have not seen the European Union mobilize its army to participate in this task, neither perform any of our other main objectives.

Among our main objectives are of course the return of our refugees to their homes and property in the lands occupied in 1948. Yet we have never seen the European Union defending our refugees the right of return. On the contrary, European states have refused to recognize the right of return, interfering in our Palestinian domestic affairs, elaborating with the Zionists and the United States, to give our refugees the " silver bullet" with the intention to transfer our refugees outside their home land of Palestine.

Our priorities are :

-  The right to self-determination without any intervention, ( thus far, the European involvement in our business does not oppose or prevent the intervention of others in our own internal affairs).

- To remove Israeli settlements from the land, thus far, the EU does not oppose the confiscation of land, but use the pretext that Israel need security.

-  The release of our prisoners of Zionist jails, thus far, the EU considers our prisoners to be terrorists, at the same time the EU are not criticizing Israel in this regard.

- To achieve freedom of expression, movement, organization and mobilization, thus far, EU continue in financing the Palestinian Authority which represses freedom of opinion, monopolizes the media and prevent people to participate and organize them self in events and peaceful assembly.

- The development of a respectable and honest judicial system, thus far, the EU is funding training sessions and the construction of courts, however, mean while it intervene in justice and the appointment of judges on political grounds .

The list is long, however morally and legally justifiable

As for the main objective of the European Union, it is the "assistance" they provide to the Palestinian people, aimed at deepening the gap between production and services, in order to keep our people enslaved by poverty, financial need and the humiliation of lending money, but just enough money to be able to remain alive.

Its priority is the control of our finances so that it can ultimately. alongside with American Zionists and Palestinian political decision makers, exercise the authoritative domination of our lives.

Another main objective of the EU, is to find pro-Western Palestinian politicians who will maintain good relations with the Zionists, aimed at deceiving the people of Palestine - not to settled the Palestinian case and grant us our inalienable rights. The prime concern of EU is the prevention of free elections, which conclusively would put forward a politic that would not govern by the policies of the United States and Israel.

In conclusion

The Europeans want to remove the Palestinian consciousness,the Palestinian collective identity, in order to liquidate the entire cause of Palestine, to take measures in preparation to provide assistance for our refugees to return to our homeland and defend our inalienable rights. Those who carried out the scheme, the erection of Israel, and continue to support it's presence in all areas,to ensure it's safety and it's well-being, they have in their hearts no compassion and no sympathy to the cause of the Palestinian people.

Whenever in our homeland we are exposed to the deliberate misleading PR (advertisement) of the European Union, we are brutally reminded of those who have directly contributed to the expulsion of our people, the loss of our land and our blood lines. Those who have brought about the disastrous result, does not deserve to be listened to and should not remain within our society.

 A free people can only reject the dish soaked with the blood of its martyrs.

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