Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Industrial hemp Now

Dear Editor

it's going on 50 days of the oil tragity in the Gulf and what do we know? Oil is a mess. Now is the time to move on making hemp fuels.

Why? It's a cleaner fuel, no drilling for it, it creates jobs, it's better for the farmer from less pesticides and herbicide exposure which means less cancer causing agents in our soils. We can grow abundant crops on the same land for 25 years and not use much more than manure. If you grow for fiber or the superfood,hempseed sprouts, the pulp of the plant can be put back in the soil re-fertilizing it.

We need to use the 15% rule and vote it in ourselves. Get 15% of the folks in your town that voted for Governor last year to sign a petition to pass ordaninces to let us use hemp for Industrail pruposes and present it to your town council for a vote and we'll get Madison's work done for them.

Yes, there's the matter of building the processing plants but,we can still make money from fiber and hempseed sprouts until the plants are built for making fuel. Appleton Papers is on record saying in 3 weeks they can be ready to make hemp paper.

Wisconsin was the number 3 hemp producer in WW2. Why are we not doing it now? The Ag board passed it. Let's do it. The Gulf and the future generation will thank us.

Jeffrey Smith
N8817 Church St.

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